Ranbir Kapoor said to “Shamshera”, “Brahmastra” and Alia: I am lazy, after being a father, I will be lazy

  • Madhu Pal
  • for BBC Hindi

image source, Yashraj Films

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is busy promoting his film ‘Shamshera’ these days.

After a long period of almost four years of appearance in the film ‘Sanju’ in 2018, this year two consecutive films are released.

The first film ‘Shamshera’ and the second film produced by him ‘Brahmastra’.

Referring to this long pause, Ranbir says, “I agree that I will come after almost four years, but I had nothing in my hands. I was busy with these two films and both films took me the time. There. My father Rishi Kapoor had I fell ill. I gave all my time for him. ”

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