You are the witness tonight, the sides of my sleep that have been cut short by the change of side. Tonight you are the witness, the sides of my sleep that have been cut by change …

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The moon looks out the window and today I want to be the moon. Tonight you are the witness, I have cut the sides of my sleep by changing the sides … But today I want the night to pass slowly … Sugandha said to herself. Sugandha was happy today Very happy … Sugandha always complained to Ashok that she didn’t love him. Sugandha’s heart always held tight as she never bowed her head and held a hand behind her and said these three loving words in front of her with a red rose in her hand.

Ashok’s friend Viraj was also the same age, but as much as he loved his wife, wherever he went, both husband and wife wore clothes of the same color, Viraj would not leave Shobha’s hand for a moment. Looking each other in the eyes as romantic characters, they were both lost in their own world. They had a loving marriage, which the relatives strongly opposed, but then everything went well. Sugandha also wanted the same love, someone might want to break it, but Ashok didn’t even put his hand on Sugandha’s shoulder.

She continued to look for a lover for her husband throughout her life, but did not find him even after searching. If she had only known the Ashok … before she got married, she would have easily been attracted to men with a beautiful tall stature, a wide forehead, silky eyelashes, and strong shoulders, perhaps she was that age. A handsome lover who says yes to his yes. He promises to break the stars of the sky in one pinch. The day passed at his request and it was already evening at his request, but his search was incomplete. She found neither husband in her lover, nor lover in her husband. Who knocks softly on the doors of his mind and shakes his heart taking a bath in that bottomless ocean.

Suddenly it came from the sound “Dhada …” Sugandha came out of the realm of his thought due to the sound of the window hitting the wind. Her hair was spreading on Ashok’s forehead and the pillow pressed hard against his chest, smiling in his sleep. The sheet slipped from his body and was lying on the ground.Sugandha moved towards Ashok with gentle steps and grabbed the sheet lying on the floor and flew it.

He seemed so innocent in his sleep … “Don’t love me.” That’s what she had said while drinking tea in the evening … and she was surprised, as if Ashok had discovered the theft. This evening, he has sat down again after opening the complaints package. Shobha had told him over the phone how many presents Viraj had given him on Valentine’s Day. He surprises her every day with a new gift. Just a few days ago, Viraj had surprised him by offering him a candlelit dinner at an expensive restaurant in the city. Sugandha swore a lot: “These are the British, what problems are you talking about too.” Sugandha was irritated after hearing Ashok, “Needless to say, how much Viraj loves his wife …” “But what is beauty?” Sugandha was surprised to hear Ashoka. “Sugandha! I’ve known Shobha not only today, but for a long time, when they were both not even married. You know, Shobha is very upset with this careless behavior of her husband. She doesn’t like spending money like that either. water in the name of surprise all the time, but pretends to be happy to keep Viraj’s mind.He still lives as a lover.He couldn’t be husband and father.Than-than Gopal is there in the name of saving, not even I thought about tomorrow, I live today, no matter how heavy tomorrow is, children are growing up, don’t even think about their future … home and car EMIs are not over yet, and is thinking of buying a house in the heart of the city. “

“Viraj had said this right here at home, remember what he said, Shobha shouldn’t know about it. I want to give him his birthday. Today he hides the matter of the house from Shobha, but I don’t know .I know what else he will hide tomorrow.I don’t know what he has hidden until today.As he heard Ashok’s words, Sugandha was engrossed in his thoughts.

“Sugandha! How long can you live as a lover, sometimes you have to understand your responsibilities by becoming a husband or father. Tell me something, you love me.” Sugandha was surprised to hear Ashoka, as if the robbery had been caught.

“Maybe you don’t have an answer for that today, but I know you love me very much. Yes, it’s different that this love isn’t from Romeo-Juliet, not Heer-Ranjha, or Laila Majnu, but I can say for sure that you love me. ”Sugandha was listening to Ashok, delighted.

“When you go to the office, without telling me anything, it’s you who keeps the towel, the handkerchief on the bed, the socks, the clothes and the file, it’s you who keeps the breakfast on the dining room table. clock hand, slightly cold parathas, tea My fragrance is also the one that takes care of the hot and warm water … When you return from the office in the evening, the worry of your mind takes you from door to door bring Four days before I leave for your maternal home, I start making dry snacks, what will I do if I’m hungry, even though you know that even if you’re home I don’t take anything.

You don’t want me to get stuck in office problems. Untie the silk network of relationships before they are wrapped up “.

The mother said well that in the marriage arranged by the parents, love happens later not before the marriage. Sugandha looked at Ashoka. How easily Ashok understood Sugandha’s love, but she too …

“Fragrance! Marriage is a feeling that is never left alone throughout life. It is not necessary for someone to walk holding your hand, only then is it important that someone is always with you even if you are not present. never let the sun feel.

Ashok was telling the truth, he didn’t even know when his happiness was added to his laughter, when and why his eyes were moistened by Ashok’s pain and suffering. Why her tears end on her eyelids after all … It’s just a belief, that never disappoints you. Just a feeling that unites two people … There was no love between us, but there was something that kept us together for so many years. A bond that would come closer in happiness and closer in pain. I don’t know why Sugandha couldn’t feel the sting of broken dreams and aspirations today. Not knowing when the light of the mind secretly spread to her face, today she really understood the meaning of her marriage.

-Doctor. Ranjana Jaiswal

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