Bhopal 2022 Municipal Corporation Election Result Live Updates Hindi News – Bhopal 2022 Municipal Election Live Result: BJP leadership in mayor is strengthened, Malta leads by 23,953 votes in third back

17:21, 17-Jul-2022

The BJP victory of Ward 3 in 3706 has been won by Karishma Maran. While Rajesh Hingorani of Ward 4 won by 26 BJP votes. While from the 16th district, Mohammad Sarwar of Congress has won. In Room 12, Devendra Bhargava won by 850 votes, in Room 13, Manoj Rathor won by 350, in Room 21 Vinita Soni won by 175 votes. Ward 46’s Guddu Chauhan leads by 1352 votes, though the official announcement has not yet been made.

14:29, 17-Jul-2022

First round of the mayor … Malti Rai leading by 5541 votes

candidate vote
malti rai 28, 671
Vibha Patel 23,130
Priya Makwana 732
manju yadav 276
Sangeeta Prajapati 113
Line 79
Raisa Malik 224
Seema Nath 160
NOTE 501
Total votes 53,842

2nd round of the mayor Malti Rai leading by 13,211 votes

candidate vote
malti rai 57,558
Vibha Patel 44,347
Priya Makwana 1443
manju yadav 546
Sangeeta Prajapati 215
Line 152
Raisa Malik 491
Seema Nath 240
NOTE 919
Total votes 1.05.952

2nd round of the mayor Malti Rai leads by 23,953 votes

candidate vote
malti rai 98,185
Vibha Patel 74,232
Priya Makwana 2262
manju yadav 799
Sangeeta Prajapati 215
Line 220
Raisa Malik 491
Seema Nath 240
NOTE 919
Total votes 1,55,507

13:14, 17-Jul-2022

BJP’s Malti Rai leadership has risen after ten rounds of counting in Bhopal. Malti Rai is claimed to lead by more than 50,000 votes. At the same time, Congress Congresswoman Vibha Patel has fallen behind. The first result of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation was at BJP. BJP candidate Karishma Maran has won the Ward No. However, the announcement was not made. On the other hand, the brother of BJP district president Sumit Pachauri and 78th district candidate Neeraj Pachauri is behind. The BJP has won 38 neighborhoods and Congress has won 19. At the same time, an independent councilor candidate is ahead in a neighborhood.

Mixed results are visible in five neighborhoods in the Kolar region. Congress leads the 80th district, the BJP the 81st, the BJP the 82nd, the BJP the 83rd, the Congress the 84th and the Congress the 85th.

12:42, 17-Jul-2022

The first formal announcement took place in Bhopal. Malti Rai obtained 28 thousand 671 votes, while Patel of the Congress obtained 23 thousand 130 votes. NOTE obtained 501 votes. This situation has been created after having a total of 53 thousand 842 votes. However, it is claimed that Malti Rai has achieved an advantage of more than 15,000 votes.

11:23, 17-Jul-2022

In Bhopal, Malti Rai has an advantage of about six thousand votes. He faces Vibha Patel’s challenge to Congress for mayor. The administration has not formally declared the results even after three hours of counting. This has created a state of confusion. According to sources, so far the trends of 29 neighborhoods have been received, of which the BJP is ahead by 24 and Congress by five. Malti Rai has also complained to the district councilor for the cancellation of a large number of postcards. BJP leaders claim their party has won in more than 50 neighborhoods.

09:23, 17-Jul-2022

The BJP mayoral candidate, Malti Rai, arrived at the counting place before opening the vault.
– Photo: Amar Ujala

The counting of votes has begun in Bhopal. The vault was opened in the presence of the candidates. Then the counting of ballots by mail began. At 10 o’clock, the BJP leads with 205 votes from the 8th district of Bhopal. After completing two rounds, congressional candidates lead neighborhoods 22, 23, 34, and 42. In the initial trends, of the 85 neighborhoods, the BJP has the lead at 14 and Congress at 17.

08:48, 17-Jul-2022

The counting of votes will begin on July 6 at the 2160 polling stations in 85 boroughs of the Municipal Corporation from 9 a.m. in the Old Hills Prison in Bhopal. Postcards will be counted first. EVM votes will be counted from 9:30 p.m. All wards will be counted together. The votes of the candidates for mayor will also be counted together. The mayor’s trends will begin at 12 noon. The full results will be announced at 9 p.m. District election official Avinash Lavania said eight mayoral candidates and 398 councilor candidates are in the fight. The first election results will come for Huzur Vidhan Sabha District 3, as the number of polling stations here is at least 12. A total of 148 polls are counted.

The reputation of the giants is at stake

The reputation of veterans is at stake in civic body elections. Along with local BJP leaders, even former chief minister Uma Bharti has given tickets to her followers. In Congress, supporters of Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh have tickets. Congress has given tickets to only 4 of its 28 councilors. The BJP has also given tickets to only 5 of its 57 councilors. Most of the new faces will be seen at the next town hall.

All results will arrive at 9 p.m.

The results of the 12 neighborhoods of Huzoor will be published within three to four hours of the start of the count. This includes the one to six and six districts of Kolar from 80 to 85. Then the results of the North and Central Vidhan Sabha will begin to arrive. The Govindpura count will be extended to the end, as it has the maximum number of 425 polling stations and 18 districts. The results will arrive here at 8 p.m. The results of Narela’s assembly will also go around that.

05:57, 17-Jul-2022

Bhopal 2022 municipal elections result live: BJP leadership as mayor strengthened, Malti leads by 23,953 votes in the third round

Who will govern the government of the capital city of Madhya Pradesh? Congress or BJP? Malti Rai will rise to the ranks of the BJP as a disadvantaged or Bhopal will put Vibha Patel back in the mayor’s chair, this is a question that will be answered today.

The fate of 8 mayors and 398 candidates for councilors from 85 districts of Bhopal will be decided today. The vote count will begin at 9 p.m. The first trend can be expected in half an hour. The competition for the mayor’s chair in Bhopal is between Malti Rai of the BJP and Vibha Patel of the Congress. For the 85-council seat, 398 candidates are in the fight. In these, more than a dozen parties, including BJP, Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, AIMIM, SP, JDU and Owaisi BSP are also in the fight. In the last municipal elections in Bhopal, of the 85 districts, 55 of the BJP, 26 of the Congress and 4 independent councilors had won. This time too, the main competition in the elections is between the BJP and Congress candidates.

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