The decency of man is the hallmark of the nobility, their language: St. Lalitprabh

Raipur (VNS). On Thursday at Divya Satsang’s fourth Prabhat at Budhapara Outdoor Stadium, Rashtrasant Mahopadhyay Lalitprabh Sagar Maharaj gave devotees the first mantra of “art of living” on the theme “How to say everyone loves us”: speak sweetly and favorably. Our discourse is the identity of our personality. A man’s nobility is not recognized by his property, not by his wealth, but by his decency. Because the law of the world is: when you give, everything comes back to you. This world is like an ecosystem, we can hear what we are talking about. If you want the world to respect you, adopt the mantra of a polite, sweet, ist speech in life.

Santpravar said, moreover, that life should not be made, but the art of living life before that. If a man learns the art of living, his house becomes heaven. His life becomes heaven, his mind and his mind are always full of joy, where he lives, where he lives, his life is full of love, joy, peace, melody and growth at every moment. To make life like heaven, you don’t need a big room, to fill your life with love and joy, you don’t need expensive ornaments and ornaments, you don’t need expensive furniture in the house to add melody to life. To make life like heaven, one must learn the art of living life. The first resource of the art of living is our speech. Because it is this discourse that connects our relationships and also breaks our relationships. If we have the best part of our whole body, it is our tongue. It is this language that sings songs, sings hymns, builds relationships. It is the language that mixes love, melody and sweetness. Think what the worst part of our whole body is! So the answer will be: this is our language. They are the words that break relationships. Unless there is purification of words, there will be neither love nor peace in man’s life. The man needs to correct the speech. Because if water is damaged, destruction occurs, and if speech is damaged, destruction occurs. Whenever human injuries have been caused in this world, whenever distance has increased in humanity, the reason for this has been our selfish language somewhere. Those who are gentle, sweet on the tongue, rule in the hearts of others throughout their lives. Those who always speak crooked, inverted, ridicule the person in front, enter very slowly into the heart and return very quickly. If you want to hear good words with your ears, say sweet and sweet words with your tongue. If you say positive you will get a positive result, if you say negative you will get a negative result.

Weigh first and then open the tongue:
Santpravar also said – Remember for life, a child coming out of the mother’s stomach, like a failed arrow of order, a bullet fired with a gun can not return, in the same way that words spoken from the mouth can never go back and forth. inside. That is why the first thing in our lives should be the discretion of how we can say that we like everyone. Whenever you speak, weigh first and then open your tongue. Where there is respect and respect, man comes running over and over again. That is why we always speak the language of respect and respect. Make it a rule of your life from today: we will not speak this language that takes us out of someone’s heart. May our language be polite and sweet.

The largest of the five committees given by God is the language committee. That means speaking judiciously. It is easy to be silent but very difficult to speak discreetly. To remain silent one must be silent for a moment, but to speak judiciously one must be alert all the time. If speaking is silver, silence is gold. What word will work to break the mind of the person in front of you and what word will work to dissolve the sweetness. The decency-nobility of man is hidden in his own language. If the beginning of Mahabharata happened it was because of this language.

Santashree said, in addition, that the sweet talker’s peppers are also sold and that the bittersweet person’s sugar-filled sweets also continue to lie. There is much life in words, of which Aarti Ardas is azaan, these are the pearls of the ocean of which a good man is recognized.

Five good wishes are hidden in the suprabhatam:
In the morning, Santpravar was mutually inspired to say “Suprabhatam” and said that in this miraculous word “Suprabhatam” five good wishes are hidden. Su means life is always beautiful, it means life is always full of happiness, it means life is always lucky, it means life is stress free and i mean life he is happy. Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah is said in our Indian culture, when you say to God that God gives me happiness, then God remains silent and when you say that God gives happiness to everyone, first listen to you. Great in the world is not the one who has a beautiful face, Great in the world is the one who has the power of the word. If you want that voice, make an arrow and if you want, make a vein. Santshree, while singing the melodious song of Marwari’s inspirational song – Meetho-Meetho Bol Tharo Kain Laage, Sansar Koi Ro Ghar Nahi, Kab Nile Pran Khabar Nahi … by Sadguru Shri Chandraprabh, asked the devotees to always keep the sweetness from speech to life ..

Please, thank you, sorry, look at the result of these words:
Stampwar was inspired to include these words, please thank you, sorry in your daily speech in the practice of life and said try to use these three words in your language someday, you will get the result immediately . Giving five mantras of speech restraint, he said that whenever you speak, your face is full of smiles, whenever you find someone, before you start the conversation, say hello with both hands, whenever you speak, speak with courtesy, speak the same that will give positive results Keep discretion in your language vocabulary, never use abusive words, do not link any unpleasant words to anyone during the conversation.

Today’s guests:
Guests inaugurated the Divya Satsang Sabha on Friday. Swami, Shirish Mishra, Chandrashekhar Rangrade, Suresh Kankaria, Chairman of the Divya Chaturmas Committee and the main beneficiaries of Chaturmas, Tilokchand Bardia, Harish Daga made it light the lamp. Mahavir Taleda, Vimal Golcha of the PRO committee and Kamal Bhansali, chairman of the reception committee, welcomed the guests.

Friday’s speech on “Behavioral Skills: They Will Succeed”:
Shri Rishabhdev Temple Trust Chairman Vijay Kankaria, Worker Chairman Abhay Bhansali, Patrons Rajendra Golcha and Ujjwal Jhabak, Committee Chairman Divya Chaturmas Tilokchand Bardia, Secretary General Paras Parakh, Prashant Talera, Amit Munot and Chairman of the Committee Welcome Kamal Bhansali said Friday from 8am: At 4pm, we will be giving a motivational speech on the topic “Victory Skills: They Will Bring Success” under the Kala-Vishesh Pravachanmala. Shri Rishabhdev Temple Trust and Divya Chaturmas Committee have asked all Chhattisgarh devotees to participate in all Chaturmas programs and speeches.

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