Bundelkhand expressway, bundelkhand expressway: farmers here will no longer have to eat grass bread, they know how jobs will be flooded

New Delhi: Bundelkhand, yes, the Bundelkhand itself from where there are reports of farmer suicides every year. Farmers in Bundelkhand where they have reached such a difficult situation that they are not able to provide enough food to their families. The news even came that the families of many Bundelkhand farmers were forced to eat even grass bread. One of the main reasons for these problems is Bundelkhand’s lack of connectivity with big cities, but now that image will change with the Bundelkhand highway. PM Modi has inaugurated the 1225 km Bundelkhand motorway. Because of this fast track, industries will also come, which will create new employment opportunities. We understand how the Bundelkhand highway will become a means to make innocent smiles on the faces of distressed farmers.

How useful will this fast track be for farmers?

First of all, it must be understood that whether an area will be developed or not and if so how much depends a lot on how it has connectivity with the big cities. If connectivity is better, farmers can easily get a large market to sell their crops. On the other hand, if they need better beech, manure or anything else, this is also readily available. If there is better connectivity, contractors who pay better prices to farmers also reach the villages, because this connectivity also reduces their cost. That is, better connectivity in general greatly benefits farmers. The Bundelkhand highway will also be useful in bringing the lives of farmers to prosperity.

Delhiites will taste green peas from Bundelkhand

If we talk about farmers, then Bundelkhand is known for peas. Green peas are grown here in large quantities. With the help of Bundelkhand Expressway, farmers will be able to reach their pea harvest easily and quickly in big markets like Delhi. It is always beneficial to sell the crop at the big market and the sooner the green vegetables reach the market, the more they stay fresh and therefore their price is also very good. So it is possible that now the fresh and sweet green peas of Bundelkhand can easily reach Delhi and the people of Delhi can taste it.

The glass water will not be poured even at the speed of 100

Will a glass of water be spilled on the Bundelkhand motorway? Look, check reality at the speed of 100

Industries will be created, employment will be created, this is what the little farmer wants!

With the help of the highway, farmers will not only be able to sell their crops and buy fertilizers, etc., but many employment opportunities will be created for them. Due to the construction of the motorway, the connectivity will be good, so large industrial companies will also be installed there. Because of these industries, a lot of employment will be created. A small farmer needs a lot of work like this. This is because the small farmer has very little land to cultivate, he cannot afford all his expenses relying on it alone. At the same time, if for a long time, everything falls apart and then news like grasshoppers, suicide begin to arrive.

On the other hand, your income from work in industries will continue, while every day you will easily find 2-3 hours to work on your small farm. The rest of the family members like wife, brother, children and parents can also contribute a little to the farm. That is, in general, the luxurious-looking Bundlekhand highway will work to improve the lives of all the poor. Industrial areas will be developed on both sides of the motorway. This has also been proposed. This year 500 million rupees have been kept for industrial development alone. Apart from that, there will be an industrial center in Jalaun and Banda. The framework for which it has already been prepared.

In which districts will this path of prosperity pass?

The Bundelkhand motorway passes through seven districts. These districts are Chitrakoot, Banda, Mahoba, Hamirpur, Jalaun, Oraiya and Etawah. If we talk about Banda, the people here took more than 12 hours to get to Delhi, whether they came by car or by train. At the same time, there was traffic on the road or it was rainy season, when 12 hours, when 15, 16, 17 … or how many hours it will be, you can not say. First it goes to Kanpur, then it takes Lucknow Expressway and then Yamuna Expressway, then it reaches Delhi. With the help of Bundelkhand Expressway, this trip will be completed in just 8-9 hours. Similarly, it will also save people time from the rest of the district, some less and some more. At the same time, opportunities will also open up for new industries in these seven districts, which will generate employment.

See the Bundelkhand Expressway specialty

UP News: UP to become the first state to have 1225km of freeway, see Bundelkhand Expressway specialties

Some things about the moving highway

Bundelkhand Expressway will be a 296 km four-lane highway. It passes north of Mahoba, south of Hamirpur, is on the Agra-Lucknow highway via Jalaun, Auraiya and Etawah. Four railway bridges, 14 long bridges, 6 toll plazas, 7 ramp plazas, 266 smaller bridges and 18 elevated bridges are ready at Bundelkhand Expressway. More than 90 percent of the work on the highway through seven districts has been completed. Its three bridges are yet to be built. One side of these three bridges is finished, but the other is not ready yet. The rest of the bridges will be built in Ken, Betwa and Yamuna. These three bridges will be built in Banda, Hamirpur. Your toll is not ready yet. The historicity of Bundelkhand is being engraved on its toll.

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