So will Rajan Sushant re-enter “Aap”? Video of the son of the party – In Himachal

Image from April 2014 when Rajan Sushant joined the AAP.

Shimla .. Assembly elections are scheduled in Himachal Pradesh later this year. In this situation, the process of desertion has also begun. Earlier, Himachal party president Aam Aadmi, Anoop Kesari, had joined the BJP, then now former BJP state president Khimi Ram Sharma has joined Congress. On the other hand, it is now speculated in political circles that former MP Dr. Rajan Sushant could also return to the Aam Aadmi party.

This discussion is taking place because a video of Dr.’s son has been uploaded. Rajan Sushant, Dhairya Sushant, on the official Facebook page of the Aam Aadmi Party. There is also a paid promotion for this video. Dr. Rajan Sushant is also seen in this video.

By the way, this video is old in that Dhairya Sushant has arrived at an officer’s office. The video for this conversation is being promoted on the Aam Aadmi Party Himachal Facebook page.

Rajan Sushant has been the convener of the AAP in Himachal

Rajan Sushant has been the convener of the Himachal of the Aam Aadmi party. He remained in this position for about two years. In 2014, he also contested the Kangra Lok Sabha seat on the Aam Aadmi party ticket, but was only able to get 24,000 votes. Later, in 2016, he left the party.

‘Able leader’

Rajan Sushant was once among the leaders of Himachal BJP in which the party saw its future. Shanta Kumar had also counted the names of JP Nadda and Rajan Sushant in the category of these leaders. But time took such a turn that Rajan Sushant not only derailed his political career but the BJP is also facing his loss to date.

Rajan Sushant, who has been active in politics since student life, first became an MLA in 1982 from the Jwali assembly headquarters. He was the youngest deputy until then. Then, in the 1985 election, the MLA was elected from that seat. Sujan Singh lost to Pathania in the same seat in 1993. He then won in 1998 and became a minister in the Dhumal government. Sujan Singh lost to Pathania for the second time in the 2003 assembly elections, but won again in the 2007 elections and reached the assembly. That is, he was a deputy for four times.

party for the family ,rar,

In 2009, Rajan Sushant was disputed by the Bharatiya Janata party from the seat of Kangra Lok Sabha and won. Instead, by-elections were held in the vacant seat of Jwali. Sujan Singh Pathania of Congress was in the fight and the BJP gave the ticket to Badlev Raj. But meanwhile, Madan Sharma, Rajan Sushant’s brother, ran in the election as an independent. Result: Sujan Singh Pathania won the Congress.

After this delimitation, the leaders fighting from Jwali were transferred to the new headquarters in Fatehpur. When the 2012 assembly elections came, Sushant started asking for the ticket for his wife Sudha Sushant from Fatehpur. But that didn’t happen and his wife filled out the form as a freelancer. She finished third and the BJP candidate also lost.

Meanwhile, Maheshwar Singh, who had rebelled against the BJP, had formed a new party called Himachal Lokhit Party, the youth wing of which was run by Rajan Sushant’s son Dhairya Sushant. Later, Maheshwar Singh returned to the BJP and the existence of the Himachal Lokhit party disappeared.

AAP arm of

The 2014 Lok Sabha elections were about to arrive. In January, he resigned from the party and became a member of Lok Sabha as a BJP MP just before the election. However, Himachal BJP constantly wrote to the high command to take action against him for his anti-party activities. Sushant joined the Aam Aadmi party just before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and was appointed party convener. He then ran in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with an AAP ticket and only got 24,000 votes. Rajan Sushant then resigned as party convener in January 2016. This resignation was rejected by the party’s high command. After that, in a few months, a meeting of the National Executive of the Aam Aadmi Party was held. At this meeting, Rajan Sushant again remained as convener of Himachal Pradesh, but the party’s activities in Himachal remained insignificant. That’s why he left the party again.

In the 2017 assembly elections, Rajan ran as an independent candidate for Sushant Fatehpur and came in third. As it happened in that seat, this time the same thing happened. Whenever Rajan Sushant or his relatives presented themselves as independent, the BJP lost. The same trend continued in the by-elections held after the death of Sujan Singh Pathania, who was elected to Congress from there. In the by-elections held in November 2021, Rajan Sushant came in third while running as an independent and Congress candidate Bhavani Singh Pathania won.

The special thing is that in 2020, Rajan Sushant had announced the formation of a party called “Hamari Party Himachal Party”. He had named the party on the occasion of Vijayadashami in Shimla. In this, Rajan Sushant had stated that this team would be the most different. However, in the by-elections of the Fatehpur assembly in 2021, he had presented his nomination as an independent candidate.

Political analysts believe that as this party did not gain support, Rajan Sushant presented himself as independent and it is possible that for this he may turn to the Aam Aadmi Party. If not for himself, for his son Dhairya Sushant, who has been struggling for a long time to push forward his father’s political legacy by putting himself at the forefront. And the promotion of Dhairya Sushant’s video by the Aam Aadmi Party may be part of this episode.

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