From Ghuma Ke .. The effect of the growing influence of women on the field of cricket is also seen in Hindi cinema.

Deepesh Pandey. The cricket ground has always been dominated by men. Even until October 2021, only words like batsman or batsman, third man, night watchman in cricket were used. With the change of time, like all fields, Indian women not only proved themselves on the cricket field but also made their presence felt all over the world reaching the final of the Cricket World Cup two or twice. Given the changing role of women in society and cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) changed the rules in October 2021 to ensure the use of the word batsman instead of batsman. After that, he was asked to use words like Third instead of Third Man and Nightwatch instead of Night Watchman. The effect of the growing influence of women on the field of cricket is also seen in cinema. With female cricket at the center of Hindi cinema, filmmakers are showing interest in showing real and fictional stories on screen.

In 2009, director Anurag Singh made the film Dil Bole Hadippa starring Rani Mukerji and Shahid Kapoor. The film showed many aspects such as the difficulties and social pressures of a girl playing cricket. In this, Rani’s character has to take on the appearance of the boys to play cricket. India’s women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj is the world’s top scorer and the largest number of women’s cricket women in the ODI. The biographical film Shabaash Meetu, based on his life, will be released on July 15. Apart from that, films like Mr & Mrs Mahi starring Janhvi Kapoor, Chakda Express starring Anushka Sharma and Ghoomar starring Saiyami Kher are also on the premiere line having female cricket at the center. Chakda Express is a biographical film of former Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami, the story of Mr. and Mrs. Mahi is fictional and Ghoomar, directed by R Balki, is inspired by the life of Hungarian shooter Karoli Takas.

There is change .. Changes are now being seen in the attitude of filmmakers and audiences towards stories based on women’s cricket. Now more people are familiar with women playing cricket than before, more people are watching matches. So makers also don’t hesitate to invest money in exciting stories of women cricketers. In this regard, actress Taapsee Pannu, who plays Mithali Raj, says there is a change, which is why producers are investing money in such films. They believe that if the public is prepared to see these films, it would be right to invest money in them. After that will come many more films of this type. Mithali’s struggle was for his women’s cricket team to have the status and respect it deserves. In cricket, women don’t get as much TRP sponsorship as men, but I’m glad they’re getting a spot on the movie screen. People haven’t seen women’s cricket, but I hope more and more people see these movies, at least they tell stories of women cricketers.

Hard preparation: Actors have to go through many difficult preparations to portray the character of the actors, whether female or male, correctly on screen. So that the audience can believe and connect with their character and their story. Actress Saiyami Kher, who plays a cricketer in the film Ghoomar, says of her preparation: “I play cricket since school and I have also played cricket professionally. So get ready for this character was fun for me.Waking up every morning and playing cricket to prepare this movie was like a dream for me.Even when I was shooting for Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s Faadu web series , I never gave up my cricket practice.I usually carry a cricket bat and a ball with me in the car.Whenever I have time between work, I start playing cricket.Many eminent cricketers are my friends, I consulted them for this character Former cricketer Murali Karthik helped me make some changes in my technique while I used to practice cricket daily with coach Siddharth.

Painful journey: A hard ball of cricket inflicts a deep blow on the body. There are often reports of cricket player fractures, in such a situation it is not easy for artists to play cricket in front of the camera. Also for them, the journey of playing the same shot over and over again until you find the perfect shot and your training journey is full of injury and pain. Actress Janhvi Kapoor, who plays a cricketer in the film Mr and Mrs Mahi, says: “Abhi toh, my cricket training has started. I started training a few months ago, but in between

I got injured. Then I went back to training and got injured again. Now start training again slowly. Hopefully no one gets hurt this time. I really enjoy playing cricket. My deck unit is correct. Take out and cover in a 50-50 case. There are many more shots left, such as the switch, the shot, the square cut and the touch.

It’s just the beginning: In Hindi cinema about men’s cricket, many films like Top No., Lagaan and Iqbal have been made for a long time. Now the popularity of women’s cricket is gradually increasing worldwide. Many Indian women of cricket, such as Smriti Mandhana and Harmanpreet Kaur, have millions of followers on the internet. In this situation, now the attention of cinema is directed towards the exciting journey of women cricket, now begins the era of films based on women’s cricket. Many more such films can be made in the future. About this, the film’s producer Chakda Express and Anushka Sharma’s brother, Karnesh Sharma, says, “Any good story, whether cricket or kabaddi, we will bring to the public.” Chakda Express is based on women’s cricket. Show what has been the history of Indian women’s cricket, what has been their journey and what do they want now? The film is the story of the journey that Jhulan Goswami and the Indian women’s cricket team were looking for in their beginnings. We plan to shoot this film with India in London. If there is any other story like this in the future, we would also like to tell it.

Double celebration opportunity: Taapsee Pannu If you’re a cricket fan, don’t you see that the bat is in the hands of a man or a woman? When we call ourselves a cricket-loving country, men don’t talk much. Whoever plays good cricket will see it and admire it. We have male and female cricket teams in our country. Whatever team will play against another country, we will encourage him. Win the team, the trophy will come to our home, to our country. Support and encouragement should be the same for both. The more support we give the men’s team in terms of resources (resources and facilities) and visibility (visualizations) than if the women’s team gets it, we’ll probably have twice as many opportunities to celebrate and rejoice.

In 2018 the Tamil film Kana (Not Out) was released. The film shows the challenges of a girl born into a family of poor peasants to become a cricketer. In 2019, this film was made in Telugu again under the name Kaushalya Krishnamurthy.

Edited by: Sanjay Pokhriyal

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