The role of Chadha’s adviser to Mann Sarkar provoked political controversy

Opposition raises questions over Raghav Chadha’s appointment as Punjab CM adviser

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Other opposition leaders have said that this move by Prime Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann shows the desire of AAP supreme Arvind Kejriwal to lead a remote-controlled government in the Punjab.

The role of adviser to AAP MP Rajya Sabha, Raghav Chadha, in the Punjab government has created a political controversy. Congress has compared his appointment to a period in the 19th century in which the British government appointed a British superintendent to control the Sikh Empire. It is like appointing a British resident as Sir Henry Lawrence to control the empire. “Other opposition leaders have said that this move by Prime Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann shows the desire of AAP Supreme Arvind Kejriwal to lead a remote control in the Punjab.

The new role of Chadha?

Chadha, in his new role, will oversee the AAP government’s “pro-people” schemes in Punjab and advise the government on finance-related issues, according to a spokesman for the Punjab chief minister’s office . According to published information, a temporary commission will be formed. But its president and members will receive no pay or subsidies, so the allegation of giving too much power to Chadha through this committee does not seem logical. In this situation, it seems strange the allegation of the head of the Punjab Congress, Amarinder Singh Raja Waring, that appointing Chadha as chairman of the advisory committee is tantamount to making him the prime minister of Punjab.

The opposition is giving more weight to the issue

Perhaps the opposition is giving more weight to an administrative decision. Similar agreements are also made in other states. Several state governments have created expert-led advisory panels to advise the prime minister on financial matters. Chadha has also previously worked as a financial advisor to Delhi Finance Minister Manish Sisodia and is considered one of the most skilled young people in Indian politics. Chadha is one of the most educated politicians. He is an accountant and studied at the London School of Economics.

Chadha helped stop the theft of income in Delhi

In view of his illustrious role as an adviser to the AAP government in Delhi, Chadha was given a new responsibility. This spokesman said, “He only received the Re 1 salary from the Delhi government, but did a good job of curbing the theft of income and reducing corruption. Chadha is originally from Jalandhar and lives in Delhi. His parents had came here a few decades ago in search of work.This spokesman said, “He remained firmly rooted in his roots and did important work to promote the Punjabi language and culture in Delhi.”

Reasons for opposition allegations

So why does the opposition react so abruptly to Chadha’s appointment? The reason for this is to think that you want to control the Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann through his supreme Arvind Kejriwal Chadha. The AAP snatched power from Congress in the March election this year, although that perception had already formed. Several steps taken by Kejriwal to oversee the affairs of the Punjab government also reinforced this perception. Since Mann took office as chief minister of the Punjab, he has been accused of having received orders from the Delhi leadership.

Mann was also criticized in April

When Mann sent state government bureaucrats to meet with Kejriwal on April 12, he had to face criticism from the opposition. He also took them with him for a meeting in Delhi on 25 April. The opposition then alleged that a remote-controlled government was heading to the state from Delhi, followed by another attack on April 26, when the Punjab chief minister sided. to the Delhi government “together for the welfare of the citizenry.” He signed an agreement to learn and share knowledge, experiences and skills. “Mann refuted the opposition’s accusation that his government was a” remote-controlled “government. He said it was his decision to send officers to Delhi so that they could receive “training” from the Delhi chief minister.

Chadha’s rise in Punjab politics

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sent his close aide Raghav Chadha as party leader in the Punjab Assembly elections. He was given the responsibility of assisting in the selection of candidates and the planning of the campaign and Chadha made good use of the powers given. When the Aam Aadmi Party created history by winning nearly three-quarters of the seats in the Punjab elections, Chadha’s political profile rose several degrees. He was also credited with the victory, as was ministerial candidate Bhagwant Singh Mann. Delighted for his contribution, Kejriwal rewarded him with a seat of Rajya Sabha. At that time he was the deputy of the Rajendra Nagar seat of Delhi. Chadha’s role not only ended as head of Punjab, but in his new role as a member of Rajya Sabha of Punjab, he is taking a keen interest in the administrative and political affairs of the AAP government.

The “authentic” chief minister of the Punjab?

His growing influence in the Punjab government has earned him the name of “minister in chief.” The “legal” prime minister (Mann) has not been heard to oppose the actions of the “real” prime minister and this has led to speculation that Manal has accepted a smaller role than his Delhi boss and counterpart, Kejriwal. And Raghav Chadha is the link between these two. Chadha has consolidated his position by successfully campaigning for AAP candidate Durgesh Pathak in the recent by-elections for the seat of Rajendra Nagar. Pathak won that seat by getting 55.78 percent of the vote.

The allegations of the opposition are not solid

The opposition camp alleges that the chairman of the advisory committee will weigh heavily on the Punjab chief minister. But this allegation does not seem to be true. Chadha has not yet held the first meeting of the committee. Only after the formation of the committee may its chairman hold official meetings. And he will be able to give his advice to the government. Chadha has also tried to dispel the notion of the prime minister’s intention to challenge authority. Shortly after his nomination to the panel, he met Mann and “sought his blessings to begin his new role.” In a tweet, Chadha said, “Mansaheb has given me the opportunity to do ‘his’ for the people of the Punjab. I will present my blood, sweat, tears and hard work for my older brother and my prime minister. be proud. “

Your show director is finally on stage: SAD

Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) also investigated the AAP government, saying the measure has “brought show director Raghav Chadha to the stage”. In a tweet, the party said: “The de facto chief minister, Chadha, who is formally becoming the Comptroller General, is not news to the Punjabis. They knew who was holding the threads of the puppet government of Bhagwant Mann.” Amarinder Singh’s Punjab Lok Congress said: “Today Bhagwant Mann obtained his rubber stamp by appointing @raghav_chadha as chairman of the advisory committee and making him de facto CM. The image. Has been confirmed.” How much merit there is in the allegations of the opposition will only be known when the chairman of the advisory committee arrives on the ground to carry out the work assigned by the minister in charge of the Punjab.

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