“Rewari culture is fatal to votes,” Akhilesh yadav said in Prime Minister Modi’s statement: is this a non-parliamentary word? Prime Minister Narendra Modi says Rewari culture is fatal to votes and Akhilesh Yadav said in Prime Minister Modi ntc’s statement

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 296 km Bundelkhand motorway on Saturday. Along with this, Prime Minister Modi attacked the opposition without naming any party and called for staying away from the Revdi culture. Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav and Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal have retaliated against Modi’s statement.

Akhilesh Yadav said that if the rulers who lead the gratitude campaign by distributing Revdi, employ the youth, then they can avoid the “guilty culture”. Is the word Revdi anti-parliamentary?

Kejriwal said: why facilities to friends and ministers, why not to the public …
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has also attacked. He said that giving a free and good education to the children of our country and offering good and free treatment to the people, this is not called distributing free rewari. We are laying the foundations of a developed and glorious India. This work should have been done 75 years ago. Kejriwal said there are two types of politics today. One of honesty and the other of corruption. In one, billions of contracts are given to your people, friends. It offers facilities to ministers. Give contracts to friends.

Delhi CM said allegations are being made against me that Kejriwal is distributing free ravdis. Giving seeds for free. I’m mistreating. They are making fun of me. Today I want to ask the people of the country what I am doing wrong. I am giving an excellent education to the children of the poor of Delhi in the government schools. I am teaching for free. I want to ask the people of the country if I give free reward … 18 lakh children study in government schools in Delhi. The future of these children was still in the dark. Before there was no study. There were no board tables. The future of children was ruined. Today I am making your future. For the first time in 75 years, more than 99 percent of results have arrived. He has left the private behind. At 4,000 children their names were removed from private and enrolled in the government.

In fact, without naming any party, Prime Minister Modi had said that efforts are being made to promote Revdi culture in our country. Efforts are being made to introduce the culture of vote collection through the free distribution of revdi. This Revdi culture is very dangerous for the development of the country. The people of the country have to be very careful with this Revdi culture. Modi said the people of the Rewari culture will never build new highways for you. It will not build new airports or defense corridors. People of Rewari culture believe that the public will buy them by distributing free Rewari to Janardan. Learn 10 great things from Prime Minister Modi’s speech …

1. Attack on Revdi culture …

Modi said that together we must overcome this thought of him, take the Revdi culture out of the politics of the country. The dual-engine government is not taking the shortcut to distributing free revdi, but is working hard to improve the future of the state. He said we should make any decision, make a decision, make a policy, the most important thought behind it should be that this will further accelerate the development of the country. Anything that harms the country, affects the development of the country, we must keep it away.

2. Two meanings of the development of UP …

Prime Minister Modi said I have always seen that if two important things are added to UP, Uttar Pradesh will rise with great force to challenge the challenges. The first problem was the bad situation of law and order here, you know what the situation was here before. Second: poor connectivity in all aspects. If they are corrected, then UP has the potential to challenge challenges. Law and order have also improved under the government led by Yogi Ji and connectivity is also improving rapidly. The distance from Chitrakoot to Delhi by Bundelkhand Expressway has been reduced by 3-4 hours, but its benefit is more than that. This expressway will not only speed up vehicles here, but will accelerate the industrial progress of the entire Bundelkhand.

3. The highway will accelerate the industrial progress of Bundelkhand, not just vehicles

Prime Minister Modi said that this expressway will not only speed up vehicles here, but will accelerate the industrial progress of the whole Bundelkhand. There was a time, when it was believed that only large cities had the first right over modern means of transportation. But now the government has also changed, the mood has also changed. This is Modi, this is Yogi. Leaving behind the old thought, we are moving forward in a new way. UP is now ready to run at a fast pace with new resolutions. This is everyone’s business, everyone’s development. Let no one be left behind, let everyone collaborate, in this direction the dual-engine government is working continuously. The small districts of the UP should be connected to the air service, so work is also being done quickly.

4. Build a tourist circuit

Prime Minister Modi said there are many forts in the places next to this highway. In many European countries, there is a strong tourism industry to look strong. He said that today I will tell the Yogiji government that now, after the construction of the Bundelkhand highway, you should also do a big tourist circuit to see those kilos. People will come here and the tourism sector will also get a boost. It will also increase the employment of the local population.

5. Have a strong climbing competition
The Prime Minister also made an important suggestion to Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath. The prime minister suggested organizing a climbing competition at the fort to promote tourism in the area. Prime Minister Modi said that when I went on stage I saw his model. I saw that there are many forts around the freeway. I would like to ask Yogiji to organize a competition in the winter, the competition to climb the fort. Invite young people to this contest. This competition must be maintained to climb not by the easy path, but by the difficult path. The one who climbs the fort first should be encouraged. The prime minister said that when young people come from outside to this competition, stay overnight, then job opportunities here will also increase here.

6. Strength of the development of Bundelkhand rural industry

The handicraft industries here also have great power in the development of Bundelkhand. Our government is also emphasizing this rural tradition for self-sufficient India. Make in India will be enhanced by this rural tradition. Under this mission, water connections have been given to thousands of Bundelkhand families. Our mothers and sisters have benefited greatly from this.

7. Amrit Sarovar will be built in all districts of Bundelkhand

We are constantly making efforts to bring river water to Bundlekhand to as many people as possible. Our government is continuously working to reduce another Bundelkhand challenge. We are working on the Jal Jeevan mission to provide water for pipes to all homes. Amrit Sarovar will be built in all districts of Bundelkhand. This is a huge task for water security and for future generations.

8. Billions of rupees have been approved for the Ken-Betwa link project

Billions of rupees have been sanctioned for the Ken-Betwa link project, which will change the lives of much of the Bundelkhand. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of independence, we have committed ourselves to building Amrit Sarovars in the country. Toy manufacturing has been a traditional business in India. He said he had urged the toy industries to work again. People were also urged to buy Indian toys.

9. Amrit Mahotsav of independence should be celebrated throughout the month until 15 August

We also did the work that was needed at the government level. The result of this was that today the number of toys from abroad has been greatly reduced. Along with this, now a large number of toys from India have started to go abroad. I want to remind you all that until the 15th of August, throughout the month, the Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi should be celebrated in all the houses and villages of India and should be celebrated in a magnificent way.

10. Unprecedented development in dual-engine governance
The way UP is modernized today under dual-engine government is unprecedented. The Saryu canal project took 40 years to complete, we have finished it. The Double Engine government started the Gorakhpur fertilizer plant, which was closed for 30 years. We have completed the 12-year-old Arjun Dam project at a fast pace. He said at the time there were only 12 medical schools in the UP. Today there are more than 35 medical schools in UP and work is being done on 14 new medical schools.

During the previous government, an average of 50 km of railway lines were doubled in UP each year. An average of 200 km of railway line is being doubled today. Prior to 2014, there were only 11,000 Common Service Centers at the UP. Today more than 1.30 lakh of common service centers operate in UP. The current of development in which the country develops today has two aspects at its core. One is intention and the other is boundaries. Not only are we creating new facilities for the present of the country, but we are also building the future of the country.

Both the laying of the first stone and the inauguration of the Delhi-Meerut highway took place in our government. Bundelkhand Expressway is also an example of this. His work was due to be completed in February next year, but is ready for service 7-8 months in advance. There are countless examples of how we follow time limits in the UP itself. Our own government started the embellishment work of Vishwanathdham in Kashi and it was completed by our government.

Our government also laid the foundation stone of Gorakhpur AIIMS and its inauguration was also done in our government. We make any decision, we make a decision, we make a policy, the most important thought behind it should be that this will further accelerate the development of the country. He said that everything that harms the country affects the development of the country, we must keep it away.

Bundelkhand Expressway built at a cost of 14 billion

Bundelkhand Expressway is from Bharatkup to Chitrakoot to Etawah. It includes the districts of Chitrakoot, Banda, Mahoba, Hamirpur, Jalaun, Auraiya and Etawah. The highway has been prepared in 28 months at a cost of 14 billion 850 million. It is currently a 4-lane expressway. It is ready to make 6 lines. In the program, Prime Minister Modi counted the successes of his government and without naming the opposition he also attacked. Modi said the dual-engine government has broken the old concept and with new speed development projects they are making themselves known to the public.

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