RTE’s mockery of Yogi Raj, poor children are waiting for admission to the convent schools, the bungalows are burning cream!

Under the right to education (RTE) in Yogi Adityanath Raj, the admission of poor children to the convent schools is being mocked. According to RTE, children of parents earning less than 1 lakh rupees should receive free admission in 25% of seats in private schools. At the same time, there is no income limit for the SC, ST and OBC categories. The state government states that in the current academic session under TEN, more than 1.31 million poor children have been admitted to public schools and five million poor children have been admitted to public schools in the last five years, while in the SP government from 2012 to 2012. 2016. In between, only 21,000 children were admitted. But the reality seems different.

In Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, parents are protesting at the Rifle Club for lack of admission. Sunil, a Ganenpur resident in the city, says ‘we have been trying to get the daughter in for two years. In 2022, even after being named on the list, the school canceled the application stating that the vacancies were full. This year the education department has canceled the form itself. Similarly, Zubair Khan, a resident of Nathupur, has been trying to admit his son for three years.

Gorakhpur, the city of CM Yogi Adityanath, is also in poor condition in this matter. Anupama Srivastava, a resident of Mian Bazar, has been running for her daughter for two years. In 2021, the school in which the department issued a list and applied for admission, was closed due to Crown. This year, there was hope when the name appeared on the admission list at a public school in the city. After running for 47 consecutive days at the school, the principal called the chamber and refused to accept admission. Anupama says that “when asking for the reason for the rejection, there was a threat of complaints from CM to DM, you will not make entry.” After being depressed for 15 days, Anupama sold jewelry and got admission to another public school.

Anupama says ‘the daughter had seen the school. She insisted on studying at the same school. I couldn’t muster the courage to ignore the desire. I myself do not know how the admission will be done next time. Thirteen parents like Anupama complained from the Minister’s Public Hearing Portal to the Department of Education, but after a few days their hopes were blocked by saying the matter was resolved. It’s not that all these officials don’t know it.

When Kanpur district magistrate Visakh ji reviewed the admission to be made under RTE on July 7, there were a lot of complaints before him. Following the complaints, from the same meeting, he sent ACM Jang Bahadur and Vanya Singh to the schools and had them investigated. The investigation revealed that 75 poor children were to be admitted in three branches of the city’s prestigious public school, but the school has only accepted 29. Similarly, one school has made 4 out of 14, another 9 out of 18 and another only 2 out of 10.

Most of the complaints relate to the admission of missionaries to schools. Management states that RTE is not applicable to minority schools. A school in Ashok Nagar, Kanpur, did not even allow a senior education department official to enter the campus. He also refused to notice. In this situation, a notice had to be pasted on the school door. Valbhacharya Pandey, who is campaigning for RTE in Varanasi, says “6,100 names of children have appeared on this year’s list by lottery, but schools do not accept admission with one excuse or another.”

On the one hand this is the situation of non-admission, on the other hand the children of owners of luxury bungalows and luxury vehicles have had entry with RTE. 60 complaints have been received in Meerut and 12 in Saharanpur for admission with a false income certificate under RTE. Similar complaints have also reached Prayagraj. The BSA has initiated the investigation everywhere. In Bareilly, 918 poor children included in the list were not admitted. Of the 1,983 students admitted, the department has received complaints from 40 such children whose parents have homes, businesses and cars.

The boy was admitted with RTE to a school in Badaun. The boy’s father is a manager of a private company in Delhi. His monthly salary is 80,000 rupees. The mother is a teacher. A student who studied for years at a renowned school in Bareilly. Its annual fee is about 72 thousand rupees. Her younger brother has been admitted to this school under RTE this year. The father has a three-story house. In Lucknow, 16,496 children have been selected to access private schools with RTE, but the department has only been able to admit 7,538 children. Complaints against many of these have also reached the BSA.

Saurabh Mehrotra, president of the Association of Private Schools, said that “Under RTE, children of all the rich also have admission. But the heads of the department are not taking action. By the way, the owners of private schools also have their own pain.Thousands of schools have not received reimbursement of children and schools for the last two years.The maximum fee for students accessing RTE is 450 rupees, while parents receive 5,000 rupees per uniform and books.

Rakesh Singh, BSA of Varanasi, says that “a claim of Rs 84 crore was sent to the government for reimbursement of fees”. But only Rs 48.50 lakh has been released. Anil Agarwal, president of the Lucknow Unassisted Private Schools Association, said that apart from not paying the reimbursement fee to schools for the past three years, fees have not been increased according to the rules either.

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