You have to be “human” to “man”

Updated Sat, July 16, 2022 12:56 AM IST

The Sarsangh Chalak of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, Shri Mohan Bhagwat has tried to shake the sensibilities of human beings who make him “human” from “man”. Since sixth grade we are studying that the human being is a social animal. He is called a man only when he awakens his inner feelings and becomes useful to the whole of society. It can also be said in this way that the mind or mind that God or nature has given to man or man, in using it, all living and variable beings living on this earth are useful for the society. According to science, there is only such a difference between it and the animal that while living between the different beings in society, it establishes such harmony so that its existence can not only advance towards certainty but also create a crisis of existence. between nature. and other beings.It cannot be This is the principle of the development of civilization and by climbing this ladder a human becomes a human being or a human being. That is why the philosopher poet Mirza Ghalib wrote more than one hundred and fifty years ago that,

“The only problem is that every work has ‘asan’,

Even a man should not be “Isaan.”

In trying to see Shri Bhagwat’s statement through the community prism that some radical Muslim leaders are forgetting that the fundamental difference between man and animal according to science is not just eating, drinking, sleeping and increasing their number, but to fill society with new ideas. You have to move forward with motivation.

Population growth is an issue over which man can control himself because it is the result of a scientific process. The fundamental difference between man and man is that they can increase and decrease their needs over time, while animals do not have this art because they cannot use the brain. Humans can make animals their pets and create in them the ability to work according to their instructions, but they cannot make them like themselves because they are not able to use the brain completely. The animal wants to live under the control of its habits given by nature and nature brings it to earth only after filling its fertility. Use this skill whenever you have every opportunity. Each animal also has a breeding season. But man uses this ability only after looking at socioeconomic conditions. There is no difference between humans and animals that do not follow this principle. But people who call on God or Allah for everything forget that they also have a responsibility to the country where they live and the progress of any country depends on their resources and sources of income and natural wealth. The geographical boundaries of any country are fixed.

India is a country of people of all religions, sects and communities established within its geographical boundaries (territorial state). Therefore, whatever the rules and regulations made by the government of the country, it applies equally to all classes of people. But since independence, it has been India’s misfortune for Muslim citizens professing Islam to receive special exemptions in their domestic laws and to be allowed to partially follow the law of their “Sharia” religion. This is the biggest social anomaly in India, which is called secular, due to which every time the government provides some social law, then the mullah-maulvi and ulemas of this religion begin to interpret- referring to their religion and Hindu-Muslim in everything. ask questions. Their religious contractors easily put them in a misunderstanding just because they want to maintain the status of Muslims by raising the slogan “Allah Ho Akbar” as opposed to any progressive step, so that the shopkeepers of the religious contractors continue. And rational intelligence. one could not wake up in the common Muslim. This is the reason why the Muslim Ulema also tried to oppose the triple talaq law by making rhetorical arguments and also challenged this triple talaq law made by Parliament in the Supreme Court.

When a person’s private life habits are bound by religion, the power of opposition to it ends automatically. Unfortunately, in Muslim society, the same practice was done with regard to the triple talaq, so the women of this society were forced to live the life of hell. The society that considers woman to be a child-producing machine, in the first place, must be told that Allah or God has created woman and she too has the right to be human. Undoubtedly, the population is related to education, but when it will be emphasized that only madrasas give religious education to Muslim society, then the students who come out of it will come to society thinking about the past centuries. If the emphasis is on education, first the madrassas should be turned into schools and the maulvis should be replaced by trained teachers and the curriculum should be completely changed. In a secular country like India, there should be no room for religious madrassas, just as the curriculum of other minority schools should be done like normal schools. If the constitution needs to be amended for this, it should also be done soon because we cannot prepare two types of citizens in the same country. There are houses for religious teaching. Cultural education must be imparted uniformly in schools.

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