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Queen Haryanvi Sapna Choudhary has become all Aziz choirs thanks to her dance. He has worked hard to get to where he is today. Perhaps this is the reason why Sapna gets sad while talking about the past. During a conversation with, Sapna has explained the truth of her days of struggle, which no one can even imagine.

He didn’t get what he deserved
Speaking of his career, Sapna says, before I deserved the same. I couldn’t find it. There is still a long way to go. I’m not one to stop. I will take my right. I have always regarded my work as a cult. People know me and love me because I am Sapna Choudhary. I received recognition for my career. This identity is so dear to me, that I would never want to lose it.

Sapna further says that this journey has never been easy for me. I have lived and seen many things. When I was initially working, I felt people’s abuse. Who would want to see it with that eye. It takes time to prove itself. It took me a long time. During this, I did my job diligently. Everyone else had lost hope. What people were talking about, they heard in one ear and took it out of the other. I used to travel at night. People used to look down. A lot of people used to say that this girl is ruining our culture. Dance, our kids are learning from this. Even today I say that God should not make any girl a stage performer. Because we’ve put these things inside, that you can never imagine.

people used to judge
Sapna also says that people start judging you by your work. If someone works in the morgue, they start to be afraid of him. The same thing happened to me. When I danced, people questioned my character. Now they have come to the feeling that they cannot judge someone’s character by their profession. If she’s a dancer, she performs on stage, it doesn’t mean she’s ready to sit somewhere, she’ll go out with anyone. I have changed this thinking of people. I explained that we also have respect for ourselves.

She says my point is different, she didn’t even leave my family members. When my brother came out, he heard many kinds of comments. However, he never allowed himself to speak outside the home. I was angry at seeing people’s thinking, then I said whatever you want to do, do it. As you are, I don’t need to hear from outsiders. My family never allowed me to be negative. My family members had also distanced themselves. My maternal uncle once told my mother not to take your daughter with us because my children will have no relationship. My mother replied that my daughter would come from Chic. If your children’s relationships aren’t happening, your children are missing out.

While expressing her pain, Sapna said that I have helped myself financially since childhood. If you ask people for help, you leave without it in your face. The first thing I did was for the record. That is why I received 800 rupees. They made me work 8 days for this album. I felt that if I worked so many days, I would get a lot of money. By giving 800 rupees on the day of payment, you are said to be new and pay the price of the bus to new people. In fact, my rent was only 700 rupees. My first gain experience was very dirty. I don’t like to remember a few things.

I have never liked Bombay
After a long stay at Bigg Boss, I thought, let’s take another turn in my career in Bombay itself. To be honest, after staying three days in Bombay, I realized that this city is not for me. After finishing the show, I was also offered some music albums, but no money. They would say we are such a great brand, you will reap the benefit. I turned down these projects and said I can’t work without money. On the other hand, the contestants who became my friends had parties, cigarettes and alcohol. I didn’t like any of these things. So I thought that the sooner you get out of here, the better for me. Just coming back here, I’m doing my job.

Bittersweet memories of Bigg Boss
When I got home to Bigg Boss, it’s been a different world for me. To this day I had left Haryana without my family. My father didn’t even allow it. I was a girl who had never seen the world. Everything was new to me. I was not polite. There I had to be alone. People were also very different. My memories of Bigg Boss have been bitter. This platform made Sapna Chaudhary famous all over the country. People from all over the state know me today, so the credit for that goes to Bigg Boss.

Sapna says she knew how to talk in the Bigg Boss itself. He began to take his position. Of this program it was revealed that he can not only speak, but also roar. She says I didn’t like the people here, they were very fake and negative. The atmosphere matters a lot to me. If a negative vibration arrives, I keep my distance.

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