Incomplete democracy without strong opposition


A burning question that has arisen in the face of Indian democracy is whether Indian politics has become unopposed? Today the opposition seems so weak that the possibilities of a strong or solid political alternative seem almost exhausted. Not only that, the opposition has run out of policies, not just politics? This is the reason that in the political journey that led to the occasion of Amrit Mahotsav’s Independence, there has never been such a languid, worse and deplorable position of the opposition. This environment is a challenge and an irony for democracy. Although Congress used to have a large majority in the early decades, the political parties that came in small numbers constantly kept the government under pressure with their logic and conscience, pressuring power with its vibrant and effective role, this is the l ‘essence of democracy There was evidence of vitality. But now this situation is coming to an end, rather it has gotten so much worse that even before the elections, it can be clearly and firmly predicted that the BJP will return to power. Hasn’t this happened all of a sudden? What could be the real reason for this? After all, how did the opposition become so weak and negative?
Opposition parties have been blaming the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party for this weak opposition position, but no one is more guilty than they. The big reason is also the conversion of all opposition parties into family parties. In a country of 140 million people, the opposition has no other strong issue other than the ‘Modi’ protest, what could be more negative than that? The reason for this seems to be that all the current opposition does not have a leader not even close to the stature of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. In a democracy, although it is said that the institution or political party is more important than individuals, but this sacred and basic principle of democracy was attempted by Congress, which ruled for almost 60 years after independence. legacy name. of the freedom movement, he left the contract to keep the keys to power in the name of a single family. If a leader of a nationalist party like the BJP and a strong leader like Narendra Modi had not emerged, then the situation that the Rajapaksa family has made in Sri Lanka, the same situation that the Gandhi family would have made for India. But when opposition leaders are determined to pull the hair out of Mr.’s words, plans and policies. Modi, only your intellect can be a pity. There is also a great need to convene a meeting of all parties on the non-parliamentary terminology booklet that has been published in Parliament, because language is only related to the expectations of the citizenry in a democracy. Lok Sabha President Om Birla has called on parliamentarians to keep their point of view within limits. He has said that there are no restrictions on any word in the proceedings of Parliament. This is why words like Jumlajeevi, Child intellect MP, Shakuni, Jaichand, Lollipop, Chandal Quartet, Gul Khilaye, Dictator, Corrupt, Drama, Incompetent, Pitthu have echoed in Lok Sabha.
Today, the country’s opposition, especially Congress or any party, has no effective leadership, which can elevate its independent thinking to solve the country’s burning problems. They don’t even have sharp weapons to attack the BJP and the Sangh Parivar. Everyone knows his power is to defeat the BJP now. To explore these possibilities, one must have strong opposition. Today the opposition becomes non-existent. Along with strong opposition, an effective, capable, capable and acceptable opposition leader is also the basic requirement of democracy. How the opposition has been very bright and effective under the government of the powerful Congress party after independence. The same opposition rules today with a clear majority with the strength of its clean, transparent, moral and nationalist political values. It was difficult to challenge Congress, the party that led to independence, but at the time, most of the political parties that opposed Congress were also commanded by the heroes of independence, so despite being in small numbers in Parliament, more than one leader of the opposition parties was nearby. Some of these names are prominent: Acharya Kriplani, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Acharya Narendra Dev, Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, Professor MG Kamath, Nath Pai and the founders of Jana Sangh Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Veer Savarkar. In that period, the opposition strengthened democracy with its significant role. But today the opposition is not playing its significant role. Because in a country with a swamp of parties, more than a dozen opposition parties have had no concrete and basic issues, they have no decision to build the country, there is a lack of mutually acceptable leadership between them, which adds to the irony and anomalies of the opposition leadership.It is revealed. It seems that in the world’s largest democracy, India is showing itself in the negative, as it has not made ethics and leadership policies the main issue, the opposition is losing its eligibility, so neither the opposition is capable of defeating Modi, either. to make sense of significant opposition. The opposition is not taken seriously when it comes to presenting a solid alternative to the BJP and Modi, are preparing to deceive the voter, in addition to laying the groundwork for an opportunistic policy. Because of these situations, clouds of doubts and doubts began to hover over the role of the opposition.
Is there a conspiracy to destroy the opposition within the country? Is the power of power misused for this? These allegations against BJP are unfounded and misleading. It is not at all fair to say that India’s politics has become unopposed, morale is definitely broken, the stains of the past continue but as long as the situation of unopposed Indian politics is created, it will possibly also end the democracy. Nor is it fair to hold BJP or Modi responsible for the weak and negative position of the opposition. The opposition itself is responsible for this situation. The opposition has been unable to present an alternative to the ruling party for ideological, political and political reasons. He criticized the ruling BJP, but offered no effective alternative. Instead of blaming someone else, he should look within himself. The lack of problems has been so important to him that many times he has not even opened his mouth on national issues. Democracy is ideal only when there is strong opposition. Why the opposition does not raise issues like CBI, RBI, the common man is concerned about issues like inflation, difficult business conditions, unemployment and so on. Why would the opposition not have been prepared to take advantage of these situations? It should not only be about the opposition, it should not only be about defeating Modi, but also about the country, only then will the opposition be able to rise above this situation. It should open the doors to some new possibilities, show the way to solve all the problems of the country and society, present a roadmap to curb inflation, poverty, illiteracy, ill health, unemployment and crime, spreading like wildfire, through the government’s new economic policies: if the problems facing the common man and business people are addressed, their acceptance will automatically increase. If the opposition is concerned about business, the economy, unemployment, inflation, rural life and the poor condition of farmers, it should be shown. But instead of becoming a challenge for the government, both at the central and state level, the opposition is just looking to protect itself. He is fighting for his identity, but has not shown a strong desire to overthrow the party in government. Congress has made serious efforts to elevate the importance of money above the “public importance” in Indian democracy, from which it must bear the consequences. Can Congress or other opposition parties come to light in these strange and dark conditions, ready to play their significant role? If the opposition does not firmly play its significant and effective role, then there is darkness ahead.

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