Article: Popular uprising in Sri Lanka and neighboring countries

Sri Lanka is currently going through the worst phase in history. It is believed that the basic reason for this is that the political leadership there is adopting the policy of operational power without direction. Not working for the public interest and the interest of the country on the part of people holding key positions, one works with only personal interest in mind. The political leadership seems to be fully responsible for the situation in Sri Lanka. Today the president and prime minister are the target of the general public due to the massive rebellion that has emerged in Sri Lanka. The only reason for this is that the political leadership did not respect public sentiments. As a result, today Sri Lanka is going through a period of great economic hardship. The way the people of Sri Lanka recently demonstrated in front of Rashtrapati Bhavan and the residence of the Prime Minister, puts in front of everyone the terrible situation in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, the government tried to rectify the situation, but this decision was taken too late to make that effort. If this decision had been made in time, perhaps this situation would not have occurred. This is a very big message to the world that the situation that has been raised today in front of Sri Lanka can become a big challenge for all countries one day. The reason for this is that many countries in the world seem to deviate from their original purpose. Conditions arising from economic inequalities in Sri Lanka have led to the famine situation there today. Nothing is readily available. The game of fixing the price of all things is happening. That is why the necessary things have moved away from the common man.

Neighboring countries in India today face many kinds of problems. Not only Sri Lanka, many countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and China face some serious problem or another. The kind of situation that has been created in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, also faces the same kind of situation. There, too, commodity prices are soaring. Everyday things seem to go far beyond the reach of common life. In Pakistan, where the political leadership does not want to reduce any of its amenities, it also hesitates to make any necessary decisions in the interest of the general public. Today Pakistan’s political leadership is not even in a position to show its position to the whole world. Today, it needs debts to pay off the debt, but the rich and powerful countries of the world have turned their eyes away from Pakistan. Similarly, the situation in Bangladesh cannot be said to be good in any way. The way Bangladesh is infiltrating India, is exposing the situation in Bangladesh. There, the great employment crisis has become a cause of great trouble. It should be noted that the situation in Bangladesh is also on the verge of starvation. There is no work in front of the people of Bangladesh to earn bread twice. For this reason, today the poor of Bangladesh are eager to infiltrate India.

There is also a big reason behind the current situation in Sri Lanka, that all the power there had become the blessing of a family. The president and prime minister of Sri Lanka had become all-powerful by considering themselves far above the people. He had taken all the power in his hands. This is the reason why the people of Sri Lanka are willing to revolt today. Although it is not the current leadership of Sri Lanka that is to blame for this whole problem, but the decisions of previous governments are also largely responsible for making this problem worse. These decisions were made by governments arbitrarily. It is true that any step taken for reform cannot be implemented immediately, it should be implemented gradually, but the way Sri Lanka’s political leadership made decisions for organic farming and banned chemical fertilizers, therefore, the common farmer there was affected and agriculture yield in Sri Lanka was proportionately affected. Due to this shortage of food grains it created a food supply crisis in Sri Lanka. Because Sri Lanka’s economic situation was very pathetic, many countries in the world were unprepared to offer financial assistance to Sri Lanka, so today Sri Lanka cannot muster the courage to take any steps to reduce the debt burden on himself. , because he has nothing in the treasury.

With regard to the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka, it can be said with certainty that the said political leadership is solely responsible for it. It is also true that the deterioration of the condition of any country also affects the countries around it, but how much or how much this effect will be on these countries, depends on the situation of these countries. If the political leadership of these countries is very strong, then naturally it can be said that the situation in Sri Lanka will not have the same effect in this country as in a weaker country. Today Pakistan and Bangladesh are not strong in terms of political leadership. There is so much political tension that they continue to make plans to win each other over. At the same time, how much power does the ruling party have in the form of political leadership in India that not even the opposition is in a position to do anything about. Whatever the charges of the opposition, it is also true that the opposition parties oppose only and only to protest. They have no solid reason to protest. The basic reason for this is that the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completely eliminated corruption at the central government level. The work done by the central government to make the facilities available to the public directly to the citizenry without intermediaries, has brought about great corruption. Administrative corruption is not completely eradicated, but it is said that when the intention of the management is right, the people below are also inclined to work properly. There is a great need for a democratically elected leadership to be strong to solve any problem. The way the situation in Sri Lanka and Pakistan has deteriorated, the weakness of political leadership is also a big reason.

Suresh Hindustani, senior journalist

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(The author is a thinker and political thinker)

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