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Date of publication: | Sat, 16 July 2022 20:42 (IST)

Ambikapur (Representative of New Zealand). The resignation of the Department of Panchayat and Rural Development of TS Singhdev, who played an important role in the return to power of Congress in Chhattisgarh, has made it clear that all is not well in the government of Chhattisgarh, despite being departmental minister, without consent . and Marmahat Singhdeo’s patience was broken with the practice of making approval decisions when the provisions of the PESA Act in the cabinet were also amended. Earlier, Singhdev was injured due to non-construction of houses for eight thousand poor people, non-payment of 1250 million salaries due to the strike and 500 million pending works. MGNREGA’s project contract assistants, so the fact that the employment auxiliaries were on the move, had come to the fore, re-hiring them without Singhdeo’s permission bothered them and they resigned.

In his hometown of Ambikapur, surrounded by supporters, Cabinet Minister TS Singhdev sent directly to the Prime Minister his letter of resignation from the post of Panchayat and Minister of Rural Development, which in addition to striking the employees of MGNREGA, questions have also been raised. on the way to fulfilling the promises of the public manifesto.

The people of Chhattisgarh are experiencing the widening distance between Prime Minister Bhupesh Baghel and Cabinet Minister TS Singhdev during the two-and-a-half-year term. Despite being a minister, his suggestions were ignored. Even in fulfilling the promises with which Congress formed the government in Chhattisgarh, there was no dedication from the government. In the resignation letter sent to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister TS Singhdeo wrote It is said that under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, houses were to be given to the homeless people of the state. , for which he spoke with the minister in chief several times and requested the allocation of funds, but the amount could not be offered in this scheme, as a result of about eight thousand lakhs of people from the state. Apart from that, of the construction of eight thousand houses, about 10 billion would have helped the state’s economy. In the public manifesto, the right to rural housing was prominently mentioned in 36 Chhattisgarh targets. Singhdeo has written that during the current government’s tenure, not even a house for the homeless could be built in the state and the progress of the plan remained insignificant. I am sorry that homeless people in the state could not reap the benefits of this scheme.Approval of the approval of works in the plans of any department is the prescribed right of the minister responsible for this department. But contrary to the rules, a committee of secretaries was set up under the chairmanship of the chief secretary for the final approval of the works under the Samagra rural development plan of the chief minister. After the approval of the councilor for the approval of the works, a procedure was made to make the final decision by the commission of the secretary in chief, which is contrary to the protocol and totally unfair, but to date this system has not been rectified. as a result, more than 500 million euros could not be allocated to development works according to the suggestions of the minister, the deputy and the public representative. Currently, much development work has not started on the Panchayats.

Changes have also been made to the PESA law

Cabinet Minister Singhdeo said the PESA Act is an important step in protecting the rights of tribal brothers and sisters. The public manifesto also promised its implementation in the state, the rules were done with a lot of work so that it could be successfully implemented in the state. As of June 13, 2020, his draft was drafted after going to the state tribal blocs and establishing dialogue with the local population, local public representatives for two years, but the draft that was sent by the department in the cabinet committee, according to which the discussion took place on the water, forest land.Perhaps for the first time, important points related to The responsible minister was not taken in confidence, which would establish an unhealthy tradition. Singhdeo has also spoken of writing a letter to the chief minister separately on the issue.

The rights of Panchayat representatives were not even protected

Panchayat Minister TS Singhdeo has said that the promises made in the public manifesto must also fully implement the rights of Panchayat representatives, which he discussed with the minister in chief many times and also took the initiative departmentally, but he was disappointed. of his mind that to date no positive initiative has been taken in this regard, far from any consensus.

The finance department stopped the case, even after the information, the CM did not initiate

Health Minister TS Singhdeo has said that the successful implementation of Mahatma Gandhi’s NREGA scheme has been done in this state. During the Crown period, when the most needy were most in need of employment, Chhattisgarh was the leader across India in implementing this scheme. The Panchayats successfully operated more than 20,000 Kovid care centers. Chhattisgarh was successful in providing employment to as many people as possible through the program in rural areas of the state. Which was praised in all parts of the country. Faced with the efforts of the employment assistants who do the work of MGNREGA, the Panchayat Department has sent the increase proposal to the Finance Department, which is pending to date for lack of consent from the Finance Department. The matter has been discussed several times in person, but in vain.

The labor movement of the MNREGA a conspiracy

Health Minister TS Singhdeo has written in the resignation letter that, under a conspiracy, MGNREGA’s work was affected by striking employment aides, in which the role of officers was clearly revealed. project assistants (Contract). The head minister himself set up a committee to meet the demands of the striking workers, even after that the strike was not called off. Due to the strike, the salary payment of about 1250 million was affected, causing damage to the rural economy. Through coordination, regular project assistant officers were also assigned instead of project assistant officers (contract) with the approval of the chief minister so that MGNREGA’s work could run smoothly and citizens looking for work would not be deprived. of employment. for the most part, the job was kept by project assistants, while employment assistants wanted to return to their jobs. When I learned that the process of re-election of the terminated Project Deputy (Contract) was underway, I spoke to the Chief Minister by telephone and gave my opinion that he should not be reappointed to the same position and if it has to keep It can be placed elsewhere in the department based on an equivalent salary, it will be totally unfair to keep it in the same place again and in the future the tendency to agitation will be strong and will not be good message. sent. In this situation, the re-employment of these employees who worked against the public interest and the state, is unfair. But despite all this, yesterday it was republished without its approval (Singhdev), which I do not accept.

The pain of not being able to work according to the ideology of the public manifesto

The Minister of Health, TS Singhdeo, has clarified that given the circumstances, according to the ideology of the public manifesto, they are unable to meet all the objectives of the department with dedication in the current circumstances, hence the burden of Panchayat and Rural Development. Singhdeo Department has mentioned in a letter to the Chief Minister that, except for the position of Panchayat and the Department of Rural Development, the other departments to which responsibility has been attributed will continue to exercise them with full capacity and integrity.

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