Democracy succeeds if everyone has access to justice: NV Ramanna

-18th Conference of the Legal Services Authority of India, NALSA’s Role in Strengthening Legal Services is Important
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Jaipur. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said the judiciary has an important role to play in protecting the country’s constitutional values. In the current situation, the judiciary must play its important role in protecting the rights recognized by the constitution. The Chief Minister spoke on Saturday at the 18th conference of the Legal Services Authority of India organized by NALSA.
He said NALSA and its state units are playing an important role in promoting legal services, providing free legal assistance, compensation to crime victims and case resolution through Lok Adalats. At the same time, it has also made an important contribution to doing justice to disadvantaged sectors and preventing corruption. Lok Adalats has provided free legal assistance and compensation to the poor, disaster victims, tribes, the elderly and victims of acid attacks. He said advocates have played an important role in the country’s freedom movement and even today there is a great need for lawyers to protect the interests of the common man. The prime minister said tolerance is the jewel of democracy. He said that in the face of the current situation, the Prime Minister should assure the country that love, goodwill and brotherhood must prevail in the country. The prime minister said respect for justice is everyone’s responsibility. He said political stability is necessary in states. This requires curbing the tendency to influence elected governments from the horse trade. The Prime Minister stressed the need for justice to be accessible to disadvantaged sectors of society. He said the use of regional languages ​​in the courts could be an important step in this direction. Describing the problem of prisoners under trial as a major challenge, the chief minister said it is necessary to think seriously in this direction.
The Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority is doing an excellent job
Gehlot said the Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority has set new records by doing unprecedented work in legal services in recent years. The state government has allocated to the authority a budget of 66.51 million in 2021-22 and 67.66 million in 2022-23. Apart from that, funds were also released for the construction and maintenance of buildings. Additional manpower was available for the success of Lok Adalats. Ashok Gehlot said it was decided to give compensatory leave to state employees involved in the work of National Lok Adalat. Apart from this, all the necessary facilities and resources are being provided to the State Legal Services Authority to ensure that people receive timely justice. This will reduce the burden of litigation in the courts.
The Chief Minister said that the State Government will play a positive role in implementing all the useful suggestions that come from the point of view of strengthening the legal services and doing justice to the affected sections in this conference.
Democracy succeeds if everyone has access to justice: NV Ramanna
Chief Justice of India NV Ramanna in his speech said that democracy will only be considered successful when access to justice and participation of all in the law is guaranteed. He said that when the poor have access to justice, only then will they be able to make use of the law on the violation of their rights. Valuing the efforts and innovations of the National Legal Services Authority, he said that under the efforts of the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), there has been a huge reduction in pending cases in the country’s courts. He also highlighted the strengthening of the infrastructures of the judicial system and new contracts so that the slope of court cases can be reduced.
In the function, the Minister of Law of the Union, Kiren Rijiju, said that if there is coordination between the executive and the judiciary, then the dream of “justice for all” enshrined in the Constitution will come true. He said the door of justice should be open to everyone. Praising the Lok Adalats led by the National Legal Services Authority, he said that through this, the common man has been helped to get justice soon. He said unnecessary laws have been removed from the parliamentary system by the central government from time to time so that there is no unnecessary burden on the common man. He highlighted the use of the regional language in the courts so that the general public can better understand the judicial process.
At the ceremony, Uday Umesh Lalit, executive chairman of the National Legal Services Authority and Supreme Court Judge, said the National Legal Services Authority was started 25 years ago. He said that during this period several developments have been made by the authority, due to which the cases pending in court have been reduced. He said that under the authority-led outreach program, pending court cases were resolved in all the villages of the country for 42 days. In the function, the president of the court of Rajasthan S. s. Shinde also expressed his views.
– Launch of digital tools for justice
Earlier, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Chief Justice of Supreme Court N. The innovation was launched by V. Ramanna under the e-prison portal for the Legal and Citizen Services Authority. At the same time, the legal aid case management portal and the mobile application for legal lawyers were also launched online. NALSA’s online mediation portal for business mediation was launched online by the Union Law Minister. The UTRC at 75 campaign released at the event was also launched online. In addition, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Union Law and the National Legal Services Authority for the Legal Literacy Program, Tele Law and Nyabandhu in 112 aspiring districts. Several judges of the Supreme Court, magistrates in chief of different states, the secretary in chief Smt. Usha Sharma and officials involved were present at the function.

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