Jewelry design work started during pregnancy and now earns thousands of rupees every month

An empty mind is said to be the home of Satan, so a person should never waste time. One must continue to do one thing or the other even in free time, so that the person does not feel bored and the heart also takes away. for this reason most of People spend their free time in a good job or work according to their interest. The story of Vishwa Modi is similar as well. He also started designing jewelry in his spare time to entertain his heart and today he earns thousands of rupees every month with it.

he wanted to do a job in his spare time

Resident of Ahmedabad in Gujarat Vishwa Modi He worked in a private company, but when he conceived he had to leave that job. Because it is recommended for women to rest during pregnancy. As he quit his job, he stopped going to the office and started living at home. In this situation, he had a lot of free time, in which he wanted to do something so that the mind could also be entertained and also take advantage of time. Vishwa really enjoyed making jewelry. In this situation, he bought jewelry at home to entertain his heart in his spare time. designing The work began

How did the idea of ​​designing jewelry come about?

Vishwa explains that when he was working, he saw a 12-year-old boy selling jewelry at the market. When Vishwa spoke to the boy, he learned that he was designing the jewelry and selling it at the market. When she started living at home during pregnancy, she thought about that boy. He thought that when a 12-year-old can do this job, then why can’t he. Vishwa Modi of Ahemadabad earns rs one lakh a month for Jewelery Making Business

he started making jewelry

Vishwa started the work of making jewelry at a cost of Rs.300. from this work Business He needed marketing to convert it, so he showed his design to a shopkeeper. The shopkeeper really liked Vishwa’s handmade jewelry and bought them from Vishwa for 1200 rupees.

Seeing the good work done and the jewelry the shopkeeper bought increased his confidence. In this way, he began to expand the scope of his work and then began to receive commissions. Because of this, their income also began to increase. Vishva explains that even after giving birth to the child, he decided to turn the work of jewelry into a jobless job.

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Use social media for marketing

Vishwa (Vishwa Modi) buys raw material in the market to make jewelry and then makes jewelry from it. You know that product marketing is very important to increase business and gain recognition. Vishwas also uses online platforms to market their jewelry. She took pictures of different types of jewelry made by her and started updating them on social media.

Sharing on social media, they soon gained recognition in Ahmedabad and other cities and orders began to arrive. In this way, he has been marketing his product on social media for 4 years. Aside from that, it has also been linked to 700 retailers that sell jewelry. That is why they are also earning good income. Vishwa Modi of Ahemadabad earns rs one lakh a month for Jewelery Making Business

He has taught jewelry to more than 800 people

You know a lot of people have lost their jobs because of the crown pandemic. Seeing that people were unemployed during the pandemic, Vishwa thought of teaching this skill to people so that they could earn even sitting at home. With that thought he Social media He began training in platform jewelry making. Currently, more than 800 people have trained in jewelry and have also joined their business.

Thousands of people have joined

Vishwas aims to provide jewelry training to one million women so they can start their own business and stay afloat. For this they also organize free webinars. In order to train women, she has updated many jewelry making videos on her YouTube channel. Not only the country but also foreign women are interested in making jewelry with it. Formation takes. Thousands of people have connected with the world through social media.

All the support of the husband

Her husband, who is a teacher by profession, gave a lot of support to Vishwa to increase this business. Her husband decided to quit her job to pursue Vishva’s business and today she is helping her jewelry business grow. She says the place she arrived at today has only been possible with the support of her husband. Vishwas is also inspiring other women to stand up. Vishwa Modi of Ahemadabad earns rs one lakh a month for Jewelery Making Business

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