Now, in Iran, you may have to go to jail to raise a dog and a cat, but why?

  • Ali Hamedani
  • bbc news

image source, Getty Images

“He looks at me with his innocent, beautiful eyes. He asks me to take him for a walk, but I don’t have the courage to do so. We’ll be arrested.”

Mahsa, who has a dog at his home in Tehran, was referring to the city’s new order to seize pets and arrest their owners.

In Iran’s capital, Tehran, police recently announced that walking dogs in their parks is now a “crime”. This restriction has been declared necessary from the point of view of “public safety”.

At the same time, after months of debate, the Iranian parliament will soon pass a bill called “Protection of people’s rights against animals.” Once this is done, keeping pets like dogs and cats in homes across the country will become a crime.

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