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Date of publication: | Sat, 16 July 2022 20:42 (IST)

Sunil Gautam, Damoh.

In the three-tier Panchayat elections, where the results of Panch to Zilla Panchayat member have arrived and now everyone has known who won and who lost, but the most important thing was seen in the Panchayat elections of that time , in which many types. interesting cases arose. Somewhere familiarity prevailed and somewhere good veterans had to face defeat. The general public has made them definitely realize that no one’s opinion will stop at the public’s opinion.

The former president of Panchayat district was in the field

The highlight of this election was that three former presidents of the panchayat district tried their luck by vying for themselves and their families, in which the current president of the panchayat district, Shivcharan Patel, again tried to hold the presidency of the district. panchayat with his daughter. Priyanka Patel disputed from the panchayat area of ​​Kumhari district, but there she had to face defeat. On the other hand, Anita Singh, who was the same president of the panchayat district, tried her luck again from the panchayat area of ​​Imlidol district, but had to face defeat in the elections for a large margin. On the other hand, former district panchayat president Chandrabhan Singh had also sent his wife Janki Singh from the panchayat area of ​​Harrai district, from where he won. He also had to face the defeat of this area in the previous panchayat district elections.

Four candidates from the family won one and lost three

Shivcharan Patel, the current president of the panchayat district, had sent four members of his family in this panchayat election. In which he had sent his wife for the member of the district and his daughter-in-law for the office of member of the district panchayat and sarpanch, where he had to face defeat. On the other hand, he had sent his son Inderpal while he was in prison in the district member election, from where he won. Thus, winning one in four elections and facing defeat in three.

The Panchayat district president had to do it.

won brother, sister, sister-in-law

Similarly, in the Batiagarh area of ​​Damoh district, the brother, sister and sister-in-law of the same family participated in the Panchayat elections in which Dr. Manju Devalia Dharmendra Katare won from the Panchayat Magron district. At the same time, his brother-in-law Narendra Katare won the post of Sarpanch without opposition from Shahzadpura Gram Panchayat. At the same time, his sister competed from Singapore Panchayat and won the post of Sarpanch. In this way, three members of Dharmendra Katare’s family participated in the election and won all three.

Both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law won the election

From the Nohta area of ​​the panchayat of Damoh district, where mother-in-law Jamna Bai Deshraj Singh Lodhi won the election for the position of member of the panchayat of the district. At the same time, his daughter-in-law Bhagwati Bai, his wife Gajendra Singh, also won the election once again. It should be noted that even today, Bhagwati Bai was the chairman of Janpad Panchayat Jabera, while Jamna Bai, elected as the current member of Panchayat District, is the mother of Raghavendra Singh Rishi, the current member of Panchayat District .

daughter-in-law, brother-in-law also became a member of the panchayat district

In the current district panchayat, many interesting cases are visible in which Janki Singh, wife of the former president of the Chandrabhan Singh district panchayat, won the elections in the Harrai district panchayat area. At the same time, his brother-in-law Chandan Singh defeated the daughter-in-law of the current district panchayat president, winning from the Kumhari district panchayat area.

The district president became a member of the Panchayat district

Meanwhile, Janpad Panchayat Patharia president Ranjita Gaurav Patel won from Sadguwa area in Panchayat district elections, defeating Santosh Rani, wife of BJP Mandal president Mahesh Patel , and Sudha Patel, wife of BJP President Kisan Morcha, Harishchandra Patel.

the giants collapsed

Many veterans also faced defeat in this panchayat election, in which Chandabai, wife of Alok Ahirwar, president of Janpad Panchayat Damoh, had to face defeat in the panchayat area of ​​Bansa district. . On the other hand, current Harrai district member Panchayat Rajkumar Singh and BJP leader Lakhan Lal Yadav also faced defeat. Acting Chairman of the Param Yadav District Congress Committee also of the Panchayat area of ​​Abhana district, former Panchayat member of Priyanka Vaibhav Singh district of Tikri senior area, former member of Panchayat of Jabera Sangeeta district Markam Arjun Singh of Panchayat Imlidol area of ​​the district, NSUI state official Jaya Thakur had to face defeat of Bangaon area, BJP leader Narmada Singh Ekta of the area Bangaon, Preeti Tiwari, wife of former President of the Rajesh Tiwari Youth Congress, Kerbana area.

Candidates also broke the vote record

This is the first time Zilla member Panchayat has declared himself victorious in the election by more than 10,000 votes. Vinita Rao Brijendra Singh of Kerbana set the record for winning the most votes in this election. He won by 18,109 votes

He got 23,926 votes while his closest rival Preeti Rajesh Tiwari got 5,817 votes. On the other hand, the lowest number of votes was won in Bansa Tarkheda where Lakshmi Bai won by 70 votes. He got eight thousand 606 votes while his nearest rival Chanda got eight thousand 536 votes. On the other hand, Dr. Manju Devalia Dharmendra Katare won in the Magron region by 13,786 votes, getting 19,770 votes while her closest rival, Tulsa Kripal Kushwaha, got five thousand 990 votes. Similarly, the merit of obtaining the maximum votes was for Rajni Thakur, president of the Mahila Congress district, a member of the Jabera region, obtained 25 thousand 172 votes but the margin of victory was 12 thousand 998. His nearest rival Vaishali Thakur obtained 12 thousand 174 votes.

The fate of 308 candidates will be decided today

Counting of votes for the first phase of today’s urban body elections

Damoh (Rep. Of New Zealand). The fate of 308 candidates from three urban bodies, which were completed in the first phase of the elections of the urban body, will be decided this afternoon. After that, it will also become clear which party has a majority in these urban bodies and which party is likely to become president. It should be noted that in the first phase, in three urban bodies of the Damoh district, the fate of the candidates from 69 districts of Nagar Palika Parishad Damoh, Nagar Panchayat Patharia and Nagar Panchayat Hindoria will be decided today. Due to the unopposed election of three candidates, the counting of votes of 308 candidates from 66 districts will end today. In this, the counting of votes of Damoh and Hindoria will be completed at the Government Polytechnic College of Damoh and the counting of votes of Patharia will be done at Madhav Rao Sapre Maha Vidyalaya. All sorts of preparations for this counting of votes, which will begin at 10 a.m., have been completed under the direction of the district election officer and collector S Krishna Chaitanya.

Today will be completed the counting of votes of 211 candidates in 39 districts of the municipality of Damoh, in which 39 of Congress, 37 of the BJP and other independent parties and candidates are trying their luck, the fate of these 211 candidates will be decided today . Voting was completed in 12 districts due to unopposed elections in three of the 15 districts of Nagar Panchayat Hindoria itself. 34 candidates are trying their luck in the fight for these 12 neighborhoods, of which 12 candidates from the BJP and 12 from the Congress are in the fight, while 10 more candidates are in the fight from BSP, Aam Aadmi Party and Independents. At the same time, the fate of 63 candidates for the 15 districts of the Patharia Municipal Council will also be decided today. In these 15 districts, where 15 candidates for Congress, 15 from the BJP and 14 from the Bahujan Samaj Party were in the fight, today the fate of 29 more candidates will also be decided.

The situation will be clear at 2 p.m.

As all the preparations for the counting of votes by the District Electoral Office have been completed, in the same way, the results of the three urban entities are likely to be declared at 2:00 pm in the counting of votes which will begin in from 10 in the morning. Only after this will the possibility of knowing who is in possession of these three urban bodies become stronger.

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