Dwarka: In search of the city that “merged with the sea after the death of Sri Krishna”

  • Bessons Pramanik
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image source, Getty Images

In the second half of the last century, archaeologists in India began an underwater search of another ancient city of the same name near the present-day city of Dwarka.

Experts are trying to get this evidence to end the controversy over its existence.

Dr. Alok Tripathi, ADG of the Department of Archeology of India, says that “Dwarka has a special meaning in India. This is the city that existed during the time of history told in the Mahabharata.”

Dr. Alok Tripathi is an expert on ancient underwater remains. They look for ruins that are submerged in the Indian Ocean. He says, “One of the most important excavations of the underwater ruins was done in connection with the discovery of Dwarka. This place is special for its history, religious importance, and obviously also for archeology.”

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