Get the kids off the endless streets of this game as fast as you can. Get the kids off the endless streets of this game as fast as you can

Dr. Priyanka Jain3 hours ago

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Recently, a 13-year-old boy became so addicted to online games that he cyber-attacked his own home. The child used to play video games all day, so he deleted all the data by installing a hacking app on the parents ’phones. Not only that, to create an atmosphere of fear in the house, old mobile devices were trimmed and glued under some walls and tables. When the cyber cell investigated, it learned that all the actions were of the child.

This is the first major case of hacking in game addiction, but even before there have been bad consequences of video game addiction. Some spent thousands and thousands of thousands of their parents money, some destroyed the family, others themselves.

Addiction to online games in children has increased so much that they are willing to do anything about it. This is also affecting their thinking and behavior.

It is estimated that …

Today, 41 per cent of India’s population under the age of 20 has become addicted to online gaming. In 2018, the number of children and teenagers playing online games was 26.90 million, while at the end of 2022, that figure could also exceed 51 million.

Increasing stress, complaints of depression in children

Children who are addicted to online games are increasingly complaining of stress and depression because they are so absorbed in the game that they cannot recover from it. According to a report, 87 percent of people believe they have become a victim of depression through online gaming. On the other hand, action and shooting games are more popular, due to which there is a lot of mental stress in children. Even he forgets to eat and drink, all his attention is there. Many experts also point out that gambling addiction is on the rise among children, teens, and adults with violent tendencies. In some cases, children go into a deep depression due to cell phone withdrawal.

Which cities are most affected?

The Mobile Premier League, one of India’s leading gaming platforms, released a report in 2021 in which it was said that the capital of Delhi has the largest number of online gaming kids. On the other hand, Jaipur is at number two, Pune at number three, Lucknow at number four and Patna at number five. The most amazing thing about this was that there weren’t many big meters like Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai in the top 5 cities.

Give the kids time and take them for a walk

According to some studies, if a person spends hours in one place, the risk of deep vein thrombosis increases. If the child is studying continuously sitting in a place or watching TV, grab him every hour under some pretext. Take her for a walk or ask for help with some household chores. Under this pretext, you will avoid sitting continuously and there will be no health problems like obesity. Stay away from your cell phone and laptop in the same way.

take care of every little thing

  • Take care of time and all the needs of children. Try not to let the child need the cell phone, and even if they do, by checking their browser and cell phone history, be sure to check what the child is looking for. If he’s playing, try to convince him instead of scolding him all of a sudden.
  • Treat children with love and try to establish friendly relationships with them so that children can stay away from gambling addiction by persuading them.
  • Parents should not use the mobile phone too much because the child also learns what he sees around him.
  • If you are giving your child your mobile phone, remove all games and put a child lock in the Play Store. No one will be able to download the application from this one. Whatever password you are setting, do not share it with your child.
  • Don’t save social networking apps to your mobile. If you have done so, keep your fingerprint locked in all applications. Don’t even share your ATM and PIN with them. Give a separate mobile phone for studies.
  • Some games are banned in the country, but you can play them via a VPN. So be alert.
  • Children are connected with many types of people online, from whom they continue to receive different types of information. You also have to be careful who they talk to and what they talk about.

Keep the basics …

Children use technology more, so parents need to keep the basic information related to it. Consider which games are dangerous, such as PUBG, Free Fire, Blue Whale, Passout Challenge, and more. Also be aware of play-related events, so that the child’s activities are noticed.

… but who is to blame here?

  • Here the fault lies with the parents. They assume their child cannot do any harm.
  • If the child spends thousands and millions of money on the game without informing them, the parents start blaming their peers or friends.
  • Ignore what the child is playing, what he is watching on the cell phone. Ignore.
  • Many parents also think that there is a child, if he does not play, what will he play with.
  • The child does not get angry because he does not quarrel and does not shy away from interrupting.
  • What games are dangerous, many parents are not even aware of. Even so, they ignore the child by trusting him.

How to know about addiction or entertainment

  • The child will start spending more time on the cell phone and computer.
  • There will be a change in your routine activities.
  • He will be isolated from family and friends. It will be limited to online friends only.
  • Studies and work will be affected.
  • Sleep will be affected. If you sleep, you will dream of online games or applications.
  • He will get angry for refusing to play the game. He will not stop playing despite arguing.
  • The child will also give the opposite answer. You can also fight.

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