The Aam Aadmi party raised questions about MCD over the ANN property tax increase

Delhi Property Tax: The Aam Aadmi Party claimed on Tuesday that the Delhi Municipal Corporation is now raising the property tax. Aam Aadmi party spokesman Saurabh Bhardwaj said the task of collecting more taxes from the people of Delhi has been given to LG. In a few days, the people of Delhi will face the weight of the new property tax. When the MCD was integrated, it was said that now the money will be taken out of the central government, while this money will be collected from the people of Delhi in the form of tax.

Saurabh Bhardwaj said that on July 4 a new property tax structure was decided at the meeting of MCD officials. He said LG will make another gift to the people of Delhi by increasing education cessation by 1 per cent. This tax has been added to the East Delhi and North Delhi property tax. The lieutenant governor tells the RWA that if 90 per cent tax is reached, a maximum of one lakh will be done in his colony. Saurabh Bhardwaj asked the question of what kind of work LG has planned to do in the colonies which will be completed in a lakh.

BJP extended corruption to MCD

Meanwhile, senior leader of Kalkaji Party Aam Aadmi and MLA Atishi said that for the past 15 years, there has been a BJP government in the Delhi Municipal Corporation. Atishi alleged that all Delhi children are aware of the corruption committed by BJP in MCD. The people of Delhi do not know that the full form of MCD is “Delhi municipal corporation”. Now the general public thinks that the full form of MCD is the ‘Most Corrupt Department’.

Atishi alleged that a person living in every part of Delhi knows that as soon as the first brick of his house is installed, BJP advisers and leaders come to extort money from him. Everyone in Delhi knows that BJP councilors have filled their pockets with the impoverishment of MCD. Councilors ’vehicles have grown from small to large. Councilors’ houses have become large cells. But when it comes to the salaries of sanitation workers, teachers, doctors and nurses, the BJP-governed MCD says we have no money.

The corporation’s money goes to BJP leaders

MP Atishi said that year after year the money received by the MCD from the Delhi government has been increasing. The Municipal Corporation had only received 1465 million rupees from the then Delhi government in 2010-11. But in 2015-16, since the arrival of Arvind Kejriwal’s government, the amount of money the corporation used to raise. 5908 million was given to the corporation in 2015-16. In 2021-22, this figure reached 6172 million. Apart from this, loans were also granted to the three MCDs. Today, there is an outstanding loan of millions of rupees to the Delhi government to the three MCDs. Despite getting money and loans, so far no work has been done for MCD in Delhi like cleaning and paying the salaries of sanitation workers, teachers, doctors and nurses. Because all the money that goes to the corporation goes into the pocket of the BJP leaders and advisers through corruption.

Atishi said that after consuming all the money loan given by the Delhi government, now the MCD is preparing to raise the property tax. Ordinary man who pays his taxes honestly. Whatever paper forms you need to fill out, go to the MCD and fill them out on time. Pay your housing tax or business tax on time. There will be more burden for this common person but there will be no increase in the work of cleaning, education, MCD health. The way the amount of money that has come to MCD in the last 15 years has been embezzled and gone into the pocket of BJP leaders. Now the corporation has once again come up with a plan to fill the pockets of BJP leaders by looting the general public.

During this, Saurabh Bhardwaj also surrounded the new lieutenant governor of Delhi and said that MCD officials are completely deceiving the lieutenant governor. The press release states that RWA will charge 90 percent of the property tax in its area. First, this is not the job of the RWAs. The second thing is that you are telling the RWA that if you get 90 percent of the tax, you will spend 10 percent on your colony. He says the maximum work of a lakh will be done in the colony. MCD officials should explain a job that can be done in a lakh in the colony. The work of making a drain on a small street is also done for 6-7 lakhs. A road construction has been completed in 3-4 million. A swing also costs a lakh in MCD. What kind of work has LG planned to do in the colonies that will be completed in a lakh? Saurabh Bhardwaj said MCD officials make fun of the lieutenant governor by doing these things.

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