Two suspects arrested in Patna, controversial over RSS police statement

  • Vishnu Narayan
  • From Patna, to the BBC

image source, Vishnu Narayan

Bihar police have said they arrested two suspected extremists in the Phulwarisharif area of ​​Patna on Monday night (July 11).

According to Patna police, he had received information about two suspects from the Intelligence Office. The names of those arrested are Mohammad Jalaluddin and Athar Parvejat. The two detainees are admitted to the UAPA.

Manjar, the real brother of the arrested Athar Parvez, is charged in the case of Gandhi Maidan’s explosion in Patna.

These people are said to be associated with the Islamic organization Popular Front of India (PFI) and the political party SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India).

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