A murderer dressed in saffron cut her husband’s throat, now there is a threat from Pakistan, as if Kamlesh was sending you to hell. the widow of the late Kamlesh Tiwari received death threats amid extremist murder in Udaipur

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  • The widow of the late Kamlesh Tiwari received death threats amid a murder case in Udaipur by extremists

14 minutes agoWriter: Mridulika Jha of Lucknow

It was the second day of Karva Chauth. Tiwari ji (Kamlesh Tiwari) and we were chatting when two people came. Wear saffron clothes, grab boxes of sweets in your hands. He went to find her. For a minute, my eyes blinked. Open, they had already disappeared. forever! Everything changed overnight after his murder. People started to be afraid to have a relationship with us. The kids and I started getting threats.

Under the house a small police station has been built where everyone could come and go night and night. Someone comes from the maternal home, or from the neighborhood: their belongings are searched, their clothes. When I go out myself, I am accompanied by three shooters. They were killed by them, we are living in captivity. ‘

In fact, in 2019, on October 18, a Hindu leader named Kamlesh Tiwari of Lucknow was assassinated. The killers first cut their throats and then shot them to make sure there was no life left. Kamlesh was accused of hurting the feelings of the Muslim community. After this assassination, there was a lot of commotion in the country.

About two and a half years have now passed since that incident, but Kamlesh’s wife and children are still living in the shadow of fear. Recently, on June 22, an unnamed envelope arrived at his home, where he had written the message of death in Urdu. Since then, security under his home has become more solid.

We arrived at the Khurshid Bagh colony, Lucknow for the series of dark slate stories. Bakrid Day! Markets were closed, but the smell of different types of attar came from every street intersection in the city-e-tehzeeb.

When I tried to book a taxi entering the place, three taxis one after the other refused. ‘Ma’am, the place is very busy, if you come in you won’t be able to get out.’ After much hesitation, a driver agreed, but the condition was to drop him at the Aminabad junction. From there it was not difficult to reach the Khurshid Bagh colony. “Kamlesh Tiwari’s House” was an address in itself, that everyone knew. Along with a deep look these people are also somewhere ‘They‘Well no!

There are pamphlets on Hindu unity under the house, along with another poster: the Hang Kamlesh assassins. The poster is quite old and is collapsing in one or two places, which testifies to the wounds of the deceased’s wife.

When middle-aged Kiran Tiwari talks about the death of her husband Kamlesh Tiwari, her face looks flatter than the walls of her house. No price! Tired of talking, but suddenly cries while talking.

Kiran says: all life was under a veil. Home, husband and children were my world. After leaving, he had to sit in the office. When I see the garland in the photo, I feel heartburn. It would have been better if I had gone with him too.

Kiran remembers in a mixed tone Bhojpuri: Tiwari and I were talking when Bullaua came from below. The office is located on the ground floor. Tiwari ji said I will come in a while. We took a nap in a very short time. His eyes opened with the whistle of the kitchen. When we got to the room after closing the pulse, the son was crying. When he saw us, he began to say – Mother, someone left after killing the pope!

A day earlier, Kiran was looking at the wall saying that he had fasted for the rest of his life. Dry eyes are expected. About the forces of those who used to run the house, so we laughed and cried, are gone. What does it mean to live now?


Sitting in silence, I feel Kiran. What do you tell me after that? If he had been alive today, he would have been married for 25 years. He always wore a veil down to his chin. Dressed in a red dot and a big red on her forehead, she cooked, ate and served her mother-in-law. He did this for years. Then, suddenly, he left.

I knew nothing. How much money is in the house? What vegetables will be cooked in the evening? He used to take care of all these things. Now all I had to do. The crying children had to be silenced. He had to make money. The most important thing was to do justice to them. To me it was as if a child who had just learned to walk had to be stopped in the long run.

Imagine, a woman who lived in a village setting, who hadn’t even worked in a bank, now had to carry the whole house. She did not know how much balance her husband had, where the land was, or where the money was due. I couldn’t ask for money at home. She could not bear the burden of the children studying at her in-laws ’house, including herself. That’s how everything was managed.

Saying this, Kiran looks towards the house. I look with my eyes: an old house, the walls of which have become damp and deteriorated over time. Kitchen similar to a box of matches and dark, narrow stairs leading down to the first floor. Between the wide roads of the Khurshid Bagh settlement and the wide houses, this house looks a bit out of place, as if a dirty wooden stool should be kept in the bathroom of foreign lines.

They have a lot of money. The case was transferred to Prayagraj. 200 kms from Lucknow. If I go to trial, there is danger in my life. There are many great lawyers by his side in court. They have access to Delhi. We just hung posters saying Kamlesh Tiwari’s killers should be hung. Now he doesn’t even have money.

Oh, this is a life too! For years, the woman who used to go to the market to buy vegetables and greens, who liked to buy clothes, now can not leave home. Kiran says just laughing.

Since 2019, I haven’t done Haat-Bazaar. Even if you want to go to the square, then three gunners are ready to go there. Come on out, everyone looks weird. So I stopped going somewhere. And now people are also afraid to invite me to their house. If three people belong to the family, then there will be three soldiers along with them. Food will be prepared for 6 people. Now people rarely call. Even if I leave, I will be back in a few nights.

Kiran suddenly stops and says, they killed them. We live in captivity. Now it seems that as long as one has to live, one has to remain in captivity.

Threats come at any time. Sometimes from Pakistan, sometimes from Bangladesh and sometimes on social media. It is said that the hell your husband was sent to will also take you there. I used to be scared. It is now a habit. The work that Tiwari ji left behind, we will complete it together. To die is to die. She says slowly.

After that we go to the inner room to meet the little son Mridul. This 18-year-old boy is sitting in silence. On the subject of the interview, she says, talking to mom, you did it! After a while, he agrees to speak, but falls silent as soon as the camera is turned on.

Then he says: everything changed after the father’s departure. There was no one to listen to or understand. I was small too. Crying or getting angry all day. Little by little, when I started going to school, everything there had also changed. The rest of the kids were going with dad-mom, I would come with the shooter. The children laugh. Commenting. Shame on us too. Friends did not speak.

and now?…

Now he learned to ignore – says Mridul. Let’s add more, I think life would have been a little better if there was a father. If they are not, then there is scarcity.

When I get downstairs after leaving, I find that Kiran is looking at the visitor log with the cops. She says in a complaining tone: If someone comes, don’t send it after you’ve received a ticket. Call first to find out if we want to meet or not. Police reported that when Mridul’s friends come, they refuse to enter. They want to go straight up.

Seeing me standing, Kiran says: What is there now, that’s all. How the children will believe!

He tried to talk to the cops he had posted about all of this, but he couldn’t. This was not possible for security reasons.

Kiran is not alone in sharing her pain! There will be many such cases in the country where religious hysteria has sometimes ended the life of a man, sometimes a child or a woman. There will be thousands of cases in which one religious belief has absorbed the other. And there may be thousands of cases where riots do not erupt in the name of religion, but the ink of hatred has begun to dissolve in hearts. That ink, of which not brilliant history will be written, but blood-soaked stories, if we do not do it in time.

(Coordination of interviews – Anuj Shukla)

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