Don’t call the “pit bull dog” who killed the old woman a killer …

Dated July 20, 2021, today about a year ago in Tagore Nagar, Jaipur, a pit bull dog bit and seriously injured an 11-year-old boy. At the time, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation had expressed concern about making a law on keeping dogs of dangerous breeds in the house. At the same time, officers were also ordered to monitor these breeds.

The municipal corporation believed a change in law was needed to keep a pit bull dog in the house. There should be a guideline for dangerous dogs. At the same time, Rajasthan’s cabinet minister Pratap Singh Khachariawas had suggested banning the “pit bull dog”. He said pet owners should be surveyed. Some experts had advised that a dog of this breed should not be kept in the house. If all these things had been done right then, the old woman today would not have died from the bite of a Pitbull dog in Lucknow.

In fact, Sushila Tripathi, 80, was attacked by a pit bull dog in Bengali Tola in the area of ​​the Kaiserbagh police station in Lucknow. She was a retired teacher. His son is a gym trainer, he has raised two dogs to protect the house. In which one is a pit bull dog (brownie) and the other is a labrador. The mother was not at home when the attack took place.

Pitbull dogs can be raised for safety, but keeping them in a 2-bedroom apartment can be dangerous

The old woman, as usual, walked the companion dogs on the terrace. Then Pitbull’s dog’s neck opened and he attacked them. The dog bit him badly in about 12 places. She was calling for his rescue, but at that time no one was home. When Kamwali Bai came, he saw that they were covered in bad blood. Bai immediately called her son. The son ran home and took his mother to the hospital, but when it was too late. The dog had taken out his entrails, he had drained so much blood that he could not survive.

After hearing this news, people say that Pitbull Dog is a criminal. They say that what raised him as a child, what fed him, today took the life of his mother. So, is the dog to blame for this? In the current era, when there is no trust in man, what can we expect from an animal, after all, how long will its nature change. A dog used to living in the open air, which knows how to hunt, which can become violent at any time, what is the need to keep it locked in a flat?

People think that any animal can be raised like a cow. It is not necessary to know its nature. Having an animal does not mean keeping it tied up and feeding it.

One week ago in Jaipur, a pit bull dog attacked a seven-year-old girl and ate the meat from her hand. The wound was so deep that the girl’s bones could be seen. To fix this, he had to undergo plastic surgery. People like to keep a breed dog dangerous for its condition and show off, even though it is not a captive species.

Inattention to the care of a pit bull

Pitbull dogs can be raised for safety, but keeping them in a 2-bedroom apartment can be dangerous. They are affectionate and intelligent, but their nature is quite dangerous. They can be aggressive for no reason. Which is not easy to understand.

They need to be trained to prevent the aggression of pit bulls. Their energy level is very high, so exercise is necessary for them. Because of this, positive energy develops in them. They love to run, run and play. Parents need to spend time with them.

People here buy dogs and lock them up in houses. He gave two rotis in the morning and in the evening and the responsibility ended. Keeping a dog running like this in the room will do nothing, if you don’t have time, there will be irritability inside it. Pit bull dogs have a sense of security towards their family and owners, but they are not at all friendly with strangers. That’s why sometimes they can attack them too. Therefore, the pit bull will be dangerous for your family and neighbors. It’s not his fault, it’s his nature. So if you are thinking of bringing a Pitbull home, take the time to spend two hours a day with the dog. They understand Pitbull’s mind on how he copes with the changes of seasons. If you don’t get all of this, you can take a dangerous form at any time.

Learn why the species Pitbull was created

The full name of Pitbull Dog is American Pitbull Terrier. Which is a crossbreed of Old English Bulldog and Terrier Dog. He is accredited by the United Kennel Club and the American Dog Breeders Association. In the UK it was used for dog fights during the 19th century because it is brave, strong and agile. Its cost was lower compared to other animals. However, after the introduction of the Animal Welfare Act, the government had banned it. After that, the juicer was used to hunt wild animals through a pit bull dog in the 20th century. After that he was known as the police dog. However, people started cribs for the safety of their homes.

There are no rules to ban dangerous species of dogs in India

This is the nature of the pit bull. Some people find it very nice and others find it dangerous. Currently, 41 countries have banned it, but there is no ban in India. Many people keep it on the floor without a license and not even anyone knows about it. Najita is in front of you. Now the people who keep Pitbull watching the farmhouse. They have some people in charge of that. Let’s play with it, but the guy who stays in the office all day and comes home late at night … imagine what can happen if he takes care of them? Their nature is such that you can’t tie them up day and night and keep them on four walls. Pit bulls can attack their owners due to their changing behavior. He does not tolerate the negligence of his master. He also doesn’t want to socialize with any other dog.

what the research says

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, people tend to associate the nature of a pit bull with that of its owners. The United Kennel Club believes Pitbull dogs are eager to show love to the elderly and children. Although most pit bulls are aggressive. They are very powerful, so their owner must carefully develop their social qualities. Due to Pitbull’s infamous image, many studies have been done on his temperament. The American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) has acknowledged in its study that pit bulls are not aggressive.

However, this does not mean that the pit bull is an average pet. Everyone agrees that pit bulls are aggressive in one way or another compared to other dogs. So think about it again before adopting it at home.

There is nothing better than having resentment against a pit bull

When we talk about pit bulls, we associate it with criminal activity. That is why the image of this dog is mostly negative in our eyes. The pit bull dog is not bad. By mocking their nature, we have created evil. If you harass someone against their nature, they will attack you. It is not easy to understand his mind. He also has mood swings. He also regrets after hurting the owner. Tears do not flow like that in his eyes.

When he attacks, he closes his jaw. Don’t spread negativity about pit bulls. Do not plead guilty. I didn’t tell him to imprison me in the house, this city is not fit to live in. If it bites a person, it is their nature and will continue to be so. In today’s world, when a human being has become an animal, why are you determined to make an animal a human being, to remain an animal. We have read and heard many stories of this kind that, the dog gave his life to save the owner, so do not stigmatize the dog species in the name of the pit bull …

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