New way to study! This girl who never went to school made a lot of records

The versatile Adi Swarupa, who comes from Mangaluru, has never received any formal education. But at 16, he has set many international and national records in his name. Speaking to News18, Adi says her parents believe that “conventional schooling” limits a person’s development, so they never sent her to school. From an early age, he was told about the importance of self-study. Her parents run a research center and Adi received all her education from there.

He may never have gone to school, but he recently appeared on the Karnataka Board class 10 exam in which he got 91 per cent grades. We tell you that Adi Swarupa has set four national and international records at the age when young people often consider passing the court exam to be their greatest success.

He recorded many records
Adi climbed the first ladder of success at 13 years old. He introduced his name to the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ by making mosaics with the Rubik’s cube. After that, at the age of 15, writing 175 letters in one minute with both hands, he registered his name in the ‘Exclusive World Record’. At the age of 15 he also received the title of ‘Artist of incomparable visual memory’. He obtained this title to represent the whole syllabus of class X through a painting. The title of that painting was “trapped education.” Through this picture, he tried to give the message of how conventional schooling hinders a person’s development. Recently, he broke his own record by writing sixty words in one minute with both hands and also made his place in the ‘Harvard Books of Records’.

World record, conventional education

Parent Research Center
He says that whatever training he has received, he has done it from his parents. Her parents run a research center called ‘Swaropa Education’. Her father is the director of this center and her mother is the director of this center. He came here with his parents from an early age and spent time with other children. Her parents started this center to divert attention from the conventional school and promote self-study. Adi believes that one of the main reasons behind recording 4 records at such a young age is that he never went to school. Because a student’s talent is only measured by the 6 subjects taught in the school and their abilities are limited to these subjects. According to him, a student is an ocean of innumerable talents and he only needs to identify and give direction to his talent.

There are many more talents in Adi
After leaving his mark as an artist of memory, he now wants to reach new heights in mime, painting and beat boxing. She is also very fond of painting and says she aspires to become a mimicry artist. With this, they have the opportunity to participate in at least 16 activities at the same time. She can remember over a thousand words in a minute. His goal is to record at least ten albums. He says he also wants to make a record by doing something unique in mimicry and beat boxing. Describing his art, he says that after years of hard work and constant practice, he was able to record records.
He participated in 1600 events
Adi has so far participated in more than 1600 events, most of which took place in Karnataka. According to him, his parents have always encouraged him to participate in new programs and learn new arts.

World record, conventional education

The more opportunities you have, the more your talent will grow.
Her mother Sumangala is the director of the ‘Swaropa Education Center’. Speaking to News18, he says human potential and talent are not being harnessed through conventional schooling and this is not even possible through conventional schooling. From the research done by our research center, we learned that the more opportunities students are given, the more their talent will grow. At Swarupa we offer you the opportunity to discover yourself. We believe that every student has the ability to do something different, they just need the opportunity and support to explore and perfect themselves. She says that a student is like wet clay, whatever shape the potter gives it, he shapes it in that shape.

In addition, he says that Adi started reading and writing from an early age in his childhood after seeing other children at the center. He learned to write well at the age of two and a half. When he decided not to send his daughter to school, many people made fun of him. But today Adi has shown that conventional school is not necessary to study.

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