Not even one child enrolled in 68 private schools on the Shivpuri blog still works

Date of publication: | Fri, July 15, 2022 6:03 PM (IST)

Shivpuri (Representative of New Zealand)

Not a single child is enrolled in 68 primary and secondary schools in the Shivpuri block. This is the truth that the education portal says, although from reality, there may be hundreds of children enrolled in these schools. Despite non-compliance with government instructions, the education department does not take any action against these centers. As a result, the negligence of these school operators is increasing. The BRCC has written a letter to senior officials calling for action against these school operators.

It must be said here that the schools that people regard as the famous schools of the city and teach their children there. The reality of many of these schools is that they don’t even have their children mapped. In this situation, your child is illiterate in government statistics and does not send him or her to school to study. Due to this negligence on the part of school operators, while on the one hand your child is being deprived of government facilities, on the other hand it is also not clear which children’s names are registered in more than a school. The special thing is that for many years orders were given to end the recognition of such neglected schools. Letters are also being written for the completion of school recognition, but even after years, the recognition of no school has been abolished. This time once again the BRCC has written a letter to take action against negligent schools, now it remains to be seen which schools the authorities take.


About ten thousand children disappeared from the cartography

According to departmental sources, due to the negligence of school operators, the mapping of about ten thousand children enrolled in private schools could not be done only in the Shivpuri block. That’s why these kids are missing out on government literacy figures. In the district, the number of these children could be even greater. The mapping is zero in the 68 schools that have appeared on the Shivpuri blog currently. There are also many schools where dozens of children have not been mapped. Despite such great negligence, the careless attitude of administrative officials regarding action on private centers is beyond comprehension.


… so how will the children’s fees be reimbursed?

An important aspect is also that if a parent gets the admission of his child with RTE in the school of such neglected school operators, then how will this child have the right to free education? Because the government will reimburse the fees to these schools only when they do the child mapping. If these schools are not mapping the child, then these people will also give admission to the child, there is a doubt.


1,277 children were eligible for education through an online raffle

On July 14, under the Free Education Right Act, parents who had submitted their children’s forms online. After verifying the documents of those children, the children received schools. Speaking of statistics, so far the documents of 1483 children across the district have been checked. Of these 1,277 children, 320 different schools have been assigned throughout the district. Those children who have the school, will have to appear in the school of the 15 to 23 July and access to the admission. The second phase of the Right to Free Education will begin on July 23.


The story of the data education officer word

Block ————- Total Enrollment Application ———– Verified Application ——— Total Assignment ——- Total admission

Badarwas ————- 313 ——————– 280 ————– – – —– 237 ———— 09

Caraira ————– 164 ——————– 141 ————- – ——– 119 ———— 05

Khaniyadhana ——— 179 ——————– 144 —————— – — 134 ———— 13

Kolaras ———– 181 ——————– 150 —————- – ——- 137 ———— 04

Narwar ————– 167 ——————– 145 ————- – – ——– 117 ———— 06

Itching ————- 101 ——————— 90 ————- – ——— 83 ———— 01

Pohri ————– 58 ———————- 54 ———– – ———– 50 ———– 02

Shivpuri ———— 606 ——————– 479 ————— – —— 400 ———- 13


they say

I have 68 schools here that have not mapped any children. These schools were constantly informed. Despite this, they have not mapped the children. I have sent a proposal to the DPC and DEO for action against these negligent school operators.

Angad Singh Tomar

BRCC Shivpuri

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