How is the smallpox virus infection spread, what is the danger and what is the treatment? Learn the symptoms and prevention


Smallpox was first detected in a monkey in 1958
In 1970, the virus spread to 10 African countries.
It spreads more to areas with rainforest.

New Delhi: The monkeypox virus has also entered India. The first case of smallpox in the Kollam district of Kerala has been reported. The patient had recently returned from the United Arab Emirates. Kerala Health Minister Veena George said the suspect was admitted to Thiruvananthapuram Medical School after showing smallpox symptoms. The test confirmed that he was infected with the monkeypox virus. He is currently in treatment. According to a report, infection with monkeypox virus has so far been confirmed in more than 10,800 people in 73 countries.

After the first case of infection with this virus came to light in India, the central government has sent a high-level team to Kerala. On Thursday, the Union Ministry of Health issued a warning urging all states to emphasize surveillance, detection and isolation of monkeypox virus infection. The Ministry of Health has said in the letter that all suspects should be screened and tested. To prevent infection with the smallpox virus, it is important to know how it spreads, what are its symptoms, is there any treatment or vaccine for this infection, what is the danger? Let us know the answers to these questions …

What is the monkeypox virus?

1. Monkeypox is a zoonotic virus (spread from animals to humans). Apart from monkeys, this virus is also found in animals such as rats, squirrels and dormice. The smallpox virus is a member of the smallpox virus family.

2. Monkeypox was first found in a monkey in 1958, then spread to 10 African countries in 1970. Its cases were first reported in the US in 2003.

The largest outbreak of monkeypox occurred in 2017 in Nigeria, with 75% of its male patients. Cases of infection with this virus were first reported in the UK in 2018.

After smallpox, monkeypox has emerged as an orthopox virus for public health. Most cases of smallpox are found in areas close to the rainforest, such as Central and West Africa.

5. Treatment of this virus infection is available. According to the World Health Organization, the proportion of patients infected with the monkeypox virus has been around 3-6%.

6. Currently, monkeypox is found mainly in some areas of Central and West African countries. On May 6 this year, the first patient found in Britain had returned from Nigeria.

How dangerous is monkeypox virus infection?
According to the WHO, monkeypox is a rare virus, the infection of which can be serious in some cases. There are two strains of this virus: the first Congo strain and the second West African strain. Both strains make children under the age of 5 their victims. The mortality rate in cases of Congo strain infection is 10% and in cases of West African strain infection, the mortality rate is 1%.

What are the symptoms of monkeypox virus infection?
According to the WHO, the symptoms of monkeypox can appear from the 5th day to the 21st day of infection. Initial symptoms are similar to the flu, including fever, headache, muscle aches, back pain, tremors, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes. After that, the rash begins to appear on the face, which also extends to other parts of the body. During infection, this rash undergoes many changes and eventually falls like a smallpox-like crust. If rashes are seen on the body after the fever, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

How does the monkeypox virus spread to humans?
Experts believe that humans become infected when they come in contact with an animal infected with the monkeypox virus. This virus enters the body through the eyes, nose and mouth after leaving the patient’s wound. This infection can also be transmitted by animals such as monkeys, dogs and squirrels, or by bedding and clothing that has come into contact with the patient. An infected person can transmit the infection to a single person, making it easy to locate and isolate the patient. According to experts, patients with high-risk monkeypox are recommended to be isolated for 21 days.

How scared of monkeypox infection?
According to experts, the behavior of this virus is quite different from that of Kovid-19. In this situation, the chances of it becoming an epidemic are very slim. It is worth noting that the mode of propagation is also different from Kovid. Both the drug and the vaccine are available to treat monkeypox. According to doctors, you don’t have to be afraid of this virus, but you have to be careful. According to the WHO, the smallpox vaccine is 85 percent effective in preventing smallpox. In 2019, a new vaccine based on the attenuated vaccine virus (Ankara strain) was approved to prevent infection with the monkeypox virus.

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