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Date of publication: | Sunday, July 17, 2022 8:34 PM (IST)

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The city government has once again been in the hands of the BJP in the urban body elections, which are considered the semifinals of power. With the victory of 20 neighborhoods, once again the lotus has flourished in the city with a majority. After the counting of votes on Sunday morning, the BJP has won the majority with its victory in 20 districts. Here Congress has emerged as a strong opposition with 14 seats. The results of the civic elections are considered unprecedented and unpredictable in many respects. Despite the hard work, many unconditional supporters of both the BJP and the Congress parties have suffered overwhelming defeats. The election results were very shocking, the special one was that the voters trusted the new and young faces, while many veterans of both parties had to face an overwhelming defeat.

The forts of many giants collapsed:

In the election results, Jagdish Malviya, a possible BJP presidential candidate, lost to the much-talked-about Ward 16, was defeated by Amit Kapre of Congress. In Room 15, BJP District Vice President Kalpesh Agrawal dealt a major blow to Congress by defeating City Congress President Pankaj Rathore. Congress has also suffered this time from the Nala Mohalla area. In Room 12, five-time Congressman Rajinikanth Sonkar was surprised to defeat young BJP Manjit Kalosiya by a large margin. Gunjan Pankaj Goel, daughter-in-law of industrialist Suresh Goyal, who is pushing for the presidency of Congress, was defeated by BJP Kirti Dubey by a narrow margin in Ward 32. Nizamuddin Baba, who fought as an independent for Nala Mohalla, has also lost the election. In Old Itarsi, Awadh Pandey of Congress, Dr. PM Pahadia of the BJP lost the election. Durgesh Bamne, son of former President Mandi Ramesh Bamne, was defeated by Jimmy Kaithwas, a first candidate, by a large margin in Room 6. In the Kheda constituency, Meera Rajkumar Yadav of the BJP won by a record of 1130 votes. Two councilors from the Mihani family, Dharmdas and Kanhaiyalal Mihani, have arrived at the town hall after winning the ticket to Congress. In Room 31, Paridhi Bhola of Congress is defeated by a small margin. Former BJP councilor Rakesh Jadhav defeated Shesh Mehra of Congress by a large margin in Room 23. Four-time Councilor Shivkishor Rawat, Seema Bhadauria of Congress has re-entered the council after winning by a large margin. BJP Jyoti Rajkumar Babaria won in Ward 8. MP Vandana Ojha has defeated former councilor Sanjay Chaudhary in room 28.

The loss to the BJP increased in Congress:

In terms of the increase in rooms, the BJP has reached the figure of 20, down from 23 in the previous city council. Here the Congress, which last time was in opposition with 7 councilors, this time has won twice as many 14 seats. BJP has taken 3 neighborhoods from the bastion of Congress Nala Mohalla. In Room 15-16, the most talked about city headquarters, one has gone to the Congress bill and the other to the BJP.

The Aam Aadmi party account was not opened from any neighborhood in the city, including the independents. On postcards as well, the BJP has an advantage in many neighborhoods. NOTE was not fashionable this time.

Delayed vote count:

The count began at 10, much later than the scheduled time of 9, first the trends of postcards appeared, after the EVMs of 34 neighborhoods opened in phases. At 1 noon, after the rapid trends, the panorama of the town hall was clear, after seeing the defeat, many candidates escaped from the polling place. Deputy Dr. Sitasaran Sharma along with party officials remained at the counting site all the time.

Strict security provisions:

Under the leadership of collector Neeraj Kumar Singh, SP Dr. Gurkaran Singh, SDM Madan Singh Raghuvanshi, SDOP Mahendra Singh Chauhan, IT Ramsnehi Chauhan had made elaborate security arrangements. Barricades were set up on either side of the counting center. Below are the recent results on the LCD screen. Security was also maintained around the safe on the first floor. Mobile phones were banned for candidates and agents.


As soon as the victory was final, the supporters of the candidates began to celebrate it outside playing drums and waving flags. From the spot, the entourage of candidates marched to the neighborhoods.

.This time, there was no emphasis on independent candidates in any neighborhood, many candidates were reduced to double digits. Many candidates have lost their deposits.

Potential candidates for the presidency have been defeated by both parties, now the discussion over the name of the winning candidate in the category reserved for the BJP is in the headlines.

Candidates, fans and people from the village continue to receive mobile updates of the latest trends.

After the counting of votes, the electoral certificates were distributed to the winning candidates.

A medal detector was installed in the counting center, the whole area was turned into a barracks by the police, so the vote count was not altered.

Write a development note

BJP has the mandate with an absolute majority, the proposed city development plans will be completed quickly. The dream of a fearless developed city will come true. The collaboration of the opposition will also be expected. If the Narmadapuram council also wins, then the twin cities proposal will be approved by merging the two cities.

Dr. Sitasaran Sharma, MLA.

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