Get ready, there will be big changes to your phone’s lock screen

What is happening

Between the release of iOS 16, Glance’s upcoming lock screen content expansion in the US, and updates to Google’s Pixel phone gadgets, it’s clear that the lock screen is about to change.

How important

The lock screen is the first thing most people see when they pick up the phone. These updates indicate that companies are trying to make better use of this space.

what will happen next

Apple’s iOS 16 update was officially released in the fall and went into public beta on Monday. Glance has not offered a timeline for his U.S. debut.

how many times have you checked yours phone Every day? It doesn’t matter if it’s just once or too many to count, you’re always greeted first with our lock wallpaper. Maybe it’s a photo of your pet, a photo of a beautiful sunset from a recent vacation, or a great work of art. All that could change very soon.

The lock screen has always been an intimate place for personal photos, important information, and gadgets such as flashlights. But companies are increasingly looking to do more with these valuable real estate, as evidenced Apple iOS 16 update and other changes pointed to it Android phone,

Apple’s iOS 16 update, which released in public beta On Monday, it will bring more customization options and new widgets to the iPhone’s lock screen when it arrives this fall. You can quickly see more details and apply stylized photo lock screen effects, similar to the portrait mode in Portrait mode on the iPhone.

Signal InMobi, a subsidiary of Google’s mobile advertising technology company, also reiterated its plan to bring the lock screen platform to the United States. Google is reportedly planning to integrate more information into the Pixel phone lock screen widget.

Taken together, changes like these suggest that we don’t want to overlook the lock screen too soon in the future.

Gallery of widgets for the iPhone lock screen in iOS 16.

Screenshot of Apple / CNET

The iPhone lock screen is undergoing a major overhaul

One of the best features available in iOS 16 new lock screenCraig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, called it “the biggest update ever” when he released the update. Apple’s World Developer Conference in JuneYou will be able to customize the font styles and colors for the date and time, as well as give your background image an aesthetic similar to the cover of the magazine.

As I wrote before, these are really new tools that will bring more benefits to the iPhone lock screen. The iPhone now allows you to place widgets on the Lock screen’s Today’s secondary view screen, which you can access by swiping to the right.

But iOS 16 adds widgets to the Home Lock screen to display certain information at a glance, such as temperature, your Apple Watch activity episodes, and upcoming appointments in the Calendar. Android phones have been offering this kind of functionality for years and it’s good to see it iPhone Does. You can also create and navigate various lock screens, such as the faces of the Apple Watch.

Since you can add app widgets like Spotify, Google Maps, and Outlook to the Today view on the iPhone, I wouldn’t be surprised to see third-party tools available for the new lock screen. If you take a closer look at Apple’s WWDC demo, you can also see an option for the Nike widget. This means that developers may soon have another way to reach iPhone owners and prevent their apps from delving into a user’s app library.

It’s impossible to know how useful this new lock screen will be without spending much time with iOS 16. But as I wrote before, it looks like the new iOS 16 widgets will make your iPhone look like you. apple watch, which looks like an update. Like the Apple Watch, the new lock screen should make it easier to view important information without having to search for apps or even unlock your phone.

Screenshot of Glance website showing lock screen on various phones

Screenshot of Glance’s website showing what its lock screen platform looks like.

CNET profile / screenshot

Android phone owners may have new lock screen options coming soon

Glance, which offers entertainment and other digital content on the lock screens of some Android devices in India and Southeast Asia, is in talks with wireless carriers to launch it in the United States over the next two months. Catch the Crash Although the company has not revealed when it will be released in the US or other details, on Monday it offered a view of the lock screen in the US.

The Glance lock screen will appear as “spaces”, which are lock screens designed primarily for specific topics. A dedicated fitness lock screen, for example, will display statistics such as calories burned and exercise goals, along with a music player. The news “space” will include headlines and time, while the music version may include live concerts. This reminds me how the new iPhone lock screen in iOS 16 is tied to different “focus points,” such as work or personal mode.

Crunch Low Glance reports coming to the U.S. have raised concerns that ads will also hit the lock screen. The company page pops up at a glance. Examples of advertisers using their platform to reach potential customers appear on the first screen when they pick up their phone. Case studies included include Intel, Zomato and Garnier.

But Rohan Choudhury, vice president and CEO of Glance Feed, told CNET that the US version will be without ads.

“We are very clear that in the United States we will not have any ads on our lock screens,” he said.

The company also issued a press release on Monday saying, “It has no intention of displaying ads on the surface of the lock screen.” However, Glance has to show that its lock screen offering offers more value than many other tools and options that are already available to Android users. You need to find the right balance to display useful information without being distracted.

The company says it plans to monetize its service with news subscriptions and business links from the shopping platform that reaches Glance. But these options must be useful and relevant, or they may seem intrusive like ads. The company says it has a 60% retention rate and can be found in 400 million phones in the markets in which it currently operates.

Screenshot showing Glance Fitness themed lock screen

When Glance launches in the US, it will focus its lock screen options on specific topics they call “spaces”. The screenshots above are an example of fitness space.

CNET profile / screenshot

Meanwhile, Google has its ways of making the lock screen more useful. General characteristic of the company for pixel phone Displays relevant information on the lock screen when applied, as its name suggests. A recent 9to5Google report suggests that new news may soon appear on this tool. Shared travel updates from apps like Lyft and Uber could be among the new alerts available at a glance, which can make it easier to view instant notifications from the lock screen.

Regardless of the implementation, these expected changes show that the lock screen needs an update. As our phones have become the centers for accessing information, controlling appliances, and ordering everything from taxis to fulfilling grocery orders, the lock screen has taken on an important new role. It is not enough to show alerts at the right time.

Whether it’s the new iOS 16 widget, the Pixel update at a glance, or Glance’s “Space” lock screen, the goal seems to be the same: streamline notification flow and improve the updates they bombard every day. Improves the lock screen. . It remains to be seen how successful these efforts will be.

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