What did actress Deepti Naval say about the polarizing atmosphere in the country?

  • Vandana
  • Television Editor, BBC India

The simple life of Delhi at that time … and a girl who is a saleswoman and sells detergent powder called Chamko from house to house – When the movie Chashme Baddoor was released in 1981, the world rightly received a name of Deepti Naval. a new actress who entered the cinema with the image of Girl Next Door.

In Kamla, she was a girl from the Bhil community who is bought and taken to the city. Set against the backdrop of the Naxalite movement Andhi Gali (1984), a girl who is forced to commit suicide in the dead end of her husband fleeing the past or Amma ji of the NH-10 who achieves the murder of ‘honor of his own daughter.

But far from these characters from the world of cinema, Deepti Naval has written a book about his life. A country called childhoodAs its name suggests, this book is about the childhood and youth of Deepti Naval who spent time in Amritsar.

The image of Delhi that stuck in my mind after seeing Deepti Naval glasses, now Delhi is no longer the same, but in a beautiful area of ​​this city, I met Deepti Naval and talked about his book.

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