Rescued people trapped in the river in Sehore, alert of heavy rains in Narmadapuram, Ujjain, Chhindwara. Madhya Pradesh (MP) Rain Update; Heavy rain in Bhopal Indore, including 37 districts MP News

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  • Madhya Pradesh (MP) Rain Update; Heavy rain in Bhopal Indore, including 37 districts MP News

Bhopal7 minutes ago

After a 9-hour break in Bhopal, there was heavy rain again from 4pm on Tuesday. Suddenly dark clouds covered the place and it began to rain heavily. In the early hours of the morning it has also rained in many areas of the capital. Bhopal has received more than 4 inches of rain in the last 36 hours.

On Monday, children aged 4 and 6 were abducted in Bhopal-Narmadapuram amid the rain. Their bodies were found Tuesday. The Department of Meteorology has asked people living by the river to be alert. Madhya Pradesh has received 10.15 inches of rain so far. About 9 and a quarter inches of water fall into the state from June 1 to July 12. So far, 1 inch more water has fallen. However, Gwalior-Chambal, Baghelkhand is still expecting good rains.

Rescue of workers trapped in the river

In Sehore, all 6 workers trapped in the floods of the Oyp River were rescued. A stop is being built in the village of Sala Road, Nasrullaganj, in the district. On Monday night, between 15 and 20 workers worked there. Due to heavy rains, the river suddenly caught water. 6 workers were trapped on the other side of the river. The rescue team rescued these trapped workers overnight at 2 p.m.

Interior Minister Narottam Mishra has said the situation is now fully under control in 16 districts affected by heavy rains in the state. Toll-free numbers 1070 and 1079 have been issued to provide information on flooding and water saturation along with the creation of the statewide flood control room.

Warning for heavy rains in these districts
A heavy rain alert has been issued in Bhopal, Mandsaur, Agar, Narsinghpur, Ratlam, Neemuch, Rajgarh, Ujjain, Harda, Dewas, Shajapur, Seoni and Narmadapuram over the next 5 hours. With this, there is the possibility of heavy to very heavy rains in Sehore, Betul and Chhindwara.

4 in Bhopal, 3 inches of water fell on Seoni

During the last 24 hours, 4 inches of rain were recorded in the city of Raisen and Bhopal. 3 inches in Seoni, 2 inches in Narmadapuram and Guna, one and a half inches in Khandwa, 1-1 in Chhindwara and Malajkhand, half an inch in Gwalior, Khargone, Mandla and Narsinghpur. So far, due to rain in many districts of the state, rivers and streams have spilled. The houses were flooded. Rainwater overflowed from common roads to the highway. In view of the rainy situation in the state, Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) have been set up at the 52 headquarters in the district. 96 The Rapid Response Team (QRT) is functional.

The children flowed to Bhopal and Narmadapuram
A 4-year-old boy was dragged into a canal in the K. Bilkhiria area. His body was found 150 meters away. The events took place on Monday at four in the afternoon. According to police, Anees Khan, who lives in the village on the Amjhara Plateau, lives making a cover by the canal. His 4-year-old son was playing by the canal near Saddam’s house. He fell into the canal by slipping his feet. The body was found trapped in stones. read the full story

Narmadapuram The body of a 6-year-old boy, who was found in a rain drain in Rasuliya Harshitnagar of the city, was found after 15 hours. The police and the Domicile Guard team began the rescue again from 6 am on Tuesday. The boy was searched from Harshit Nagar to the Adamgarh drain. read the full story

Shivansh Yadav was dragged on Monday in a rainy drain in Narmadapuram.

The bolero rider saved from flowing to Chhindwara
In an attempt to cross the river overflowing in the Navegaon area of ​​Chhindwara, three people riding Bolero came back to life. The villagers rescued the three people, after which the Bolero was tied with ropes and held. Navegaon police chief Abhishek Yadav said police, along with villagers, saved the bolero and people from the flow.

Bolero trapped in the strong current of the river in Navegaon of Chhindwara.

Bolero trapped in the strong current of the river in Navegaon of Chhindwara.

this system is raining

Currently, a low pressure area is active with a cyclone on the south coast of Odysha. The Monsoon Trough extends to the central east of Bengal Bay through Bikaner-Jaipur, Guna, Jabalpur, Pendra Road and the low pressure area. A trough runs parallel to Gujarat to the north coast of Kerala. Because of this, Madhya Pradesh, such as Bhopal, Vidisha, Raisen, Chhindwara, is receiving more rain.

The situation has worsened due to the rain of the last 24 hours

  • A young man riding a bicycle was swept away by the water flowing over the bridge built in the Bankhedi area of ​​Narmadapuram.
  • The Chhindwara-Nagpur national road is closed.
  • Due to bad weather, 3 flights arriving in Bhopal had to land in Indore.
  • The Borad River in Sengaon was flooded. Khandwa-Baroda State Highway has been closed due to the sinking of the sewer.
  • Tapti water level in Burhanpur is continuously rising due to water release when opening 6 gates of Betul dam. People have been prevented from going to the Ghats and the banks of Tapti.
  • The Obaidullaganj-Betul national highway was closed due to water entering the bridge.
  • Due to the rains, the water level in Tawa and Narmada has risen continuously. In 28 hours, 3.5 feet of water have risen in the Narmada Sethani Ghat River.
  • All schools had to close on Monday due to heavy rains in Vidisha.
  • The petrol pump in front of the Bhopal railway station (Platform 6) has been flooded with water. It had to close.
  • Vidisha SP Monika Shukla inspected the lower settlements from the pond.

Why 200 colonies were submerged in Bhopal The 500 million drainage system failed

More than 90 died due to the fall in 37 days

It rains non-stop with thunder and lightning in Madhya Pradesh. Lightning incidents are also occurring in many places. More than 90 people have lost their lives in 37 days. Faced with this, the Disaster Directorate of the Department of Health has issued a warning to prevent lightning. You know, what’s the danger in the rainy season?

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Rain in inches until July 12 in MP

district it has rained so far it was going to rain In the rain
Anuppur 11.42 10.91 105
Balaghat 9.53 13.15 72
Chhatarpur 6.06 8.27 73
Chhindwara 18.23 10.94 167
Damoh 10.63 10.91 97
Dindori 10.31 12.60 82
Jabalpur 13.90 10.94 127
harvest 8.03 9.41 85
Mandala 12.28 12.68 97
Narsinghpur 8.62 10.71 81
Niwari 6.10 6.46 95
page 7.05 9.96 71
Reva 4.76 9.33 51
mar 13.90 11.26 123
Satna 5.12 9.53 54
suture 13.62 12.01 113
Shahdol 9.96 9.45 105
Straight on 4.72 10.47 45
Singrauli 5.47 8.58 64
Tikamgarh 5.12 8.86 58
Umaria 8.46 10.04 84
Agar Malwa 8.58 8.19 105
Alirajpur 5.47 8.98 61
Ashoknagar 8.58 8.19 105
fencing 6.30 7.28 86
Betul 14.76 10.79 137
Behind 2.52 5.35 47
Bhopal 18.23 9.80 186
Burhanpur 7.95 8.43 94
Datia 3.43 6.22 55
dewas 14.13 8.82 160
Gush 6.42 8.31 77
fold up 13.70 9.09 151
Gwalior 7.44 5.79 129
Harda 18.94 10.35 183
Indore 8.66 8.46 102
Jhabua 5.91 8.70 68
Khandva 12.52 8.70 144
Khargone 6.34 7.91 80
Mandsaure 6.06 7.32 83
morena 5.24 5.47 96
Narmadapuram 17.99 12.52 144
Neemuch 6.10 6.97 88
Servant 14.92 10.94 136
Rajgarh 11.10 8.31 134
Ratlam 8.03 7.68 105
Sehore 15.24 9.96 153
Shajapur 8.19 8.19 100
sheopurkalan 9.53 5.71 167
Shivpuri 7.64 7.36 104
Ujjain 9.53 8.50 112
Vidisha 16.97 10.28 165

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