Sawal Public Ka: Comparing Modi India with Sri Lanka is a rumor or it is true

Is comparing Sri Lanka with India a negative opposition policy?

Sawal Public Case: Strong opposition is needed in a strong democracy because its problems strengthen the country. But problems are only strong when there are facts. Otherwise, it is still just a protest against saying. Opposition leaders, who have compared India under the Modi regime to the situation in Sri Lanka, are turning a blind eye to the truth? The situation in Sri Lanka has worsened. An emergency is claimed. Today, protesters stormed the office of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. After capturing the government television station, there the broadcast had to be stopped. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has fled the country and will resign today. Gotabaya’s house was also occupied by protesters a few days ago.

The public question is whether this is a rumor claiming to be in India like Sri Lanka or is it true? Are there plans to create a stir in India on behalf of Sri Lanka? After all, why does the opposition compare Sri Lanka to India? Today the public is asked this question. The people of Sri Lanka have faced financial difficulties in recent months. Inflation is very high. The necessary things are not available. As a result, the anger of the people there has become uncontrollable. In fact, there has been a situation that was written by the famous Hindi poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar in one of his poems: emptying the throne that comes to the audience.

The situation can be understood if the crowd of protesters occupied the office of the Prime Minister. When the people oppose the government in such a way that it forces the president to flee the country, then the situation can be understood. When the commotion increases so much that it is no longer up to the army or the police to control it, the emergency is the only way out. But why this happened is important to understand.

  • The first reason, the debt burden, Sri Lanka’s total debt-to-GDP ratio was just over 80% in 1990, reaching 101% in 2020. China’s debt contribution was substantial in that.
  • The second reason: the economy was assassinated due to the distribution of Revdi in November 2019, the tax rate in Sri Lanka was reduced from 15% to 8%.
  • Third reason: Organic farming became necessary in Sri Lanka without thinking about it in the midst of Crown, which broke the backs of 20 lakh farmers in Sri Lanka.
  • Fourth reason: the power of a family, the president, the prime minister, the finance minister, the agriculture minister, the irrigation minister, the sports minister and even the prime minister’s chief of staff are they made of the Rajapaksa family. That is why arbitrary decisions were made.

But forgetting these things, how can the country’s opposition plans be understood from the statement of TMC MP Idris Ali, who says Prime Minister Modi will have to leave the country.

Since the situation has worsened in Sri Lanka, leaders of India’s opposition parties have been talking about similar things.

In April, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said the truth of Sri Lanka has come out, the truth of India will come out.

The same April, Mamata Banerjee had said that what is happening in Sri Lanka is worrying. The Indian economy is also in an equally bad situation.

It is true that India also has challenges in the economy. Currently, the retail inflation rate is over 7%. Over the past 6 months, the inflation rate has consistently exceeded the RBI’s inflation limit of 6%. Gasoline-diesel-LPG-CNG prices are putting a burden on the common man. 1 US dollar has become almost 80 rupees. But is it right to say that the condition of India will be like Sri Lanka?

Foreign exchange reserves with Sri Lanka are only 15 billion. While India’s foreign exchange reserves are 49 billion rupees. Sri Lanka’s debt to GDP in 2020-21 was over 101%, then India’s was below 51%.

Sri Lanka has only 1.6 tons of gold reserves. While the gold reserve with India is 744 tons. However, let yourself be told that Sri Lanka is a very small country geographically compared to India.

Sri Lanka’s growth rate is estimated at 3.1%. Although India’s growth rate is one of the fastest in the world among the major economies, it is estimated to be around 8.2%. The Sri Lankan stock market has fallen by 50% in 5 years. While the Indian stock market has grown by 70% in the last 5 years.

The strength of India’s economy is revealed with the recent data of the industrial production index, i.e. IIP. In May, the IIP was recorded at 19.6%, which is the highest level in the last year.

There is a difference between earth and sky in the economic condition of India and Sri Lanka. But while there is an attempt to compare India with Sri Lanka, there is support for free politics. Free politics can get votes. But it hurts in the long run. Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned.

question of public

1. Is it a policy of negative opposition to compare Sri Lanka with India?

2. Will political parties now learn from the danger of governing a family?

3. Will the policy of free and arbitrary decisions stop in India?

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