Get free education and treatment, don’t distribute free revri: Kejriwal

New Delhi. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that to give a free and good education to the children of our country and to get free treatment, it is not said to distribute free Rewari but to lay the foundations of the country.

At a press conference on Saturday, Mr. Kejriwal, accusations are being made against me that Kejriwal is distributing free ravadis, Kejriwal is giving free B. They abuse me, they make fun of me. Today I want to ask the people of the country what I am doing wrong? I give an excellent education to the poor and middle class children of Delhi in government schools, but for free. I want to ask people if I am distributing free ravadis or laying the groundwork for the country. 18,000 children study in Delhi government schools. Until now, the future of these 18 lakh children was in the dark. Before our government was formed, as there is a fleet of government schools across the country, the conditions of government schools across the country are bad, as are those of government schools in Delhi. There was no education in the schools. All government schools were in ruins, the walls were broken, the ceilings were sucking. There was no blackboard and desk, the children used to sit. There were no studies. The future of 18,000 children was ruined. Today, if we have improved the future of these 18 lakh children, if I am giving them a good and wonderful education but for free, what crime I am committing.

He said that for the first time in 75 years since independence, more than 99 percent of results have been achieved in public schools. “If I presume, then it will be said that Kejriwal is boasting, but the results of government schools have reached more than 99 per cent. Government schools have even left private schools behind. In recent years, the Four thousand children in Delhi have been enrolled in government schools cutting their names from private schools.This is no small thing.Today poor children are studying mechanics, computer engineering in computer science and are studying medicine after passing the exam NEET: This work should have been done in 1947, this work should have been done in 1950, the work we are doing today.Today we are laying the foundations of the country.Keeping a brick at the same time “.

The Chief Minister said that today we have made Delhi government hospitals wonderful. He builds luxury mohalla clinics in Delhi, which are being discussed all over the world. Delhi is the only city in the world where all the people of Delhi are treated for free. More than two million people live in Delhi. Be it poor or rich. We don’t ask him what caste or religion he belongs to. Whether he is rich or poor, small or large. Treatment at government hospitals is free for all people living in Delhi. If your operation will cost 30, 40 or 50 lakhs, then all your medications, all tests and all diagnoses, everything is free. At all Mohalla clinics, each person is treated free of charge. Am I distributing this free ravadi?

He said that if anyone has an accident in Delhi, we have said that they take him to the nearest hospital. As expensive as the hospital is, don’t think about it. The Delhi government gives all the expenses for the treatment of this man. We call it the scheme of the angels. Taking an example, he said there is a sahib Vikas Sahni. He lives in East Delhi. He had left home to go to the market. He had an accident on his way. It was God’s grace that the last Kohli ji was happening from there. He picked them up and took them to a small hospital nearby. That little hospital referred him to Fortis, because his wound was very deep. Five lakh rupees were spent on his treatment at Fortis Hospital. All this expense was donated by the Delhi government. So far, we have saved more than 13,000 lives under the Farishte Yojana. Ask the relatives of these 13,000 people if Kejriwal is distributing free ravadis or doing charitable or religious work.

The chief minister said that today we are giving 200 units of free electricity to all the families in Delhi and in Punjab we have started giving 300 units of free electricity. They say why Kejriwal gives electricity for free? I want to ask them how much free electricity do your ministers receive? Your ministers and you get 4-4, 5-5 thousand units of free electricity, then that’s fine, but if I gave 200-300 units of free electricity to the poor, then you suffer a lot. Today, in Delhi, we started giving yoga to people for free. In Delhi, we send teachers for free to 17,000 people to do yoga. More than 500 of our teachers go to free places to do yoga. We have made all medicines, all tests and treatments free in Delhi, but our goal is for no one to get sick. That’s why we teach them yoga. Every day we are teaching yoga to 17,000 people and we are sending free teachers to teach them yoga, so what are we doing wrong? Today, I have made thousands of seniors travel for free to Delhi. In Delhi, more than 45,000 elderly people have made pilgrimages for free. The elders of Delhi went to many places like Ayodhya, Haridwar, Mathura, Shirdi, Rameshwaram and Puri to make pilgrimage. It is a virtue to make pilgrimage and these people are mistreating me and saying that Kejriwal distributes Rewari for free.

He said: “Today we give a free trip to Delhi women by bus. What is my fault? Those who are mistreating me have bought a wonderful plane for them by spending billions. Kejriwal does not buy planes for him “Kejriwal saves this money and makes the trip for his mother and sisters free, so what is Kejriwal doing? I’m educated. He has a degree in Engineering. I also studied accounting. I also studied law and my degree.” “It’s true, my title isn’t fake either. I understand everything. Today, even after doing so many free things, the Delhi budget has benefits. I’m not doing that. Just a few days ago the CAG report arrived.” and it has been said in the CAG report that since the arrival of the Kejriwal government in 2015, the Delhi budget has started to have profits, before it had a deficit.The Delhi budget also has benefits and no new tax has been raised.Corruption is over.With the money I saved by eliminating corruption, I have given so many facilities to my people, so what harm have I done?

As for free ki rewari, Mr. Kejriwal said, “Let me tell you what is free ki rewari and who distributes free ki rewari in this country? It is a very large company. This company received a loan from many These people ate this loan The banks went bankrupt This company gave a few million rupees to a political party and the government did not take any action against this company This is a free revdi When it gives up loans worth billions of your friends for free, it’s a free revri.When you travel abroad and take foreign government contracts for your few friends under the pretext of traveling abroad, then it’s ki rewari free.
He said there are two types of politics in the country today. An honest policy and a corrupt policy. Honest politics is what the Aam Aadmi party is doing today. We save money on everything and by saving that money we give all the facilities to the public. The second is the politics of the corrupt. In which large contracts worth billions of dollars are given, so that a lot of money can be made. These contracts are given to loved ones and their friends. They give all the facilities to their ministers, if the citizens ask them, they say no, it is free-bee, they are handing out Rewari. He will not give facilities to the public, but gives facilities to his minister and gives contracts to his friends. This is the policy of corruption. Today the people of this country have to decide whether you want a policy of honesty or a policy of corruption.

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