Madhya Pradesh political analysis mp nikay panchayat elections Assembly Elections 2023 Shivraj Kamal Nath mpap | The town-city government will explain the path of 2023 in MP, the path to the final will be decided by the semifinals!

Bhopal. In Madhya Pradesh, the civic and panchayat elections were completed after a delay of about two and a half years. The Panchayat elections were held in three phases and the civic elections in two phases. But these elections were held at a time when there is only a year and a half left for the assembly elections to be held in 2023. In this situation, these elections are considered the semifinals of 2023. That is, the power end of the state will only be decided by the election results. In this situation, now all eyes are fixed on the results.

These elections were special in many ways
MP’s municipal and panchayat elections were special in many ways this time around. There were many ups and downs on the journey from the OBC reserve to the Supreme Court, but when they received the green signal, everyone got involved in the election. This was the reason that in the civic elections, on the one hand, the BJP and the Congress, on the other hand, the third parties also put all their strength, and in the panchayat elections there was also a close competition between the candidates supported by the BJP. -Congress. In both elections there was a tremendous vote. That is, the beating of BJP and Congress leaders has increased this time. Because the results of these elections can ruin the equations made and can lead to many new equations.

Panchayat-Body elections held around Shivraj-Kamal Nath
Shivraj-Kamal Nath remained the main face of the civic elections. Thus, the candidates who ran in the Panchayat elections were also named candidates backed by these leaders. That is, elections were held around these two leaders. Madhya Pradesh political experts believe that the way CM Shivraj campaigned on behalf of the BJP and Kamal Nath on behalf of Congress in the civic elections, it has now become clear that in the 2023 assembly elections, these two faces are the main ones. in the elections. Although the results of the civic elections are visible from above. As CM Shivraj launched himself into the BJP heavyweight campaign, he re-emerged as the biggest leader in Madhya Pradesh. Thus, in the same way, Kamal Nath also remains the biggest face of Congress after the fall of the government.

Entry of third parties in civic elections
Madhya Pradesh has generally been a state that revolves around the politics of the country’s two major national parties, the BJP-Congress. Third parties have always tried their luck here, but success was not so visible, so far SP and BSP have been the most active in Madhya Pradesh as third parties, but some political parties are emerging rapidly amid the changing politics of the country. In which the Aam Aadmi Party is the leader. In this situation, the Aam Aadmi Party also entered the civic elections this time, even Arvind Kejriwal, Sanjay Singh and Manish Sisodia went to campaign. Thus, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi not only fielded his AMIM party’s candidate in the deputy elections, but also campaigned for them. Whatever the performance of these parties was maintained in the elections, but their entry has made the contest interesting.

The equations deteriorated in the Panchayat elections
On the other hand, if we talk about the elections of Panchayat, that is, the government of the people, this time the elections of Panchayat were held through ballot, so that the results came after the vote in three phases . But Panchayat’s elections are not in political symbols, in this situation, after the results, the BJP and Congress have demanded the victory of their candidates. But the situation will only be clear with the official results of July 14 and 15. After the results, the position of the candidate of any party will be strong in both parties, it will indicate that the position of which party is strong in the BJP and the Congress in rural areas. Because the government of the state will be decided by the government of the people. In this situation, the BJP and Congress have begun to put the board together to strengthen the districts.

The leadership of the semifinals will give strength to the final
After the voting of the civic elections and panchayat, the tug-of-war between the political parties has begun. In order to form the government in Panchayat district, Janpad Panchayat, Nagar Palika-Nagar Parishad and municipal corporations, the BJP-Congress has started to make political equations. Political analyst Manish Dixit says this time the election of the deputy’s urban body is like the semifinals of power. Whoever leads this semifinal will have a big advantage in the 2023 assembly elections. Elections to the local body are usually held after the assembly elections, but this is probably the first time in Madhya Pradesh that they hold elections to the local body just before the elections to the assembly, which will give more oxygen to the political parties.

Shivraj vs Kamal Nath in 2023 or will it change its face?
In fact, the assembly elections to be held in 2023, where CM Shivraj is also considered to be the most challenging election to date, are nothing less than a test of return for Kamal Nath in his political life. Because the reputation of the two leaders is at stake in this election. In this situation, both have tried to show their strength through civic elections. So far, these two leaders are seen as the main faces of 2023, but the results of the civic elections could mean a big change. As the central leadership of the BJP and Congress has already begun to prepare for assembly elections, in such a situation, if there is a major change in these results, there may also be a change in 2023. However, all this can only be seen after the results of the civic and panchayat elections.


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