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He has made his dupatta the flag of rebellion. He is talking openly about the all-powerful government of a country and this rebellion is stabbing the radical and malevolent Islamic government. We are talking about the brave women of Iran who have taken off their hijab, scarf and made a fringe. He is making it the banner of his freedom. She waves her hijab in the air with her hair open and that freedom is calling on Iran’s radical government.

The hijab is mandatory for women in public places in Iran. Against which Iranian women have opened a front. Videos of women without a hijab go viral on social media. She challenges the government for its independence.

The hijab has been mandatory for women in Iran since 1979. They cannot go out in public places without a hijab. Iranian authorities declared Tuesday, July 12, as the day of the hijab and chastity, which the women protested. They saw her walking through the streets, to the bazaars with the hijab in her hands. He also had to face a lot of opposition for that. But these women are not ready to return.

The most important aspect of this movement is that young men also support women in protest against the hijab. The Iranian government is pushing hard for hijab adherence. Strict instructions have been given to the army to follow the rules related to the hijab. Seeing the women’s protests, the Iranian government turned on the television. But a video circulated in which women dressed in green hijab and long white clothes looked very happy and danced after reciting verses from the Koran. But this video was mocked on social media.

In fact, Iranian women have a problem with male thinking. She says we shouldn’t coerce ourselves. It is your choice not to wear the hijab. Masih Alinejad, an activist who talks about women’s rights, constantly posts videos of girls protesting with the hijab on Twitter. In a tweet, he said, “We are taking off our hijabs and I hope everyone joins us.” Forcing women to wear the hijab is not part of Iranian culture. This is the culture of the Taliban, ISIS and Islamic State. enough is enough. ‘

This is not the first time women in Iran have protested their clothes, women here have raised their voices continuously. The controversy over the hijab and curtains is not new. Also in India, this year there was a controversy over the hijab at the Karnataka school. But here the girls were talking about wearing hijab. The hijab was banned in some schools and colleges after protests by Hindutva organizations. The matter reached the court. Here the girls wanted to be allowed to go to school and college in hijab. But her hijab was banned.

Surprisingly, men make all the decisions regarding women’s dress code. Forced to bring the hijab to Iran or take off the hijab to Karnataka. In both cases, the will of the women is not taken into account. Men decide instead of both. Iranian women say men should not decide our dress code, let them decide what to wear. In fact, rebellion itself begins with oppression and oppression. Women have taken to the streets against the law imposed on them. And this time their number is no less. Although the Iranian government arrested some people only on July 11, but then women without hijabs took to the streets of Iran.

Here the issue is not just about the hijab or Iran, but it is about the issue related to women. The question arises as to whether the foundation of any religion is so weak that it can shake women’s clothing? Why should the whole burden of religion be placed on the shoulders of women? Why should men make all the decisions of women? The decision of which woman to dress should be hers and not the government’s. Is it the government’s job to decide only women’s clothing?

When we write against veils or hijab, they troll us, threaten us. It is said that if you do not want to be veiled, walk naked or wear a bikini. So are there only two ways for women to wear a bikini or veil, hijab or niqab? No, it is a matter of choice that we should have the right to wear our clothes. Whether it’s Iran or any country in the world, attitudes about women are mostly adjusted. Surprisingly, when we talk about advancing, women have to wage a kind of war for their clothes.

In India too, most of the decisions of women are made by men. What they should wear and what not, what they should study and what they should not read, everything is decided by men. Although our emphasis should be on women’s education, for their better future, but the attitude of malevolent thinking is so strong that it does not want to allow women to wear the clothes of their choice. .

The brave women of Iran who seem rebellious today will leave behind a better tomorrow for the girl of their legacy. They are brave women, who are before the eyes of the government and say we reject your malevolent decision. No matter how hard you try, we will decide our lives ourselves. These women are filling courage and bravery in every woman in the world. While these women today face opposition, tomorrow these women will become an example. Greetings to all the brave women who defend their rights. Salaam hai, each girl is struggling to wear the clothes of her own choice and live according to her desire.

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