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Date of publication: | Sat, 16 July 2022 20:43 (IST)

Ambikapur (Representative of New Zealand). Union Minister of State and Member of Surguja Lok Sabha Renuka Singh said that the day I became a Member of Parliament, I wrote the first letter to the then Minister of Railways to increase facilities in Surguja. Whenever I met the Minister of Railways, there was a demand for direct Delhi Rail facilities from Surguja. I realized that the demands are definitely met by asking and maintaining constant contact. The dream of running a train from Ambikapur directly to Hazrat Nizamuddin Delhi has come true. Right now this is just the beginning. In the coming days it will be even better. The Renukoot and Barwadih project will also continue from Ambikapur. I am working on both projects. Two consecutive years passed due to confinement due to crown infection. That’s why my efforts didn’t show up, but now I’m busy with my job. I believe in myself with positive thinking. How happy will be that moment when the name of Ambikapur is also announced at the Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Delhi. People sitting in Delhi will have a pleasant feeling if they hear Ambikapur’s name at the train station. The truth is that when I met the Ministers of Railways, I made constant demands, I tried everything. I extended my zenith through Surguja. The Union Railway Minister considered Renuka Singh’s problems to be serious, which is why he achieved his first success in the form of a Delhi train. Union Minister of State Renuka Singh had a special discussion with Dhanaiduniyadh.

Union Minister of State Renuka Singh said it is not easy to start train facilities from anywhere. This network of railway tracks extends across the country and the timetable of the railways sometimes creates problems in setting up new facilities, but we have been successful in the same step. Currently, the Delhi train will run once a week, but I have full hope that it will run for two days a week, then for three days and seven days in the future. I have seen with my own eyes how happy the people of Surguja have been with the start of the Ambikapur train installation in Delhi directly, so now I have decided that in the future I should go ahead with the Ambikapur-Renukoot and Barwadih project. do. The Delhi train would have started on May 14, but Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav was busy. Central ministers have more work, so I told them I want Minister of Railways not only for Ambikapur but also Minister of Railways. That’s why it started in its virtual presence. He said that even before me there were many deputies. Many leaders above me have led from here, everyone has tried their part, but I think my efforts had to be marked. If everyone puts their point effectively, only this effort has been successful. I was sure this train facility will definitely be available. Things that are happening in terms of stoppage and general category bogie will also be rectified in the coming days, he said I don’t retract my promise, I do my job continuously. I will not let the people of Surguja lose the faith with which they have chosen me. I will make the dream of all the people of Surguja come true, I think that in the coming days the air service will also start from Surguja.

The main motto of the BJP- Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas-

Union Minister of State Renuka Singh said the BJP has always worked towards a goal. The motto of the BJP is Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas and bad welfare. The day Prime Minister Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, he had said so from day one. There is no discrimination in the BJP. We do development work by claiming to be above party politics.

The loss of Surguja in the battle of Congress-

Renuka Singh said the development of Surguja has been halted due to the fight between Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and Health Minister TS Singhdeo. I am the only deputy in Surguja, but the Congress has eight deputies each. Among them are three cabinet ministers. Many leaders have been given the status of ministers. Why is there no development even after that? Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is not allowed to work in Surguja due to Singhdeo’s protest. Surguja is not developing. Renuka Singh also told the chairman of the Surguja Development Authority, Khelsai Singh, that the authority he previously headed was the prime minister. Ironically, there has been no authority meeting for three years.

Not in the scheme of Ramgarh Prasad, his

He said there are many places of interest in Surguja. Ramgarh is world famous. I spoke with Chhattisgarh Culture Minister Amarjit Bhagat many times on this issue, but the Chhattisgarh government did not even propose to add it to the Prasad scheme. If a cable car had been installed in Ramgarh, it would have been easy for visitors. If there was a cable car in Kudargarh, visitors would have benefited, but the ministers here do not want to work.

Good luck, nothing works with so many ministers …

Union Minister of State Renuka Singh said it is a matter of luck for the Surguja region that three state government ministers be from here, while one MP also received the status of minister of the cabinet making him president of the CGMSC. Many great leaders gained cabinet status, but ironically development has stalled due to a mutual dispute. Work is being done better in the field of education, nor is work being done in the field of health nor is any grand plan for the development of the tribes in the mind of this Chhattisgarh government.

I admire TS Singhdev’s resistance.

Union Minister of State Renuka Singh said I admire the resistance of TS Singhdev, the head of the Surguja royal family, where this resistance comes from in one person. Stopping working, humiliating, enduring everything, he continues to defend his party. How can anyone tolerate so much humiliation? The people of Surguja have the image of Sarguja Maharaja with a public representative towards him. That is why people do not protest on the road even after the work is not finished. People in his own government are insulting this person. The people of Surguja are also sad about this, I say it outside of politics.

The national road is also blurring.

He said that along with the railway installation in Surguja, the aerial installation would also start in the coming days. Road transport is also being organized. The work of the Ambikapur National Road to Sitapur, Ambikapur Bilaspur is in the final stages. The means of occupation can be developed through religious sites. I will talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji about this in person.

There are three ministers, say the successes …

Union Minister of State Renuka Singh said there are three cabinet ministers in the Surguja region. Tell the people of Surguja your achievements so far what they have done for the people of Surguja. He said that in routine man thinks something special for himself. When you wake up in the morning, think about good food and drink. It’s good. Find good shoes, slippers, then why the public representative who has the responsibility does not think about improving his responsibility and make this special. Doing research on Congress leaders and public representatives, he said they have no thought of development.

Why did the work on the prime minister’s house stop?

Union Minister of State Renuka Singh said the work of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has been stopped due to the negligence and irresponsibility of the Chhattisgarh Congress government. At present, the government has again been asked to deposit 40 per cent of its stake, but the government ignores it. The Center is willing to cede 60 percent of its stake, but this government is deliberately not paying attention to this big public interest plan.

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