Neetu Kapoor’s lifestyle overcomes skeptical thinking and knowledge of trolls – Neetu Kapoor: Neetu Kapoor’s lifestyle is an appropriate response to skeptical thinking, he said: it’s hard to forget, but …

Actress Neetu Kapoor has started a new entry into cinema with the recent film ‘Jug Jug Jio’. Apart from that, he has also been very active on social media for the last two years. She makes coils. He shares elegant images, travels to India and abroad and … is seen interacting freely with the media. It would not be wrong to say that Neetu Kapoor has presented himself in a different way after the death of actor Rishi Kapoor. But, some people in society have problems with that. Every day he is seen making the wrong comments about Neetu Kapoor’s viral images and videos. In fact, after Chintu ji’s departure, he doesn’t like Neetu Kapoor returning to his career like that, to be so happy. But this impeccable style of Neetu Kapoor is a strong answer in itself for these people.

Neetu is worried about toxic thinkers

Recently, Neetu Kapoor went to London and during that time she was seen at the airport. He looked very happy. His video went very viral on social media. Some people also called Neetu Kapoor on this. The trolls were surprised to see the actress take a trip abroad with this elegant look. Someone said, “After her husband left, her wings came out.” So someone says, “Rishi Kapoor didn’t let him go out much. Now he’s having a lot of fun after his departure.” Neetu Kapoor herself is aware of this toxic mentality of trolls. But he is also worried about that. She says, “Let people say what you want, I’ll stay the way they want.” This style of Neetu Kapoor is actually an appropriate response to the orthodox thinking in which people want to see the woman inconsolable after the death of her husband.

Why the problem with the new beginning of life?

Let us know that Neetu Kapoor began his film journey as a child artist. He won the hearts of the public with his innocence through the song ‘Bache Mann Ke Sachche …’ from the film ‘Do Kaliyan’ (1968). After that, she acted as a heroine in many movies and made a different identity. When the home froze, for the sake of the children and the family, he parted ways with the movies at the peak of his career. There was a long period in which she stayed away from movies. Responsibilities continued, life went on. But there comes a difficult time in everyone’s life. When Rishi Kapoor’s illness became known, the whole family had problems. Neetu Kapoor was seen with Rishi Kapoor in every way. But due to illness, in April 2020, the actor said goodbye to this world. After that, people hoped that Neetu Kapoor, who until now had lived life the traditional way, would remain imprisoned in the house’s boundary wall. But Neetu Kapoor has started a new life with the memories of Chintu ji.

Life will pass like this …

Recently, Color TV shared a video of Neetu Kapoor from his Instagram account. In it, Neetu Kapoor is seen on the sets of ‘Dance Deewane’. The video begins with images of the late actor Rishi Kapoor and the song “Teri umde tera wait karte hain …” sounding in the background. Neetu Kapoor looked very emotional after seeing these pictures. But after that he said many good things. He said, “Seeing something happen to your heart.” I got married in 1980. I spent about 45 years of my life with him. I spent half my life with him. It is very difficult to forget them. But, I stay strong. I find people. I come on stage. This breaks my heart a bit. Only in this time will it happen. He also said, “I have children, take great care, but I miss Rishi.” I think whoever goes, celebrates it. Rishi ji will be glad to see me happy. It’s not that I have to be sad, sit at home and get lost in their memories. I don’t want to disappoint the people I have, who live with me. I don’t want to tell you how sad I am. I just want to prove that I am happy.

Busy to recover from grief

We tell you that even before that, Neetu Kapoor has talked about her lifestyle and her impetuousness. He once said he has set to work to be able to overcome the pain of losing Rishi Kapoor. He has increased his social activity after the death of Rishi Kapoor. He also said that those who have problems with his lifestyle or those who troll him will block him. Neetu Kapoor had said, “I do things just because I like to do everything.” I love my fans. I only block those who troll me. You know there are people who say this husband died and he is enjoying it. Neetu Kapoor further said, “He wants to see a widow crying.” There are a lot of people like that, but I block them. I say I will be what I want to be. In this way, I will get out of the pain of Rishi Kapoor’s death. Some people face sadness crying and others laughing. I can’t forget my husband. He will be here with me, with my children for the rest of his life.

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