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05:00, July 14, 2022

China: Chinese scientists made fish that eat microplastics, they will clean the sea

Fish capable of eating much smaller pieces of plastic than a grain of rice will clean up the ocean. Up to 1.3 cm long, the depth of the sea surface is the reach of black fish.

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18:52, 13-Jul-2022

Coronavirus: there is a possibility of change in the variant of the crown virus, eight samples sent to Delhi

Covid-19 eight samples sent to Delhi for coronavirus genome study

During the study of eight samples sent from the Central Research Institute (CRI), it will be checked if there has been any change in the crown virus in the state. Read more

13:24, 13-Jul-2022

Manimahesh Yatra 2022: Only fit devotees will be able to go to Manimahesh for a medical examination

devotees medically fit for Manimahesh Yatra 2022

Manimahesh Yatra will be held from August 19 to September 2. After the global pandemic, thousands of devotees are expected to visit the holy Manimahesh Yatra this time. Read more

23:11, 13-Jul-2022

Relief: Mustard oil is cheaper by 10 rupees and refined by 20 rupees, the supply reached the grain market of Shimla city

Mustard oil is cheaper by 10 rupees and refined by 20 rupees, the supply reached the grain market of Shimla city

Mustard oil and refining rates have dropped in the capital of Himachal Pradesh. In the new supply of oil and refining coming to the city’s cereal market, its prices have dropped to 20 rupees a liter. Read more

13.07.2022 18.47 h

Himachal Pradesh: IPS officer Arvind, trapped in NIA investigation, joins police headquarters

IPS arvind digvijay negi joins himachal police headquarters in Shimla

Negi, a police officer promoted to the 2011 IPS batch, was arrested on November 6 last year in a case registered by the NIA. Read more

19:11, 13-Jul-2022

Samagra Shiksha: The new course material will be ready for 50,000 Nursery-KG children

study material prepared for kindergarten and kg class in himachal with Samagra Shiksha

Early childhood education classes are being taught at 5,528 government schools in Himachal Pradesh. Since 2018, early childhood education classes have begun in public schools in the state. Read more

04:44, 14-Jul-2022

Delhi: Prohibition of Sambhar travel to the shrine wall, security decision

Prohibition of the displacement of Sambhar until the wall of the shrine is built

All sambar deer will be moved to Asola Bhati shrine. Before that, however, the wall of the sanctuary to be built will have to wait. Construction of the wall is currently underway. Read more

04:24, 14-Jul-2022

Delhi crime: friends beat a young man, police search for defendants

Some friends beat a young man in the New Usmanpur area

When police recorded a murder case and investigated it, it was found that after a fight two days ago, the accused carried out the facts. Police on Wednesday handed over the body of the deceased to the family after the autopsy. The search for the accused is underway. Read more

12:55, 14-Jul-2022

I2U2 Summit: India’s partnership will be a change of game in the I2U2 group, today PM Modi will attend the high-level meeting

The India Association will prove to be a game changer in the I2U2 group.  PM Modi will virtually attend the high-level meeting

The i2u2 group includes India, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. It was established following an initiative by the Foreign Ministers of four countries as part of the visit of Foreign Minister S Jaishankar to Israel in October 2021. Read more

19:53, 13-Jul-2022

HP government order: BDO to take action on late payment of salary and other work to Zilla Parishad employees

BDO will measure the delay in payment of salary and other work to Zilla Parishad employees

The state government has issued letters to ADC about the failure of BDO in 40 state blocs. After deducting the amount from the National Pension Plan (NPS), many BDOs did not credit the employees ’account on time. Read more

22:50, July 13, 2022

Police Officer Paper Leak Case: Two-Hour Interrogation of IG JP Singh in a Police Paper Leak Case

IG JP Singh was questioned for two hours in a police paper leak case

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) on Wednesday questioned IG JP Singh, the head of the recruitment committee, and another police officer in the case of leaking paperwork of the written examination of state police recruitment. Read more

21:44, 12-Jul-2022

Self-help groups: 60,000 self-help groups will be formed in Himachal, 3.73 thousand women will receive help to increase their business

The company will consist of 60,000 self-help groups, will help increase business

All self-help groups in the state prepare hand looms, hand looms for small-scale food items. Due to small-scale work, these groups do not have a suitable market to sell their products. Read more

21:12, 13-Jul-2022

Shock for apple gardeners: in Himachal, the price of cartons rose by 15%, the packaging tray will have to buy on the market

apple season, the price of cartons rose 15 percent, the packaging tray will have to buy face the market

Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation (HPMC) has set the price of 20kg cartons from Rs 66.78 to Rs 75.65, while 10kg cartons from Rs 50.43 to Rs 52.40. Read more

01:51, 14-Jul-2022

Punjab News: Dera Sacha Sauda chief satsang riots and Sikh Jathebandis protest

Excitement in the satsang of Chief Dera Sacha Sauda, ​​Sikh Jathebandis protested

The demand of the Sikh Jathebandis was that the Naam Charcha Ghar be vacated immediately. Seeing that the situation was getting worse, the security staff already present informed the top officials. Read more

01:08, 14-Jul-2022

Jammu Kashmir News: Preparation for elections in the valley, training of election officials this month

The Electoral Commission will teach the tricks of EVM checking to DCs in all districts of Jammu and Kashmir. Fixed training program, July 25 for the Jammu division and July 27 for Kashmir. Read more

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