Someone was born a child in a car and another was left unemployed in the village. Due to this path, the education of the daughters was lost, delayed in marriages

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  • Due to this path, the education of the daughters was lost, delayed in marriages

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People are dying because of the bad roads. A few days ago, two people were killed and 38 were injured when a bus fell into a deep gorge in Udhampur, Jammu. The main cause of the accident was misdirection and negligence. After the investigation, police said the road from where the bus fell into the gorge is very bad. Road widening works are also being carried out. Due to the turn there, the road has become narrower. In fact, due to bad roads, traffic accidents happen every day in different areas of the country. The condition of the roads worsens especially during the rainy season. It is raining in 22 states of the country. There are flood situations in many places. Because of this, the roads have gotten worse and accidents are occurring.

the state of the road has not changed

The image of Bihar’s Madhubani district had gone viral in which potholes built on the multi-kilometer-long road at NH 227A looked like small swimming bridges. Sanjay Jha, a neighbor of Bisfi, says it was talked about a lot on social media. Image shared, but not corrected. A little dirt was dumped next to Vasopatti, but still the road is almost the same.

sick moan

Sanjay says the state of the main road in the Benipatti and Bisfi block is bad. The people who pass by moan. The liver of seriously ill people reaches the mouth. She is even afraid to go to the hospital. With rain, the situation gets worse. He says that where there should be a road for a population of 250, there is no road even for a population of 5,000. Where there is a road, it is in poor condition. People have gotten used to it too. Now don’t complain. The condition of the roads is also bad in the village of Bisfi, the birthplace of Mahakavi Vidyapati.

Campaign to fight under the warriors in Bombay

The state of the roads in Mumbai, about 2000 km from Madhubani, is bad. Every year heavy rains and floods change the look of the roads. When the water from the flood comes down, it also removes the skin from the roads. Leave a well as a sign. That’s why there are also pothole warriors in Bombay. He is campaigning to fill the gaps in the roads. Between 2017 and 2021, there were 17,908 complaints of potholes on Bombay roads. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is responsible for the roads. According to the BMC pothole monitoring website, between 30 and 40 percent of potholes come out each year. The reason for the bad roads is the fattening, quality and negligence of BMC officials. Due to bad roads, more than 3,000 traffic accidents occur in Mumbai every year.

Crisis of women’s employment on bad roads

The Feminist Economics Journal has reported in a survey that women are more unemployed in areas where roads are bad. In the research different rural areas of India were selected. The report said that in the villages that were connected to the main roads by auxiliary roads, the women there were going to work outside of agriculture. Because of this, he was standing and his status in the family was also increasing. Whereas, on the contrary, where the roads were bad, there was no improvement in the economic condition of the women.

impact on women’s health

Bangalore resident Parveen Banu says he went from Anand Nagar to the Government Hospital car six years ago. She was pregnant and the delivery was to be done in a few hours. Due to the wrong road, the child had to give birth in the car itself. Parveen says there is also fear of death if he falls seriously ill.

Girls have trouble going to school

In the Madanpur Khadar area of ​​Delhi, the road was bad for a kilometer. The Delhi High Court then issued notices to the Delhi government, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, the Delhi Development Authority and the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board. The court’s observation was whether it can be called a road. Along the way there is Delhi Government School of Excellence, Coeducational School, SDMC Delhi Primary School. The girls in these schools complained that sometimes they could not go to school because of the bad roads. Some even fell and were injured.

marriages are delayed

Bindu, 27, is a school teacher in Karnataka. He wrote a letter to the chief minister informing that marriages of people did not take place in the village of H Rampura in Davangere district due to bad roads. Rampura is his village. He said the roads are so broken that even walking on them is difficult. That is why relationships do not occur. Relatives flee after seeing the road. The letter went viral on social media.

Who is responsible for road construction

The responsibility for road construction in India rests with many agencies. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is responsible for the construction and maintenance of express roads and national highways. Similarly, the PWD of state governments is responsible for the construction and repair of state roads. Municipal corporations build roads in cities. They also have to keep these roads on them. The responsibility for making rural roads lies with the Panchayats. These roads are built under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana.

traffic accident laws

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 is there to deal with matters related to traffic accidents. It came into force in 1989 after being approved by Parliament in 1988. Sections of the Penal Code of India (IPC) are also added in the case of traffic accidents when it comes to sudden driving or negligence. In this situation, the culprit may be imprisoned for two years under section 304A of the CPI. Articles 279, 336, 337, 338 of the CPI provide for punishments for different periods. The Motor Vehicle Act provides for compensation to the victim. Recently, the central government had notified new rules related to this.

Road network of over 64 lakh km in India

India is the second largest road network country in the world after America. All kinds of roads, national roads, state roads, district roads, rural roads, city roads and so on. are included in a length of more than 64 lakh km. The road network in the US, which has an area three times larger, is 66.45 lakh km. In the coming years, India will surpass the US in terms of road network.

Most deaths worldwide every day due to potholes on the roads

This may be good news, but the most worrying thing is that India has the highest number of accidents in the world due to the poor quality of the roads. The government report reported that in 2020 there were 3,564 road crashes. In this, Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of 3,428 deaths. Maharashtra was second, Madhya Pradesh third and West Bengal fourth.

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