the woman committed suicide; Audio offer: Husband and his girlfriend responsible for my death. Rajasthan kota, a woman commits suicide after 5 years of love marriage, Railway Colony, Ahmedabad

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Worried about her husband’s adventure, the woman committed suicide by hanging herself. Prior to the suicide, the woman recorded the audio and sent it to her relatives. In the audio, the woman blamed her husband and girlfriend for the suicide. The issue is Kota Wednesday night. The woman’s audio appeared on Friday.

Reena (26), a resident of Ahmedabad, had a love marriage with Karan Singh, a resident of Kota, 5 years ago. They both have a 3-year-old son. Shalini, sister of the deceased, said Reena was the eldest of 3 sisters and 1 brother. He had studied B.Com until the second year. In 2017, Karan became friends with Reena.

They both worked in the same place. Gradually their friendship turned into love. They both got married. He left Ahmedabad and began living in Kota. Shalini says that after the marriage, members of Karan’s family did not allow Reena to return. Once, Karan family members also stayed in Ahmedabad for 3 days. Don’t leave Reena alone.

Shalini said Reena committed suicide Wednesday night. He found out on Thursday. He had made an audio before hanging up. In it, he explained the atrocities that were committed against him. She said her husband Karan is having an affair with a girl named Pooja. Both chatting on their cell phones. Reena opposed this relationship and explained it to the girl. After that, her husband Karan hit her. He said- I’ll leave you, I’ll stay 4-4. Her husband Karan said she no longer wants to live with Reena. He wants to spend his life with a girl named Pooja.

discovered 15 days ago
Shalini said Reena never talked about Karan’s crossings. Only 15 days ago I had talked about Karan’s crossings. He recorded audio before he died. Sent to mobile late at night. Since it was night, everyone was sleeping. When I saw the cell phone in the morning, Reena’s message was a liar, which she had recorded crying. Reena’s father, Naresh, said he has a grocery store in Ahmedabad. Some time ago, Karan had demanded from his brother two lakh rupees. He was told not to tell family members. The brother did not give him 2 lakh rupees.

Shalini, sister of the late Reena, giving information about the whole incident.

Read Reena’s full suicide note, the audio of which was sent by WhatsApp to family members
My husband Karan Singh has had an affair with Pooja Rathore for a year and a half. I worked hard to leave him. I also talked to that girl, why are you chasing her, leave her. He is married, has a child, do not follow him. He said their relationship lasts 8-10 months. Although it’s been a while. In December, he had posted a photo of this girl and kept the song behind ‘Aaayege Jab Tum O Sajna, Angana Phool Khileenge’.

After that, there was a lot of fighting between us. My son had a fever. Admittedly, he looked down at night. Even after that, he was talking to that girl while sitting on a blanket. He has killed me a lot, it is my happiness to kill him too, he knows everything. Then he made him talk to that girl. So that girl said your sister-in-law fights a lot with your brother, your sister-in-law knows your brother had put the picture on me, then Khushi said yes, you know, the sister-in-law fights with the your brother. this affair.

It was our fifth birthday. That night, I saw on his phone that these people were chatting. Her husband calls her and I LOVE YOU JAN messages like this. These people talk to each other. Even then I said, stop talking, even though these people weren’t listening. After Gajendra’s engagement I talked to that girl, then the girl said that after today I will not talk. After a couple of months I saw them again. These people were talking to each other. Pooja I want to fulfill my dream with you. If my husband had sent her these messages, she would say that if I get the chance, I will definitely fulfill my dreams. These people said nonsense.

Even after telling my dad, he keeps talking about it. These people are not ready to give up. I have no idea what these people will do? I ran away from home and got married, but that’s what’s been going on for 4 years. When she was pregnant, Somil was in her stomach. Even then I used to talk to a girl named Riya Khatri. In the restaurant, they kept him sitting near him, both sitting with sticks. Make a video and send it. Presentation of photo slides. After that I had done the screenshot, then I said I love you without saying you stayed with the phone, then I had sent you the message I love you.

There is only one mistake of my whole life, I ran away from home and married this man. This person is taking advantage of this thing and is not ready to leave it. There are so many fights at home, but I’m not ready to leave, so I have no choice. I told my relatives that I can’t do anything now. If they both want to be together. I want to divorce him. He also wants to divorce me. Every day we fight to get divorced. I will leave you after Gajendra’s marriage and keep him 4-4. Who are you to talk to? We are men.

I’m going to commit suicide, my husband is responsible for this and the girl who has committed even after counting thousands, still doesn’t let him. They are also telling me, they have killed me a lot. When I talked to the girl, she told me why you said our relationship was going well, call her, tell her I want to be with her and I don’t want to be with you. Explain it all by calling him. When I called and said, he said, you’re crazy, why should I lose my life after him, even after these people talk, then I do not understand his laughter, after all these people want of me. My husband is torturing me this way. Many times they have also beaten me and now they torture me like that and they don’t talk to me.

The investigation will be based on the complaint
DSP Kaluram Verma explained that after the arrival of the relatives, the autopsy was performed by the medical council. The family has filed a complaint. The investigation will be based on the complaint.

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