Read Malati’s paati at Bhojpuri: Guru’s Gohrain came and sang to Guru Poornima.

Malikar set foot! Kheer-puri should be prepared today in Asadhi Poornima. Asadhi Poornima’s Guru Poornima is also called Jala. Raura Javana Maya in Larikai for being studying in sand school on sand, said that today we will eat kheer and puri worship food at our feet. Uhe maya bahina nu, in the first place, remains a Sikhvale reader of aa chenhe, written by the kindness of Raura. Rau ta know hokhb malkar that the people of this place are called Maya Bahina Bha Maya Fua Kahane. The girls from the Raura villages of Uhan, Laika-Like on the other side of Ehi village are called Maya Bahina Bha Maya Fua. In the worldly relationship, we have our brothers and sisters lagile, eh se kabo hamhun uhan ke guruain na manni, bakir guruain ta raur uhan ke bhaibe kaini nu. e haur subhag ba ki uhan ke abe le bani. From here, today we told the house of them that they should eat kheer-puri at the feet of Pakhruvin and worship. Many asirwad dihuvi of uhaan. Keep asking for Rura. Uhan ke raur naam abe le munne rakhle bani. He goes on to say that Munna Babu’s Hum Government School has studied at Munna Babu’s Apna Private School. Munna Babu Ketna reached the top of our padhawal. Today from Padwala de Hamro son, I am at Neeman’s job.

We need to be aware that once a year a Plum Poornima Guru comes, people will worship their Guru. How many people went to worship his guru. Ego auri baat dekhle bani malkar, log woh guru ke kame yaad karela, je first ber islet bha patari ke sichaval. Ara ta fasan e ho gaye ba que je kanphunkwa guru ba, la gent d’Ohi adoraria. Our Baba was somewhere in a man’s yard to become a man, this school has come and gone with the ease of society. In the courtyard, the family man learned the rites, and in this school, from the guru, he learned the ways to prepare a good Gian and Jingi. Society will tell you the rules of coexistence. From there, Guru Poornima, the Guru’s Gohrawe came and wished him to sing. Kabir Das Kahalhun Bade- Guru-Gobind dou standing, Kako applied his feet / Balihari Guru tell your Govind Diyo. If Guru ji did not live, then Govind ji of Hamni, I have heard the truth about God. Eh se guru darja dihal gile ba baa hai más que déu.

Pandey Baba told me this when Guru Purnima was in Manaval Jala. Yes, we don’t know. When do you listen? According to Pandey Baba Javni Gantia Faria, I was stretched to the front so as not to leave the boats. He was told that Maharsi Ved lived on the full moon day of Asadh, the birth of Beas ji. He should have written the Vedas and the Puranas and the Mahabharata. In the Vedas and Puranas there is no talk of empty songs. Aisan gyan that a person should read and follow okra accordingly, then okr jinigi becomes safe. Beas ji should write many books like Brahmasutra, Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagwat and Eighteen Go Puranas.

Beas ji should be the son of Parasar Rishi. In the Dharam Sastar of Hamni, he writes that Beyas ji should remain eternally loved. You should know before your own song that the minds of the people will be reduced to Dharam-Karam in Kaljug. People believe in God. If you let the man of your real Karma, your voice will work, do not give permission for the religion of youth. The age of the people decreased. The ancient people lived for hundreds of years. Now that really Kehu could hardly reach the hundred.

Beyas ji, you should know that you should not be able to read the words of the man. From Ahi to Uhan, divide the right into four parts of the bed. Aisan and thinking that even people of forgotten type who have less intellect should be able to read Charu Bed. Beyas ji should put the names of Charu Bed: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda. Due to the division of the bed into four parts, its name fell to Ved Vyas. L’ekra bado buzheel de Beyas ji read badly the buta ke baat naikhet naikhet uhan, jaana ke vell kahl jala. In the Purana, Bede Wala Geyan should be written in the way of telling stories. Beas ji should have been the same for the creation of Mahabharata as well. From Ahi to Uhan, Aadi Guru Manal Jala and Manaval Jala as the anniversary of the birth of Tewahar Beas ji of Guru Poornima.

Pandey baba iho batavat rahuvin iskula buit ke mahater na, jinigi a jekra a kawano gyan mil hokhe, the guru of the okra should have prayed to Poornima. If possible, go touch your feet. My father, brother and sister, Bhaje Kehu has grown up and wanted Asirwad Lebe. Eh se that eh all logan se kabo na kabo gyan mil rahela hai. Ahi par humara iyad paruve malikar, raura ta aapan four cow gurus tell me from the beginning. Maya is the guru of early school. The names of Kavano Kedar Pandey, Raura Bataat Rahaani, Jay Abe Mahtar have been seen as a great leader of the MLC for many times. Raura should be aware that it does not belong to her, but Raura does not wake up from what is written in her mind. Jikir Raura Ber-ber Chachaji of Kisun Bihari Misir is bitter. To a ber iho raura it must be said that his government was Padamsiri Dihle Biyya. He learned a lot from them. The name Ego Harbans raura batavat rahni, a lot of teachings about the diary of je roura. One day, Pandey baba should tell him that in Delhi he has become a great leader. It tells the story of Devender Misir ji, let’s say the story of the newspaper’s story was his story. Login Hai from Aimin Raur District Teen Go Guru Ballia. Not all meetings with Kehu could be done for Rura’s sake, but in my mind they must have taken the name of Gohra from the whole family. We are far from perfect.
Raur, Malikaine
(Omprakash Ashk is a freelance journalist. The views expressed in the article are personal.)

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