In Sawan, the daughters are waiting for them to call them from the maternal home, Radha is there too, so her eyes do not take them away from the door. In Sawan, the daughters are waiting to be called from the maternal home, Radha is there too, so her eyes do not move away from the door.

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  • In Sawan, the daughters are waiting to be called from the maternal home, Radha is there too, so her eyes do not move away from the door.

Asha Sharma3 hours ago

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This time Sawan will not rain from the sky but from his eyes. Radha had begun to feel this since the month of Chaitra when Dadda, that is, the older brother, had left this world and merged with infinity. There was pain and there was pain. After his departure what Naihar and what Naihar ki Dehri … everything was so deserted. If you look at it from the point of view of worldliness, the world makes no difference in someone’s gait … the world is always moving in the right direction. No moment ever stops and no one waits, but can the void created by the march of one be filled with the presence of another? Radha has not known how many times Columbus has asked himself this question and has come back every time with a heavy forehead. Before Babu was the father, then all Sawan mothers used to send a call to bring him Pehar. Before came a symbolic letter and then Babu himself … He still remembers that pile of pears kept in Babu’s bag, the sharp corners moving to get out of the bag. “We don’t eat these sweet woods, they bring them cheap” Babu used to pluck these pears from the backyard plant that Radha had planted with his own hands. To some, pears would look like wood, but Radha used to eat them with salt with great pleasure: in the morning … at noon and in the evening … three times. After Babu’s departure, Radha felt that now Sawan’s calls had been missed. Where does the mother move to the sister-in-law’s house? Now the mother depends on Dadda for her needs. In such a situation, how could she insist on her daughter’s trip with Dadda? But Dadda did not let Pihar’s tradition break and Sawan himself was present at Radha’s in-laws ’house. Radha’s eyelids got wet when she saw her father coming. Babu remembered a lot, but after that, Dadda fulfilled all of Babu’s duties and never let Radha’s wait go empty. Years passed. This year, in the month of Chait, Dadda also followed the path of Babu, then her maternal uncle was abandoned for Radha. The father only had two girls. If there had been a child, the bond of hope might have been joined, but according to tradition, it is considered unwise to wait for a call from a manless house. Ashadh is impatient to say goodbye and Sawan, mounted on the horses of his black clouds, remains impatient on the threshold. Knowing it was impossible, Radha’s eyes were fixed on the door. ‘Great! Who will come from Naihar to Sawan? Although the daughter-in-law had asked easily, but Radha’s heart was caught. It looked as if the daughter-in-law had removed her body from the Panchayat. Becoming Shiva, Radha lightly removed the poison from his eyes and a spontaneous smile adorned his lips. ‘How old am I to go on Sawan’s call? I’m waiting for your Pehar’s call, you’ve made your preparations. Radha said, ignoring her grief. ” Umar shouldn’t be seen a bit on his maternal uncle’s call, Amma! This should be the right of all women, but now who will call you from your maternal home? The daughter-in-law also comforted the mother-in-law and left the question in the air and entered. Radha was still swearing in pain. He was thinking about something lying in the yard crib when he heard the sound of the car horn outside the house. ‘What could it be?’ Wondering herself, Radha sat holding the veil. He walked slowly to the front door and opened the chain and tried to look inside the car parked outside. I saw nothing special except a turban. Radha looked away and waited for the turban support to come out of the car. Saying “pay lagi bua” the turban support leaned at Radha’s feet. Blessed as “be happy, alive,” Radha could not recognize the support of the turban or the purpose of his arrival. Radha was shocked when the turban holder raised her face now. ‘Oh! This is your daughter, the father’s daughter. Radha blossomed as soon as she recognized her niece, as if the rain had splashed on the withered plant. “Grandma sent Sawan’s call, Auntie came to pick you up.” Bitti whistled. Hearing this, Radha was relieved. I wanted to say a lot of things, but it stuck in my throat. The water in his eyes took the form of words and the river of emotions flowed. Radha entered the house wrapping Bitti in her hand. The feet did not fall to the ground. Hearing the commotion, the daughter-in-law also entered the lobby. He had also seen a turban girl for the first time. ‘Hey, this is Bitti, my niece. I brought Sawan’s call from my maternal home. Radha said it all at once. The daughter-in-law also smiled proudly at seeing Bitti dressed in a turban. ‘Today the daughters are also like the sons Amma. So look! How much turban is blooming on the girl. The daughter-in-law looked at Bitti lovingly and had her blessings on her head. Radha started storing two pairs of clothes in a bag, to go at Sawan’s invitation.

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