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tell-go , Is there time to tell and listen to stories? Maybe it would have happened. Or it wouldn’t happen. But something definitely happens. Tales, stories are interesting to everyone. It would be better if they were present in time. If it’s not, it’s from the past, though then it’s not bad. Because they are always not only telling us something, but also teaching them. It brings back memories of our times. Even after softening the mass of spice spices, they drink it gently. That’s why ‘Dastaan-Go’ has begun, the process of bringing interesting stories closer to your loved ones. You will try to continue this process. From Monday to Friday, every day …


sir, Today we talk again about ‘Anarkali’. Many people know the love Anarkali of Shahzade Salim from Emperor Akbar. It is registered on the date. Then, in 1922, in the form of Afsane (drama, novel) by Imtiaz Ali Taz, a great musanif (writer) of the Urdu adab, who lives in Lahore (now Pakistan), his danka he also touched the world. Because it was actually this ‘Anarkali’, in whose love Karimuddin Asif (K Asif) was trapped. This also in such a way that later, in the form of ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ (in 1960) on the cinema screen, he made the Mughal era (to build or install a new house). From here everyone also remembered very well that it was Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlvi aka Madhubala, who lived ‘Anarkali’ by Shahzada Salim and K Asif on screen. It gave him a new life.

Along with this, it is also known that Madhubala took almost eight years to appear on the screen in the form of ‘Kareem’s Anarkali’ (since 1952, when Madhubala became Mughal-e-Azam for the second time with Dilip Kumar). ). it began). Although few know that, in the meantime, in 1953, another film ‘Anarkali’ was visible (appeared) on the screen. The one before Madhubala. Then there was a filmmaker named Nandlal Jaswantlal. He made a film called ‘Anarkali’ and presented it in cinemas. By the way, if you don’t remember much of this movie, take a look at some of his famous songs so far. instance- “Love is an unexplained heartbeat, the restlessness of the heart is never brought to the tongue”, “Awaken Dard-e-Ishq Awake, despairing heart”, “This life is of those who have become someone”Did you miss something?

Surely many things will be remembered. Because the songs in this ‘Kali-Safaid’ film had mixed colors in the ears of the listeners, at that time. In this film, the famous actress of that time, Bina Rai played the character of ‘Anarkali’. The thing is old. In this situation, if your face doesn’t come to mind, remember some famous songs from the 1963 movie ‘Taj Mahal’. it happened like that “What you have promised you will have to fulfill, you will have to come if you want to stop the world”, “Whatever is in you, not in your image, nor in your image”, ‘Let the flowers touch their feet, otherwise they will have a complaint, not just us.’ Now you remember a smiling face that smiles with colorful thoughts, right? She is Bina Rai. Who was born today, that is, on July 13, in Lahore. This is the year 1931. He was born into a Punjabi Hindu family. Where the childhood name was Krishna. Krishna Sarin. However, there is another opinion about Bina Rai’s date of birth stating that she was born on June 4th.

Walid Avinash Ram Sareen used to hold a high position in the railway department. While Mother Lajwanti used to take care of the house. Krishna is said to have liked movies since childhood. And the intention to go to the movies was also tied. But at the urging of the elders, he first finished his studies. After completing his studies in Lahore, he enrolled at Isabella Thoburn College in Lucknow to obtain a degree in Arts. But he was studying here the first year only when he saw an ad in the newspaper. The then famous filmmaker, actor Kishore Sahu needed three new girls for his next film. That’s why she had held a party of talented girls in Bombay. So now Krishna could not stop from here. He decided that he would go to Mumbai and take part in that match. In college, I used to do dramas, and so on. He was sure to win.

This is the year 1950. However, just before Krishna sat on the train from Lucknow, she learned that two professors from her university had also made plans to land with her against Bombay. Now they had no relationship with him. So the three of them went to Bombay together. One of them was: Indira Panchal (mother of businessman Anand Mahindra) and the other, Asha Mathur. And see the coincidence that these three were the first three of that competition. However, she was seen as an actress in the film “Kali Ghata” with Kishore Sahu the following year, that is, in 1951. While Indira and Asha played other characters in this film. However, Kishore Sahu made Krishna’s name “disappear” from this film. He introduced Krishna as ‘Bina Rai’. So Krishna’s cinematic journey continued with that name.

Although this journey had just begun, he made two beautiful turns one after the other. Both around 1952. The first incident appeared in the form of the movie ‘Anarkali’, which was made very fast and equally fast made Bina Rai a face known in every home in India. The second incident happened during the shooting of the film ‘Aurat’. The famous Premnath actor of that time was working with Bina Rai on this film. But they came together in such a way that even before the end of the film, the whole Bina became Rai’s partner. Shariq-e-Hayat (life partner). Thus, the film ‘Anarkali’ which came out on screen before Madhubala became ‘Madnubala of Premnath’ in real life. ‘Premnath ki Madhubala’ So before Bina, Premnath used to be in the custody of Madhubala’s love actually. This also to the extent that they were both about to get married.

Bina Roy herself had admitted it during an interview. He had said that Ataullah Khan, the father of Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlvi, alias Madhubala, had a strong objection to his daughter marrying a non-Muslim. So their relationship couldn’t happen. Although friendly relations between them were maintained for a time even then. And even during Madhubala’s illness, Premnath continued to feed her mood. Bina Rai also had no objection to this. Because even between them, before there was more of a dear friend than a Mian-Biwi. Who used to understand each other very well. This was the reason why, even after marriage, Bina continued to work in film for a long time. And Premnath never stopped him either. However, around 1968, when it was difficult for him to adapt at home and abroad, Bina herself stopped her film journey.

‘Apna Ghar, Apni Kahani’ became the last stop on Bina Rai’s film journey. By the way, two years before that, the mention of the 1966 film ‘Dadi Maa’ (Bina also really liked this film) seems more interesting (appropriate). Today he is ‘Guru Purnima’, not in that sense. In this film, there is a Nagma written by Majrooh Sultanpuri, “We have never seen it, but what will be the need for it.” Oh mother, what will be the face of God different from yours? A man’s first teacher, the first teacher is his mother, he is not. Even if Bina Rai became his “Madhubala-like” for his Shariq-e-Hayat Premnath, then he became his Ustad (superior teacher) for his children. Bina Rai and Prem Nath had two children. Elder – Prem Kishan and Younger – Kailash Monty Nath. Bina said goodbye to this Duniya-e-Fani (mortal world) in 2009, leaving behind both her children and all her loved ones, loved ones. It was the date of December 6 of that year.

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