The girl from Pakistan who had a new life in India

  • Riyaz Suhail
  • BBC Correspondent, Karachi

image source, @Afsheen Gul

“When she was born she was fine. But when she was eight or ten months old, we felt a tingling in her neck. Before she fell out of her sister’s hands, we thought it might be her.” Be that as it may. to a local doctor. The doctor gave him a belt along with medication. We are poor people and we could not receive more treatment. “

That meant Jameela Bibi, the mother of 13-year-old Afshin, who lives in the Thar Desert in Sindh province in Pakistan, whose daughter’s head was tilted 90 degrees to the left from the childhood.

But now Afshin is leading a normal life and this was made possible when an Indian doctor came into Afseen’s life as an “angel” at Apollo Hospital in India.

And they gave him new life through the successful operation of his bowed head.

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