BJP in 31 cities, Congress in 4, AAP entry in 3 municipalities. Trend of the electoral results of the councilors of 37 municipalities; Get to know the body updates

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In the counting of votes from 36 municipalities in the state, the BJP obtained a clear majority out of 31. Congress appears to be limited to 4 municipalities. An “independent” government is being formed in Varaseoni of Balaghat district. It is the first time that the Aam Aadmi Party has also entered the urban bodies. Party candidates Aam Aadmi have also won in the municipalities of Porsa, Dabra and Shajapur de Morena. This has paved the way for the entry of the AAP as a third front in Madhya Pradesh.

BJP candidates have won in Datia, Betul, Harda, Rajgarh, Biaora, Shajapur, Vidisha, Panna, Narsinghpur, Kareli, Gotegaon, Gadarwara, Ambah. The congress has won over Seoni, Umaria, Lahar and Panagar.

BJP captures the bastion of Narottam, Datia and Dabra

BJP candidates have won 32 of the 36 districts of Datia municipality under the influence of Interior Minister Narottam Mishra. In Dabra, 17 BJP councilors have also won. Here are 9 councilors from Congress. Congress has lost Rajgarh and Biaora municipalities under the influence of former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh. The BJP has not even been able to open an account in Lahar municipality under the influence of the leader of the opposition in the Assembly, Govind Singh. Congress candidates have won 13 seats here. The independents won the 2.

AAP entrance to Porsa and Shajapur

Aam Aadmi party candidate Ramdei Vijay Singh is leading the municipality of Porsa de Morena. Deep Kalesharia of the Aam Aadmi party has won the elections in the 27th district of Shajapur. The Congress account has not been opened in Balaghat’s Varaseoni. Here they have won 10 independent candidates. BJP has won by 5. In Dabra also the AAP candidates lead in one room.


  • Harda Of the 22 districts of the municipality, the candidates of the BJP have won 14 and those of the Congress in 8.
  • Datia BJP has won 32 seats out of 36. Here Congress could get only 3 seats.
  • Sehore The BJP has won 22 of the 35 neighborhoods in the municipality. Congress has won in 9 districts and the Independents in 3.
  • page In the BJP 19 candidates have won. Here Congress has won only 6 neighborhoods.
  • Vidisha The BJP has 16 candidates and Congress has won 5.
  • Damoh Siddharth Malaiya, son of former Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya, has won 5 panel candidates. Siddharth had resigned from the BJP before the election.
  • Jabalpur In Sihora, of the 18 districts, the BJP has arrived in 9, the Congress in 7 and 2 independents.
  • fold up The BJP has 19, the Congress 12 and 6 independents have won.
Municipalities BJ P Congress Other / Independent
Rajgarh 12 3
Biaora 10 7 1
Sehore 22 9 4
Vidisha 27 8 4
Ganjbasoda 16 7 1
bassal 14 5 11
fold up 19 12 6
Ashoknagar 12 4 6
Datia 32 3 1
Panagar 6 9 0
Sihora 10 6 2
Amarwada 9 5 1
suture 10 13 1
Varaseoni 5 0 10
Narsinghpur 19 7 2
bitter gourd 15 0 0
gotegaon 12 2 1
gadarwara 19 5
Badnagar 11 5 2
Neemuch 23 14 3
Shajapur 17 9 3
Mandsaure 39 12 4
macaroni beans 10 5 3
Rahali 12 2 1
Chhatarpur 20 13 7
Damoh 17 13 9
page 20 6 2
itarsi 12 10 1
Betul 23 10
Amla 8 8 2
Harda 24 10 1
Umaria 10 12 2
lahar 0 13 2
sheopur 11 4 8
Porsa 5 5 5
Both 9 5
  • Mandsaure BJP’s Nilesh Jain won from Ward 9 and independent Divya Anoop Maheshwari from Ward 20. BJP’s Kaushalya Prahlad Bandwar won from Ward 22 by 730 votes. Kaushalya is the wife of the late NAPA President Prahlad Bandhwar. Room 8: Pritam Pancholi of Congress won by 292 votes. Of Mandsaur’s Ward 19, BJP’s Sunil Bansal won by 770 votes. Room 7: Tarun Sharma of Congress won by 683 votes. AshJ Gaur of BJP won Mandsaur Ward 5 by 868 votes. In Room 2, Congress Pinky Soni won by 1092 votes. Manju Anil Malviya of the BJP won the Ward 50.
  • Shajapur BJP candidate won in Room 13 of K. Kirti Chauhan of BJP won of Ward 24. Dushyant Soni of BJP has won of Ward 16. Maya Gawli of Congress won from Room 18.
  • of page Yogendra Pratap Singh won from Ward 21 and Rakhi Alpesh Sharma from Ward 7. Congress’s Parvati Jatav won from Room 4. BJP’s Rajkumari Lodhi won from Ward 9. Congress’s Vedprakash Raikwar won in Room 2. BJP’s Sunil Mahajan has left Room 10. BJP’s Kalpana Bablu Yadav has won from Ward 20. Rehan Mohammad, of Congress, won District 11 by a margin of 430 votes. Room 18: Anwar Khan of Congress won by 113 votes. Shanti Sen of Congress won in room 3. Kavita Raikwar of BJP won from room.
  • Rajgarh In Room 1, BJP’s OP Sharma, Room 5 Seambe Praveen Mishra in Room 2 and Saroj Kataria in Room 4 have won the election. Sheila Deependra Chauhan of BJP won from Ward 10, Pooja Sachin Maurya of BJP of Ward 11 and Aruna Manoj Hada of BJP of Ward 12. Manju Panchu Dangi of BJP won in District 13 of Rajgarh Municipality and Prakash KP Panwar of BJP ha won in the 08th district. Rajesh Khare of the BJP won of the Ward 15. Baby Vijay Pal Singh Bhati of the Congress won the elections of the Ward 6.
  • Ashok Nagar The BJP candidate advances to room number 5,6,15.
  • Ganjbasoda Sardar Ahirwar of the BJP won from the K Ward 9. The Congress of the Ward 12, the BJP of the Ward 13, Jagdish Vyas of the Ward Congress, Jyoti Pinku Sharma of the BJP of the Ward 17, the Congress of the Ward 4 and Rituj Elia of the Ward 19 they have won the election. Congress Rahul Thakur has won from Room 5.
  • Biaora In Room 10, the independent Iqbal Hussain won by 15 votes. While the candidate for the 1st District Congress Uma Poonam Mewada won by 57 votes. Giriraj Shakyawar of Congress won the 4th district by 230 votes. Asha Kunwar of BJP won of Ward 7, Tara Gopal Jatav of BJP of Ward 9, Atul Jagtap of Congress won of Ward 5.
  • ambaha Jai Rajoria of the INC won by 27 votes.

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