Cost of building a house: easy ways to build a cheap house, save thousands of dollars, look beautiful – Sasta ghar kaise banayen these tips can save you thousands of rupees one-story apartment building tricks

Highlights of the story

  • Millions will be saved by taking some action
  • There will be no difference in the quality of the house

It is everyone’s dream to build their own home. To fulfill this dream of their home, people continue to add money throughout their lives. Many people like to buy a house already made. Especially with the advent of apartment culture and society in cities, people have begun to prefer to buy ready-made apartments. However, even after that, there is a large population, who prefer to buy a plot of land and build a house on their own.

By the way, right now the prices of building materials like iron rod, cement, sand and bricks are going down. In this situation, this may be the right time to build a house. Although the rainy season is not considered suitable for construction work, but if it saves money, then what is bad. Along with this, if you take care of some small things, you can save thousands of rupees on building a house without compromising on quality.

Build a one-story house on this structure

Some home building tips are very effective. For example, suppose you don’t want to build a multi-story building, then a simple change will save you millions. Generally, people use the frame structure to build a house. If a load structure is adopted in its place, in a jiffy, it paves the way for great savings.

In fact, fewer reinforcement bars are used in load-bearing structures than in frame structures. Apart from that, there are other solutions, such as using flying ash bricks instead of normal bricks, making concrete frames instead of wood, using cheap wood instead of rose-teak sticks , etc.

load structure

It will cost a lot to do it the traditional way

We now know how much it costs to build a house the traditional way and how much can be saved if we use tips. For example, we maintain a plot of 500 square meters. The average cost of building a single-storey house is 1,500 rupees per square meter. Thus, it will cost about 7.50 rupees lakh to build a one-story house on a plot of 500 square feet normally.

Only one change makes a difference of millions

Now let’s look at the tips. The first solution is to change the structure. No columns or beams are required on load-bearing structures. For this reason, the bar is only needed to make the roof and visor. Apart from this, less cement and sand is also used. Similarly, if you use fly ash brick compared to normal brick, you save between 4 and 5 rupees per unit. This means that the cost of bricks is reduced by almost half. Another advantage of fly ash bricks is that they do not require plaster. They can be painted directly by applying putty. This saves both the cost of plaster and labor. Another way to reduce costs is to build a square.

So many tips to save …

If the above measures are adopted, the consumption of cement will be reduced by about 50 bags. Currently, the average cost of a cement sack is 350 rupees. That is, save 17,500 rupees on cement alone. The cost of the bars is usually 20 percent of the total cost of construction. In the load structure is reduced to 10 percent. That is, instead of Rs 1.50 lakh, your work will be done for Rs 75 thousand. That way, you save 75,000 rupees on the bars.

From brick to sand, just saving is saving

It takes about 5,000 bricks to build a one-story house. The cost of buying a normal brick would be about 50,000 rupees, while in the case of fly ash it would be only 25,000 rupees. That means you have saved 25,000 rupees even on bricks. Since it is not necessary from plaster to beam-column adopting these tips, apart from cement and bars, less sand is also used. If you spent 75 thousand rupees on sand to build a house in the normal way, then by adopting these tips, this expenditure will be about 50 thousand rupees. That is, even in the case of sand, there is a saving of 25 thousand rupees.

2 lakh will be saved by adopting these tips

Speaking of other expenses, about 40,000 rupees in stone, about 50,000 rupees in tiles, 25,000 rupees in putty and 1.15 rupees in window, door, electricity and plumbing work will be spent. There is also room to save. Building a bathroom-sink together saves from brick to cement and sand, as well as using less space. You can also save by using ceramic tiles instead of marble. Leaving all this aside, however, by adopting useful tips, you save Rs 1,42,500 in materials alone to build almost the same house. If you add less labor cost expenses, you can save up to 2 lakh rupees on building a one-story house by adopting these tips.

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