The elderly are the pride of the family, the children have to explain this: teach-the-children-to-respect-the-elderly

With changing times, respect and respect for the elderly is declining. The new generation soon wants to touch the sky riding on the horse of new thought, as a result, it is forgetting its civilizing culture. Today adults are also considered old things and children forget to respect adults. The reality is that our social system and our thinking have changed in the last two or three decades. The concept and thinking of the nuclear family is growing rapidly in society.

The whole family system is coming to an end

The whole family system is slowly becoming extinct or rather on the verge of extinction. Today, the meaning of family for the child is mother and father and other relationships end with uncle and aunt. Remember your childhood. An average of ten or twelve people in a family lived a happy life. In this situation, the child was nourished by the rites of understanding, recognition, and respect due to the relationship, and the seeds of the rites planted in childhood remained in the mind with the same spirit throughout life. People then considered the joint family to be the best, but because of materialistic thinking, man focused on himself and little by little the idea of ​​nuclear family began to take shape in society.

Children begin to think of grandparents as aliens

In a nuclear family, apart from parents and children, there is no room for any other relationship and family. In this situation, an environment of lack of culture is flourishing in society. Eight-year-old Shivam lived alone with his parents. Both mom and dad were working. In this situation, Shivam was raised in his own nursery in foreign hands. He used to go to his grandparents ’house in Delhi during the holidays all year round. Due to being alone at first, Shivam’s nature was harsh. At the same time, he neither understood much about the relationship between grandparents, uncle and aunt, nor could he respect his older grandparents.
He considered his grandparents foreign and foreign and used to talk to them in the style and language of his school friends.


Children do not behave normally with grandparents

Kritika, ten, did not behave normally with her grandparents. He had no respect for the elders of the house. In private, he told his mother that look how he hung his grandmother’s skin. There are so many wrinkles on Grandma’s face, that is, Kritika used to tease her and not respect her by imitating her, just like her friends. Whenever the grandmother tried to touch and caress her granddaughter affectionately, Kritika would turn away from her by turning her face.

Parents do not have time to explain to children

Due to the break-up of joint families, the work of parents, parents and guardians cannot give children enough time. Today, parents do not have enough time to sit comfortably for two minutes and give rites to the child. To be able to talk to them about relationships and make them understand that these great ones have raised and raised us. Because of these, we exist on earth and elders have no right to our grace but to respect and respect, but they have so much time in a runaway life to teach their children to respect elders. Nor is it that children from nuclear families do not know how to respect adults.

Kids don’t want to hear grandparents ’stories

In the changing social and family system, respect for the elderly has also diminished in children born into joint families because now children do not want to hear the stories of grandparents. Television of them The only cartoon, computer, video and mobile games that are broadcast on the market are attractive. As a result, after coming home from school, children spend most of their time watching television. And spend it only with other means. Their communication with household members remains nominal or work-related. Understanding, love and respect for any relationship arises only when one stays with that relationship, gets up and talks to her, but when children do not live with adults, then they have no respect for adults. love, nor do they know the respect of the elders.

Teach children to respect adults

In the changing circumstances and in the social environment, the elderly have begun to be considered useless and useless. In addition to the hectic lives of parents and guardians, the growing number of nuclear families is taking children away from the elderly. The reality is that adults have a great wealth of experience available and if children spend their lives under the umbrella of adults, they will learn countless qualities and habits along with an understanding of civilized culture. It is our responsibility to teach children to respect the elderly and also to tell them how important and valuable the elderly are to this country and to them.

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