Only he who learns to smile in trouble wins the battle of life: Rashtra St. Lalitprabh

Raipur (VNS). On the second morning of Divine Satsang’s special speech “The Art of Living” at the Budhapara Outdoor Stadium on Tuesday, Rashtrasant Mahopadhyay Lalitprabh Sagar Maharaj while addressing devotees said that adversity, negativity reaches every man’s life, the unfavorable environment for the mind is every man It’s done in life, but one thing you have to accept, that only wins the battle of life one who maintains his favorable mood until and all when the adverse environment arrives. He maintains his favorable mental state. My brother, everyone can smile in a picture, but only he who learns to smile in trouble wins the battle of life. Today’s Divine Satsang began with the inspirational song “You can’t find it, but to change your life, you have to become a Sadhna …”

A person’s first good act is to keep their nature sweet.
We weigh how much diamond I am and how much glass. There is a difference between camera and X-ray photography. A man is not a diamond when he is called on the stage of society and this man is said to be a diamond. A man grows up when members of his family consider him a diamond and call him a diamond. If your wife says I am proud to have had a husband like you, she understands that you have won the battle of life. To feel proud when your child tells you that Dad, I want to be like you when I grow up. The man should make a place in the heart of his family members, this is the first success of his life. The first act of a person’s life is that they should always keep their nature sweet, happy.

There are no pockets on diapers or shrouds:
Santpravar also said that man must decide the focal point of his life as to what he wants to be in his life. Often a person has two or three specific goals in life. His first goal is to get well. I should get this too, get it too, pick this up too, pick it up too. The amount of wealth in the world – a man feels that all wealth should be mine. Not only that, he also wants no one to be richer than me, happier than me. Man continues to work all his life to achieve this single goal. A man continues to earn money, wealth and riches throughout his life and in the end man becomes rich. When we were born, the diapers our mother gave us had no pocket. And when you die, the last piece this world will wear is called Kaphaal and there is no pocket in the shroud. But a man is busy filling his pocket all his life. His desire is to achieve the wealth of the whole world. I don’t know what day this wealth will be useful to him.

Saint Pravar said that in order to live life, everyone needs a change of this thing, whether it changes or changes the dress, the environment must not change, the country must not change, but if a person improves a of their mentalities, life. will improve automatically. Is. Unless a man changes, does not transform, life will not be full of joy. There is only one person in the whole world who can improve you, make your life heavenly, and be yourself.

The character is a thousand times stronger than a face:
Santashree said the first weakness of man is that he always wants to have. And his other weakness is that I always look good. Wherever I go, I like people. Do not always decorate your face, if you have to decorate it, decorate your mind and soul, because that soul must go to the door of God. Character is a thousand times stronger than a face in the world. God is being worshiped in the temples not only because his face was beautiful, but he is worshiped by his beautiful character. Sikandar can gain respect, but only Mahavir and Ram have reverence in the world. There is no one in the world bigger than Tyagi. Let every beautiful person look in the mirror and resolve that, Lord, as beautiful as you have given a face, always give me the opportunity to move forward to become a more beautiful character. Man’s life is not made when he wants to be good, to look good, his life is made when he wants to be good.

Stone statue, Mass gin makes Chaturmas:
Expressing his exclamation on the topic of today’s speech, ‘What to make Chaturmas be blessed’, St. Pravar inspired devotees to start Aparigraha from home. He said these four Chaturmas letters are teaching us to be good. Cha means to be virtuous, you mean to do good deeds immediately, Ma means to always maintain the quality of humanity and Sa means to be always committed in the sadhna of being worshiped. “The gin of the people makes Chaturmas, of the stone makes Chaturmas idols, of the iron makes Chaturmas of gold, those who do satsang-sadhana to Chaturmas with their heart, turn them into Chaturmas of God.” In Chaturmas, God has given karmic actions, the first of which is to maintain consciousness. Share, sharing gives equality to our lives. Samayak bestows the fortune of an hour of holy living. In this Chaturmas, everyone should make a resolution that I will definitely take a samayik, I will not worship any living being in my life. Samayak teaches us the lesson of endurance, not strength. It is very easy to apologize if we have made a mistake with ourselves, but it is very difficult to forgive someone who has made a mistake with us.

Santashree said you always remember three things in life. The first is to never insult anyone. Because discomfort and discord in life begins with this humiliation. Second thing: if someone insults you, don’t feel bad about it, don’t tie it in knots. The third thing is that if you have felt bad for the insult done by someone, then be careful not to have a sense of revenge. The person who takes these three things in life, becomes a Samayik worshiper. The 36-inch chest belongs to the one who forgives even the wrongdoer with a big heart. Its nature is hot, crooked, no one wants to sit near it. The man who remains humble, rules the world. During the Chaturmas period, we must observe the sadhna of Samayik, the nocturnal practice, the fasting Paushadha once every fortnight and the fasting of Sheela. Today at the Dharmasabha, St. Shree made devotees decide not to eat food after sunset and if it is not possible to drink only liquids.

Whenever you go to the saint, open the knots of your mind: Dr. Muni Shantipriya:
At the beginning of the Dharmasabha, Dr. Muni Shantipriya Sagarji Maharaj said that if all the sins in the world come from somewhere, then they are due to the low thought of the mind and thoughts. People say that God resides in a temple, mosque, gurudwara, if someone asks me where God’s abode is, then I will say: the mentality of one who is good and pure, in that mentality God resides. If you go to satsang, first go to the vessel of your mind by purifying it. Otherwise, even the nectar words of a saint will not be able to enter you and become nectar. Whenever you go to the saint in the temple, in the Upashray, leave the knots of anger and hatred in your mind, so that the saint’s words go into the vessel of your mind. At first, he aroused devotion by singing the melodious hymn ‘Lord a little bit by bhajan le, mukti ka pyare tu save kar le …’

The Dharma Sabha began with the lighting of the light. Gaurav Anand-Indore, RK Jain, Umashankar Vyas, Premchand Lunavat, Suparschand Golchha, Sanjay Srishreemal, Sampat Jhabak and Shantilal Bardia were the main beneficiaries of Chaturmas and the chairman of Divya Chaturmas Committee, Tilokchand Bardiya, were on stage.

Wednesday’s speech on ‘Guru will save Guru will only pass’:
Rishabhdev Temple Trust chairman Vijay Kankaria, active chairman Abhay Bhansali, administrators Rajendra Golchha and Ujjwal Jhabak, General Secretary of the Committee Chaturmas, Paras Parakh, Prashant Taleda, Amit Munot and Kamal Bhansali said the guru on Wednesday under the ‘art of special discourse living the nation. Starting at 8:45 on the full moon day, he will give a motivational speech on the topic ‘Guru will save you, guru hi paar lagenge’. After the speech, Maha Aarti will be performed at the four Dada Gurudevs along with Guru Bhakti. Rishabhdev Temple Trust and the Divya Chaturmas Committee have urged devotees to bring a plate of worship and a lamp for the Maha Aarti collective of Dada Gurudevs.

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