Guru Purnima: Guru shows the path of knowledge by eliminating the distractions of life

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara Guru Sakshat Param Brahm Tasmai Sri Guruve Namah
Although there is no shortage of important days in the world, the importance of Guru Purnima is different between them. On this day we remember our Guru, honor him and express our gratitude to him. We all know that the popular meaning of Guru is master, professor, professor or other similar words. But how did the word Guru originate? The word Guru has two parts Gu and Rs. Gu means darkness and Ru means light. That is, the one who leads from darkness to light is the Guru. Thus, the phrase of the Upanishad “Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya” has been said somewhere only for the Guru.

That is why even today, if we look at our society, you will find many people grateful to the teachers and also consider them as their guru in the practical sense. But they actually consider some spiritual person as their guru from whom they have taken initiation. Guru Diksha is of great importance in the Indian tradition. Those who have experienced this tradition know that when the Guru gives the initiation, someone gives a mantra in the ear of the person concerned. In general, the guru also urges his disciple to give up one thing or another.

Nowadays people give up eating or drinking, but in reality their basic purpose is to give up some evil. Our Guru expects this sacrifice from us which is for the welfare of the world.

Praveen Kakkar

Note one more thing that nowadays gurus give initiation to guru and guru mantra very quickly, but in the past disciples used to remain in gururu for a long time. I used to eat begging. He used to learn Vidya from his Guru and serve the Guru. When this education was completed, Guruji used to take exams. And only after passing the exam did the Guru usually accept Dakshina from him. In those days there was no practice of paying monthly dues. In the Gurukul of ancient India, both the king’s son and the poor man’s son had to study in the same system. This is the old socialism of the Indian tradition.

Well, you must also think that in this Guru Purnima the process of old-fashioned things has begun. Some things should also be of the new era.
So let’s talk about the new era. Today there are no gurukuls and the hostels are definitely there. Many teachers only teach for the purpose of Guru Dakshina, but even today there are teachers of this type who focus on developing the general personality of the child along with giving book education. Those who capture the child’s feelings, recognize his talent and try to shape him in the right direction.

If you don’t believe me easily, remember how many teachers have taught you from first grade to graduate. Do you remember all those teachers? The answer would be, no. But there will be some teachers to remember. There will be some teachers you haven’t met in years, but you will call them in this Guru Purnima or offer them reverence on social media. There will be many teachers, the mention of which will make you bend your mind with reverence. Currently, this last stage teacher is actually your guru.

In fact, this is the same Guru that Kabir Das ji has described in this way:
Guru Kumhar is located in Shish Kumbh, Garh Garh Kade Khot. Give help in hand, hurt outside

Not only said Kabir Das ji. If we look at the Bhakti movement, it is said that “without a guru, there is no knowledge.” The guru of Kabir das ji was Ramanand ji, the guru of Surdas ji was Vallabhacharya, the guru of Swami Vivekananda was Ramakrishna Paramhansa and the rest of the saints would find you looking for their guru. In fact, much emphasis has been placed on the importance of the Guru because a person can acquire knowledge but there is a lot of potential for deviation. Knowledge is not a very original thing, but it includes all the things acquired by civilization before you. The job of the Guru is to acquaint his disciple with all the knowledge previously acquired and to develop this vision in him so that he can use the knowledge of the past to find the way to the future. Not only that, you could also add some of your share of experience to the knowledge you have accumulated previously. If the Guru does not give us ancient knowledge, then our life will be devoted to understanding ancient knowledge and we will not be able to do any new work. There is a high probability of deviating in this process. Therefore, the Guru becomes even more important.

Today, you get angry very quickly over the teacher’s quarrel. Sometimes young children say that the teacher has encouraged them. In our time, parents used to tell the teacher that Master Ji is our bone and the skin is yours. That is, sir, you can hit the child so hard that his bone does not break, as much as he wants to hurt his skin. Obviously, in the changing world, the system of this corporal punishment is over. But the end of the system of punishment does not mean that the system of respect for the Guru must also end.

In this way, Guru has played an important role in our life in the past and will also continue to play an important role in the future.
I wish you a very happy Purnima Guru.

(The writer is a social worker. He has also been the OSD of the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh)

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